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For constant happiness remain loving,but detached without waste thought.

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Essence: Sweet children, always maintain the intoxication that the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has given you knowledge and made you into spinners of the discus of self-realisation and seers of the three aspects of time. You are the children of God who belong to the clan of Brahma (Adam-Krishna).
Question: How is it that you children become multimillion times fortunate as soon as you become aware of God-Father?
Answer: To become aware of God-Father means to attain liberation-in-life in a second. As soon as you become a child of the Father, you receive a right to the inheritance. So, liberation-in-life is your right, and you are therefore multimillion times fortunate. However, no one in this land of death is even one hundred times fortunate. There continues to be untimely death. You children are now gaining victory over death. You also have the knowledge of the three aspects of time. Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) is filling your aprons for 21 births.
Essence for dharna:
1. Remove this old world from your intellect and have unlimited disinterest. Remove the evil spirit of body consciousness.
2. Be obedient like the Father and serve everyone. Make others similar to you. Don't be confused about anything.
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who remains ever ready by considering every moment to be the final moment.
Children who are intense effort-makers consider every moment to be the final moment and remain ever ready. Instead of looking for the final moment, think that there is no guarantee of the final moment. Therefore, always keep yourself ever ready and your stage that of being beyond. Be detached from everyone else and remain loving to the Father, free from attachment. Remain constantly free from attachment, free from sinful and wasteful thoughts. When there is even no waste, you will be said to be ever-ready.
Slogan: In order to pass with honours in delicate times, increase the power to adjust.
Praise of Baba:  The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba... the Ocean of Knowledge...the God of Knowledge...The Highest on High Shiv Baba...the Death of all deaths...the Obedient Father...the Obedient Teacher...the Obedient Satguru...the Obedient Servant...the Parlokik Father, the Parlokik Teacher, the Parlokik Satguru...the Bestower of Salvation... the Purifier...
 Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
 1.   By imbibing knowledge from  the Ocean of Knowledge,  we, the souls, the Ganges of knowledge, become trinetri...we  become trikaldarshi by knowing the three aspects of time and become trilokinath by having knowledge of the three worlds...we rightfully attain liberation-in-life in one second, gain victory over death, fill our aprons for 21 births with subtle and corporeal inheritance, which is our right ...we are the intoxicated spinners of the discus of self realization, the multi million times fortunate Children of God, the mouth-born creations of Prajapita Brahma (Adam-Krishna), the highest children of God, the kings and queens of the globe...
2.   We, the souls, the residents of the land of peace, are the unlimited renunciates who forget the old world...we become obedient like the Father and serve everyone, make thorns to flowers, ordinary human beings to deities, and are constantly happy like  diamonds....we are the masters of the land of immortality who, with the power of Raj Yoga, establish the eternal original deity kingdom  on the banks of the river Jamuna,  a garden of flowers, a land of angels, a heaven,  a paradise....we are the kings and queens of the sun dynasty...
3.   We, the soul conscious souls, are ever-ready, by  considering  every moment to be the last...we constantly remain beyond, as there is no guarantee of the last moment...we are the destroyers of attachment and the embodiments of remembrance, who are detached from everyone, and remain loving to the Father...we are the intense effort-makers, who are constantly free from anger, free from attachment, free from greed, free from sinful thoughts and free from wasteful thoughts...with the power to adjust, we pass with honors...
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