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Renounce "mine" and remain seated in self-respect constantly.

‎BapDada Milan 02 February 2012
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Garland of Self-respect, sparkling star
Today, BapDada is happy to see His children in front of Him and everywhere, although the group of children is small it is very lovely. Because each soul of this world (of Godly clan) is an elevated soul. They are a few amongst multimillions, they have the rights to the Father's inheritance. Each child is a king child (Raja bacche). BapDada has made every child an heir to self-sovereignty and world-sovereignty. At this time, all are self-sovereigns, they are the masters of their mind, intellect, sanskars and their sense organs. Therefore does each one of you children consider yourself to be self-sovereigns ? Check that the mind does not become the master, because at this time BapDada has made every child sit in the seat of self-sovereignty. At present you are self-sovereigns and in the future you will be rulers. BapDada notices that every child along with being a self-sovereign also has self-respect, sit in this consciousness, for a garland of different titles of self-respect will come in front of you. BapDada has garlanded every child with the garland of self-respect, a long list of points of self-respect.
Eternal form, deity form, worship-worthy form
In your eternal form your self-respect is elevated. Each one's self-respect is with the Father and so is seen to be sparkling in a special way. Can you visualise this, sparkling star with my Father in my eternal form, in a second ? Can you stabilise yourself in your eternal from in a second ?
Come to the beginning of the world cycle. Did you reach this drill. Come to the beginning of Golden Age, and see your form. Your form is so elevated and filled with happiness, how it is an image of all attainments, there is no trace of name of sorrow in it. Nature is so beautiful and pure satoguni, experience it. Are you able to visualise your deity form ? For one second, stabilise yourself in your deity form. Enjoy yourslf in this self-respect: I am a deity. Do this drill.
Now come down. Which age has come ? Even in Copper Age your self-respect is worthy of worship. Are you able to visualise your worship-worthy form ? No one is worshipped in an accurate manner as you are. Did you experience this ?
Purity, Master Almightly Authority
Now come to the Confluence Age. Are all of you going around the cycle? See your self-respect. At Sangamyug, God himself, Master himself, fills the speciality of purity in the life of all of you. This purity is the mine of imperishable treasures of happiness, but who gives you all this. It is the practical proof that how you have received purity in the form of a new life. So check that with purity, the basis of all attainments, you become master almighty authorities.
When a certain power is needed, it comes at a later time after the situation, it does not come at the time of need, what is the reason for this? Because at that time, you are not seated on the seat of master almightly authority. Only if you sit on the seat of master almightly authority, that order is obeyed, and that power comes. Sit on the seat of elevated consciousness. Then all the powers are bound to come to you when you need them. Why? Because the Almighty Authority Father has made you master almightly authorities.
Are you moving forward? BapDada wants, every child should keep doing this exercise every day. Pay attention to this, however it has to be done regularly in the form of daily routine, fix your time for this, and sit in the seat of elevated consciousness.
Volcanic Yoga
Now you need volcanic yoga, by which double work have to be done.
First of all, for self, you will be able to do the finishing ceremony your old sanskars, you do kill your old sanskars but you now need to cremate it. Otherwise the old sanskars will keep returning.
Second, to help others, as you will become an embodiment of light and might, you will be able to give your rays of light and might.
Become Bapsaman
At amrit vela you keep a very good aim, also keep courage. Your stage during the day is less than at amrit vela ... why is this ? When you come into action, become karma yogi and perform actions.
In the subject of love, majority of you have passed. You say Mera Baba! Mera Baba and experience the love. But now in what subject must you pass ? You have to pass in the subject of becoming Bapsaman ? Do you want to become equal to the Father ? You all have love for Baba and Baba has love for you. Now keep the aim, I must become Bapsaman (Equal like God).
There will be the need of your face-spiritual expression, full of enthusiasm, to do service. Because day by day, time will become more critical and sensitive. So at such times, your face will make souls cheerful.
BapDada went on a tour during amrit vela today, what did He notice? All of you do sit with interest, however as the highest authoritiy is the authority of experience, so you have to sit and practice and experience yourself as an authority, embodiment of experience. Be lost in this experience, be aware of this consciousness, and become an image of this consciousness.
Pay attention to volcanic yoga, to help you transform your old sanskars and nature.
BapDada is happy. Why? When children listen to the Murlis, you are paying more attention (reading, churning) to this, your attention has increased, so your tension has decreased. We will go together, this is the promise is it not ?
Can every centre be free of waste thoughts ? So far, no centre has sent a report that their centre is free from obstacles.
Waste thoughts make your intense efforts into ordinary efforts.
Double Vedishis - free of waste, free from obstacles of service
First timers - almost half the class !
Essence: Sweet children, to make all unhappy souls happy is the duty of the one Father alone. He alone is the Bestower of Salvation for All.
Question: What method does the Father tell you children about in order for you to go into the stage of ascending?
Answer: Baba says: Sweet children, listen to only that which I tell you. Forget everything else you have heard because you have continued to come down through that.
Question: Which deep secret do you children understand in which the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures are merged?
Answer: How Brahma (Adam-Krishna) becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma and how they emerge from the navel of one another is a deep secret that only you children understand. This is the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures.
Song: Show the path to the blind, dear God!
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become completely pure, become unadulterated. Listen to only the one Father. Remember only the One.
2. Become God’s helper and serve to make Bharat pure. Have a loving intellect for the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a complete trustee who finishes the defect of the consciousness of “mine” and experiences the self to be full.
According to the Father’s shrimat, if you remain a trustee, it is neither your household nor your centre. While living in a household, you are a trustee and while living in a centre, it is the Father’s centre, not yours. Therefore, by constantly having the awareness of it being the treasure-store (bhandari) of Father Shiva (Benefactor), and the bhandara of Father Brahma, you will experience being full. If you have the consciousness of “mine,” there will not be fullness in either the bhandara or the bhandari. If there is any defect or weakness in any task, the reason for that is that instead of the awareness of the Father, there is the defect of the consciousness of “mine.” This means that impurity has been mixed into it.
Slogan: In order to become equal to the Father, let your understanding, your desires and your deeds all become equal.
Points to Churn: Murli of February 3, 2012
Praise of Baba:
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the Bestower of Salvation...the Unlimited Father...the Almighty Authority...the Seed of the Human World Tree...the Truth, the Sentient Being, the Ocean of Knowledge...the Stick for the Blind...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1. We, the unadulterated souls, are in the ascending stage...we study only from the One Father, listen to only the One Father, stay in remembrance of only the One Father, and fulfill all relationships with only the One Father...we are the very sweet long lost and now found very much beloved children of the Godly family, who attain the unlimited inheritance of happiness from the Unlimited Father...we become happy from being sorrowful, peaceful from being peace less, and attain liberation, liberation-in-life and salvation...
2. We, the souls, know the secrets behind Brahma becoming Vishnu and Vishnu becoming Brahma, and understand the essence of all the Vedas and the Scriptures, by attaining the knowledge from only the One imbibing the knowledge of the unlimited drama, and by following the Father’s shrimat, the highest-on-high directions, we become pure, holy and supremely worthy of worship ...
3. We, the souls, are soul conscious (while performing actions), soul conscious (in remembrance), God conscious, have knowledge of God, obtain blessings from God, and are made fortunate by God... we are the egoless mouth born creations of Brahma who are free from attachment, full of happiness and intoxication...we are the helpers of God who help in the task of making Bharat pure and the master of the world...we are on a true pilgrimage of returning home with the Father...
4. We, the souls, by being complete trustees, finish the defect, that is, the impurity of the consciousness of “mine”....we constantly have the awareness of the treasure store of Shiv Baba, and the bhandara of Brahma Baba, and experience the self to be making our understanding, desires and deeds equal, we become equal to the Father...

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