Monday, 13 February 2012

With love for self and God, remain loving and detached.

February 13, 2012
Essence: Sweet children, although the Father is called Janijananhar, the One who knows everything about everyone, each of you definitely has to give your news to Him. When you give your news, you will be cautioned.
Question: Since the unlimited world has to be made into heaven, what is the duty of sensible children?
Answer: Each of you has to give your news accurately to the Father. If you give the Father your news accurately, He will give you guidance about the particular evil spirit you have in you and why there is disservice. Now reform your behaviour! Renounce the desires of body consciousness. The unlimited world has to be made into heaven and, therefore, the vision that the Father has for you all is that you have to give knowledge to everyone. He is especially concerned about the poor.
Song: The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to make progress, give the true news of your study and your behaviour to the Father. Make your life and the lives of others like diamonds.
2. Whilst looking after your family, follow shrimat completely. Become sensible and transfer everything you have to the New world – by the intellect.
Blessing: May you be loving and detached, the same as the Father, by handing over everything to the Father and remaining double light.
Double light means to hand-over everything to the God-Father. Even this body is not mine. The Father has given me this body for service. You have promised: Body, mind and wealth are all Yours. Since even that body is not yours, what else remains? So, always keep the example of the lotus flower in your awareness: I am loving and detached like a lotus flower. Those who remain detached in this way receive a right to God’s love.
Slogan: Only those who remain within the line of the code of conduct are the highest beings who follow the highest code of conduct.
Praise of Baba: 
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...Janijananhar (the One who knows everything about anyone)...the Highest-on-high...the One with Knowledge of the Kalpa Tree...the Ocean of Knowledge...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the soul conscious souls, are God’s helpers in making the unlimited world into heaven...we serve by becoming  renunciates and  tapaswis....we are ignorant of desires...we renounce the consciousness of the body, and all relationships and connections of the body...we give knowledge to all and make their lives as precious as diamonds...we are the embodiments of knowledge, the embodiments of yoga and the embodiments of imbibing divine virtues, with faces radiating divinity, having divine manners and  divine behaviour...we learn Raj Yoga from the Father, the  Ocean of Knowledge , and become the gods and goddesses of knowledge in the confluence age and the princes and princesses of the golden age...
2.   We, the souls, with faith in the intellect, give a lot of regard to the Father...we  are the  good, true and firm  children who give the Father all our news accurately, and take guidance from Him...we are the intense effort-makers who follow shrimat even while living in a household...we  earn a true income and take the donation of life from Baba (God-Father) for 21 births...we  become sensible and transfer everything to heaven (by intellect), attain salvation, and are able to conquer death...we are the children of God, the mouth-born creations of Brahma(Adam-Krishna).... we are the genealogical tree of the deity religion, and belong to the sun and the moon dynasties...
3.   We, the souls, are the double light angels who have handed over our body, mind and intellect to the Father, are loving and detached like the lotus flower, and who receive a right to God’s love...we are the most elevated beings following the most elevated code of conduct, who remain within the boundaries of the code of conduct...

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