Friday, 20 July 2012

become an image of virtues and make everyone an image of virtues.

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Essence: Sweet children, don’t spend your invaluable time in wasteful matters. Become prosperous through having remembrance of the Father.
 Question: What advice do both Bap and Dada give the children with humility for their benefit?
 Answer: Children, always be aware that Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) is teaching you. Although Brahma Baba (Adam) also teaches you, you only benefit from having remembrance of Shiv Baba. That is why this Dada is egoless and says: I do not teach you; only the one Father teaches you, so remember Him alone. Only by remembering Him, not me, will you become conquerors of sinful actions and your sins be absolved.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim a high status, remain busy with your studies. Don’t listen to wasteful things. Do not waste your time.
 2. Give knowledge and bring benefit to one another. Do not perform any sinful actions through the sense organs under the influence of the storms in the mind.
Blessing: May you be a constant embodiment of success and give and receive blessings with a balance of attention to the self and to service.
 Just as you are moving ahead a lot in service, in the same way, let there be full attention to self-progress. Those who know how to keep this balance constantly give and receive blessings. The attainment of this balance is a blessing. It is not possible that those who have balance do not receive blessings. Constantly continue to move forward with the blessings of the Mother, Father and the family. These blessings are your sustenance. Simply continue to take blessings and continue to give blessings to everyone and you will easily become an embodiment of success.
 Slogan: To become an image of virtues and to make everyone an image of virtues is a very great donation.

Essence: Sweet children, in order to be liberated from the chains of Ravan (vices) for 21 births, follow the Father’s shrimat. The Father comes to liberate you from all sorrow.
Question: Which destination is the highest and most difficult and requires effort over a long period of time?
Answer: Only the one Father should be remembered in the final moments; no one else should be remembered. This is the highest and most difficult destination. If anyone else is remembered, you have to take birth in this world. Therefore, let there be the practice of remembrance of Shiv Baba over a long period of time.
Question: Why does the stage of some children fluctuate as they move along?
Answer: Because they do not have firm faith. When faith is lacking, their stage goes up and down like mercury and fluctuates. Sometimes there is a great deal of happiness and sometimes happiness is reduced.
Song: The Innocent Lord is unique...
Essence for dharna:
1. According to the shrimat of the Father, do the service of liberating everyone from the chains of Ravan and of giving them the inheritance of liberation-in-life.
2. Only listen to the one Father. Forget anything else that you have heard. This destination is the highest. Therefore, caution one another and remind each other of the Father, and make progress in this way.
Blessing: May you be a world transformer who becomes constantly free from obstacles and who also makes others free with your stage of double intoxication.
“A child and a master.” Become stable in the stage of a master whenever you want and the stage of a child whenever you want. This double intoxication will make you constantly free from obstacles. The title of such souls is a destroyer of obstacles. However, you are not a destroyer of obstacles just for yourself, but you are a destroyer of obstacles for the whole world. You are a world transformer. Obstacles automatically become weak in front of those who remain powerful themselves.
Slogan: Remain stable in your form of double light and all burdens will finish.

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