Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stabilize in self awareness to get rid of attachment.

Essence: Sweet children, this study is very elevated. Only in this does Maya-vices, cause obstacles. Remain cautious about this.
Question: When will the service you are doing expand?
Answer: When you children who are doing service become complete destroyers of attachment, firm and yogyukt (accurate in remembrance of God), the service you are doing will grow and you will become instruments to uplift everyone. When your intellects have full faith and you put every direction of the Father’s into practice, there will be success in service.
Song: I am a small child.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become wealthy with the wealth of knowledge and do service to glorify the Father’s name. Become one with full faith in the intellect. Don’t have doubts about anything.
2. In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, let go of the attachment you have to things that you consider yours. Don’t have any intoxication of a worldly inheritance.
Blessing: May you be a humble instrument who remains light by handing over the burden of all your responsibilities to the God-Father.
When you consider something to be your responsibility, your head becomes heavy. “The Father is responsible and I am just an instrument. This awareness makes you light and you should therefore hand over all your big and small burdens – the burden of your efforts, the burden of service, the burden of fulfilling the responsibility of your connections and relationships – to the Father and become light. If you have the slightest thought that you have to do something, that only you can do something, this consciousness of “I” makes you heavy and there wouldn’t be any humility. By considering yourself to be an instrument, there will automatically be the virtue of humility.
Slogan: A jewel of contentment is one whose decoration of life is contentment.
Points to Churn:
Praise of Baba:  The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the Purifier and the Bestower of Salvation...the God Father...the God of the Geeta...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, the instruments, with firm and determined intellects, are the  images of support, the images of upliftment and examples...we are free from obstacles and free from attachment, full of intoxication with high aim and objective...with an elevated study we reach the high destination, get a high status and high attainments...we are the conquerors of the mind, the conquerors of Ravan – vices and the conquerors of Maya-obstacles...we follow the Father’s every direction, put them into practice and make progress...we are yogyukt yogis, yuktiyukt (accurate in every action), and the embodiments of success in the field of service...
2.   We, the souls, bathe in knowledge at the Kumbh mela of the confluence age... we are the Ganges of knowledge emerging from the Ocean of Knowledge...we understand and explain the true knowledge very well, and imbibe the points of knowledge...we become wealthy with the wealth of knowledge and glorify the Father’s name...we take the knowledge of Manmanabhav (rest your mind on God alone) from the Father, and absolve our sins in the fire of yoga(remembrance of God)...our final thoughts lead us to our destination...we are the seniors with elevated status, a handful out of multimillions, who are pure and holy and who receive liberation, liberation-in-life and salvation...we are ever healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy...we leave the consciousness of “me and mine”, and stay in the remembrance of the Father, the inheritance and the cycle, and return home with the Father...we are the rulers of the globe...
3.   We, the souls, the mouth-born creations of Brahma (Adam-Krishna), are the children of God,of the confluence age, and the ancestors of the first religion of the human world...we are the deity kumars and kumaris of the golden age...right now we are Godly kumars, and by having a big deal we become Vishnu (human being with all divine virtues) kumars for 21 births...
4.   We, the souls, are the instruments, who are humble, clean and constructive...we keep the Father responsible, give Him the burden of our efforts, the burden of service, the burden of fulfilling responsibility of our connections and relationships, and become light... we are the jewels of contentment who remain content, make others content and whose decorations are contentment...

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