Friday, 13 July 2012

Love towards self and others takes you to golden age.


Essence: Sweet children, you have to become master oceans of love. Never cause sorrow for anyone, but continue to move along with great love for each other.

Question: While moving along, which children's throats are choked by Maya?

Answer: Maya chokes the throats of those who have even a little doubt about any aspect or who experience the bad omens of lust or anger. They experience such bad omens that they leave the study. They do not understand how they forgot everything that they studied and taught others. Their intellects become locked.

Song:     You are the Ocean of Love! We thirst for one drop.

Sweet Children,

Now, you children have to become the master ocean of love to carry those sanskars in golden age,

Like in previous world cycle, God-Father, makes you more loving. You must not have anger, never give sorrow to anyone.

For half the world cycle, Ravan-vices has given you a lot of trouble.

There is no need to go in to detail, just remember God-Father and have faith that you receive inheritance of heaven.

You become pure, vice-less to go to heaven. Not following Godly direction makes you vicious.

You must remember only one God-Father (not the body or bodily beings but look at everyone as soul)

At present, there is blind faith. You cannot give respect to anyone other than one God-Father.At this time everyone has become vicious by taking so many births. Like Pope I,II and III, like there are different grades, everyone comes down in their level of purity.

You come here to receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited God-Father. You must not remember any bodily beings. You must remember the only Incorporeal God-Father.

Like you lose and earn an income in business, here also you either earn or lose spiritual income.

The key of divine vision is available only with God-Father. If you see divine visions, still it is not going to help you in any ways. Knowledge is the source of income, the more you study, that much elevated status you attain. The more you remember the God-Father, that much you attain elevated status, by becoming pure (vice-less).

You know that souls live in soul world along with Supreme Soul, souls come down one by one to play different roles on earth.

Like there is toy fish which is tied in a string, whoever soul comes down, is tied in the string of the world drama, they climb up in the climbing stage and come down later taking many births. Now, it is your climbing stage since God has come now.

It took almost 5000 yrs to come down (from vice-less to vicious), later it takes just a second to reach the elevated status. You know that God comes and transforms you. In the beginning there is the ancient deity religion, then you come down.

There are many sorrows in this vicious world, now , it is the time of world transformation, everyone will cry out for God. Even the Christians are asked to remember the God-
Father. But souls don’t even know about the soul. Soul is like a point of light, many see the visions of light, white point of light, they see it with divine visions, but they don’t understand what it is.

In devotion, divine visions are seen but it is of no use. God-Father explains you in a practical way. No one has the knowledge that, every soul has its role recorded in it. God explains this knowledge only to you children. You souls take complete 84births, others don’t understand about cycle of 84births.

There is praise of mouth born creation, you children. Now, you can say that souls are the children of God-Father, are brothers amongst each other. You listen to the knowledge through the Brahma-Adam, the father of humankind. You know that the new world is being established, you are becoming pure with this knowledge.

The real meaning of Raksha bandhan, only you children know, these celebrations are not celebrated in golden age, in golden age, there is no knowledge of world cycle, there, the children are born by the power of yoga. They even don’t know that they come down from their status. They leave one old body and take a new one (consciously), they never cry.

Now, you are going to the soul world, your home, the world of peace. It is the home of souls and the Supreme soul. When you are in golden age, where there is happiness, you never remember about God-Father. Because it is the world of happiness. At that time God remains in soul world (never plays any role).

When people come in retirement stage, they follow the instruction of gurus. Here, God-Father takes you souls to the retirement stage (confluence age of this time), God-Father cannot be called as old guru. You know the secret of Creator and creation.  You children sit in front of God now, God is praised a lot. Everyone plays their role and they are praised accordingly. God plays the highest role, gives you the more elevated inheritance to you children.

You children must understand this knowledge and teach others, God is the highest on high. You have to remain in household and do this service, it is easy to explain God’s introduction and knowledge of world cycle to others, when they understand about God, then you can explain about the world cycle, so that they will churn this knowledge.

The knowledge what you receive  becomes easy day by day, those who come new will go fast in this spiritual effort. Because they will have complete faith. You make this effort to earn a true income. The real diamond glitters from distance. Nowadays, it is difficult to retain wealth.

The time will come when everything has to be transformed, your intellect opens up numberwise. Many who study here, leave this study out of doubt, they lose their divine qualities, fall in lust. Anger and lust are the greatest enemy, including attachment. Even sanyasis have their past impressions, the knowledgeable children understand this.

Every act of this drama repeats second by second, whatever is fixed in the world drama has to repeat every second. The most important is to remember the God-Father, only by which your sinful actions will be absolved. The more you remember God-Father, that much vicious actions will be removed, at the end everyone will have their visions of actions appear in their mind. Nothing can be hidden before truth.

God is said to be aware of everything of human minds, but God never reads what is going on in the mind. Whatever actions you do , you receive the fruit based on your actions. When a student makes a mistake, they are punished in front of others.

Here, you have to remember only One God-Father because you have to go to Him at the end. You have to remember the world cycle, if you remember anyone else, your spiritual pilgrimage will come to an end, the yoga (remembrance of God) will never take place.

Essence for dharna:

1              In order to save yourself from the bad omens of Maya, always remain true to the true Father. Having made mistakes, do not hide them from the Father. Remain free from wrong actions.

2.            Not to follow shrimat is also a vice. Therefore, do not disobey any shrimat. You have to become completely viceless.

Blessing: May you perform your tasks on the basis of elevated touchings through your carefree stage and become an embodiment of success.

While performing any task, always remember that this great Baba(Father) is sitting here and your stage will then remain carefree. To remain in this carefree stage is a huge sovereignty. Nowadays, everyone is an emperor of worry whereas you are carefree emperors. Those who worry can never have success because they waste their time and power in worrying, and they spoil the task about which they are worrying. However, because you remain carefree, you therefore receive elevated touchings at the right time and achieve success in your service.

Slogan: A soul whose every thought and every second are powerful is an embodiment of knowledge.

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