Friday, 17 February 2012

soul receives power by visualizing a point of light,of all virtues.

Essence: Sweet children, pour the oil of yoga (remembrance of God) into the lamp of the soul and the soul will become powerful.
Question: What is the basis of the battery of the soul being filled with power?
Answer: In order to fill the battery of the soul with power, you need the power of the intellect’s yoga. When you remember the Almighty Authority Father with the power of the intellect’s yoga, the battery will become charged. Unless there is power in the battery, you cannot imbibe knowledge. It takes time for there to be complete light in the soul. As you continue to remember Baba (God), you will then have full light.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary. The destination of the dawn is not far off! 
Essence for dharna:
1. Conquer Maya, Ravan (obstacles), with remembrance of Alpha. Give everyone the introduction of Alpha (God-Father).
2. Don’t become tired on the pilgrimage of remembrance. To charge your battery, remember the Almighty Authority Father.
Blessing: May you be a confluence-aged angel who is to become a deity by eating and feeding others the “prabhu-prasad” (holy offering) of divine virtues.
Divine virtues are the most elevated “prabhu prasad”. Distribute this prasad a lot. Just as you feed one another toil (sweet) out of love, in the same way, feed this toli of virtues. Whichever power souls need, with your mind, that is, with your pure attitude and vibrations, donate those powers to such soul and, through your deeds, be an image of virtues and help them to imbibe virtues. In this way, everyone will easily be able to see the aim of the confluence age – to become an angel and so a deity.
Slogan: To maintain constant zeal and enthusiasm is the breath of spiritual life.
Praise of Baba: 
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the Almighty Authority...the Powerful One...the Mother and Father...the Creator...the God Father... the Purifier..the Incorporeal One...the Bridegroom... the Ocean of Knowledge...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, are the embodiments of knowledge, the embodiments of yoga and the embodiments of dharna...we, the master almighty authorities,  learn Raj Yoga from the Almighty Authority Father, pour the oil of yoga into the lamp of the soul and inculcate the knowledge...with the power of yoga, we establish a connection with the Father, and with the mantra of Manmanabhav (rest your mind on God), we charge the battery of our soul, fill it fully with light and become light ...we are the powerful effort-makers who go to the new world where there is nothing but light (peace and happiness)...
2.   We, the souls, are the Sitas of the One Rama...the lovers of the One Beloved...the Parvatis of the One Lord of Immortality...the Gopis of the One Gopi Vallabh...we stay in remembrance of Alpha (God-Father) and Beta (the inheritance of heaven), become completely vice less and claim a right to the becoming the conquerors of Maya and the conquerors of Ravan , we become  the conquerors of the world, and so the masters of the world...
3.   We, the souls, are the children of God, who always fly and make others fly on the wings of zeal, enthusiasm and courage... we are angels and so deities...we distribute the elevated “Prabhu Prasad” (holy offering) of divine virtues with love... through our deeds, we are the images of virtues and help others imbibe virtues...with our mind, with our pure attitude and vibrations, we donate whichever power another soul needs... 

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