Saturday, 11 February 2012

Do I have the power to transform nature of earth, self and others?

The words of souls who are instruments for world benefit are always beneficial.
Blessing: May you be full of good wishes and pure feelings and always remain alert with the awareness of your responsibility.
You children are responsible for transforming matter and the attitude of human souls. However, you can only fulfil this responsibility when your attitude is filled with good wishes and pure feelings and when it is satopradhan and powerful. The awareness of responsibility always makes you alert. To enable every soul to receive liberation and liberation-in-life and to give them a right to their inheritance is a very huge responsibility Therefore, let there not be carelessness or an ordinary attitude.
Slogan: Reveal the Father, the Bestower of Support, through your every deed and many souls will receive support.
Praise of Baba: 
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the Merciful Father...the Bestower of Support...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the great souls, fill our words with essence, diplomacy, yoga, power, love, self-respect and awareness (saar-yukt, yukti-yukt, yog-yukt, shakti-yukt, sneh-yukt, swamaan-yukt, and smriti-yukt)...we are the embodiments of knowledge and the embodiments of divine virtues who make every sentence an elevated version, which means, those versions make us elevated... we are the embodiments of cheerfulness, who finish wasteful words, words of expansion, words that waste our time and words that blame others for our own weaknesses...we the elevated souls  are the instruments for the elevated task of world benefit...we speak less, we speak softly, we speak sweetly, we think before we speak, we understand before we speak, and we speak the truth...
2.   We, the maharathi and mahavir souls, are the spiritual images that attract and are free from all attractions...from amritvela until night, we write an essay of our accounts through our practical thoughts, words, and deeds and check as to how impressive and powerful they are...we are the serviceable, master creators and the masters of the world whose every breath, every thought, every second, every deed, all the powers, all the Godly sanskars, the elevated nature and all the treasures that  have been attained are used for the service of the world...we are the elevated and clear mirrors, the embodiments of divinity, with true words, true attitude, true vision, true atmosphere, and true environment in the gathering of truth...
3.   We, the souls, are the forms of double light, the angels in the embodiment of soul consciousness....we are the merciful self-transformers who tell Baba (God-Father) about  the actions and thoughts created by us, and thereby step on the ladder of realization... we get realization, have repentance, ask for forgiveness, reduce our sins and  become light and clear ..
4.   We, the souls, are the world servers and the world transformers who are responsible for transforming matter and the attitude of human souls, enabling every soul to receive liberation and liberation-in-life and giving them a right to their inheritance....with the awareness of this responsibility, we always remain alert... our attitude is filled with good wishes and pure feelings, and is satopradhan and powerful...we reveal the Father, the Bestower of Support,  through our every deed...we are the benefactors of all soul, the images of support for bringing benefit, and the world benefactors...

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