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It is the purity-virtue of soul that is praised.

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Essence: Sweet children, repeatedly practise becoming soul conscious: I am a soul. I shed a body and take another. I now have to return home.

Question: Which festival is the main one and why?
Answer: The main festival is Raksha Bandhan because when the Father ties the bond of purity, Bharat becomes heaven. At the time of Raksha Bandhan, you children can explain to everyone when the celebration of this festival began and why. There is no need for this bond in the golden age. They say that the festival of Raksha Bandhan has existed since the beginning of time.

Song: Salutations to Jagadamba.

Sweet Children,
This song belong to the devotion, in devotion they praise the Incorporeal, angelic and physical. Now, you know that you are a soul and it is God who is teaching you souls. The souls who co-operated with God are also praised. God wants you to remember Him alone.
The God who is teaching you is praised in an incorporeal form. Soul does not have any name, the body has the name. I am also a soul, never have any body for Me. I also have a name, I am the Supreme Soul. My name is Shiv (Benefactor). I am worshipped in the form of shivling – point of light.
At this time people experience sorrow. All souls live in the world of silence (soul world). Every soul remembers Him saying, O! God-Father. The God-Father comes and makes every soul pure.
God-Father adopts the Adam-Brahma and through him, you souls are adopted. Adam-Brahma is also known as your spiritual mother. There is also world mother to sustain you children.
God-Father’s introduction to be given to all. Souls say that, I take the body and I leave the body. It is God who is teaching you all good points of knowledge. Soul and body are different. Soul speaks through the organs of the body. When soul  leaves the body, name and form gets changed, even the inheritance.
The father of souls is Supreme Soul. He is the One who purifies the soul. The Supreme Soul has to come down from far beyond to make you pure. Soul was pure, have become impure.
People of golden age are created through the Adam-Brahma. Souls cry out to remove the sorrows and liberate them. GodFather comes to liberate you souls from the jail of Ravan-vices. God does not have a body. Only God is praised by everyone. Certainly He needs organs to give you knowledge, hence He adopts Adam-Brahma.
The residents of Bharat become ugly by sitting on the pyre of vices. Now, God has come to make every soul pure. Children have to follow the Godly direction certainly. I remain pure and hence I come to make you souls pure.
The Supreme Soul appears in the body of Brahma to give you knowledge. You must consider yourself as a soul and remember Me alone. When there was purity in Bharat, there was prosperity, unlike now. God teaches you this knowledge to consider as a soul and remember the Supreme Soul, so that the bondages of sins are removed.
God says, you are a soul, your religion of self is peace. You are known as karma yogi. You cannot remain in silence for a very long time, hence you have to perform actions. When you know yourself as a soul and remember the Supreme Father, your sins will be removed.
You become pure-virtuous at this confluence age. Through the natural calamities, the old world has to be transformed to New pure world. You follow the direction of Supreme Father, this knowledge has to be understood and practiced.
You have to understand the God-Father and give knowledge to others. God-Father is the most loving, makes you souls pure. In Golden age, there was religion of pure household life.  You receive the inheritance of golden age through the God-Father by remembering Him. Now, here it is the world of sorrows, you go to the world of silence and then come to the world of happiness.
If you don’t remember the Supreme soul, you never become pure-virtuous, how the sinful actions will be removed?. This Bharat experiences sorrows for the half of the world cycle and happiness for half the world cycle.
God says, Children!  win over the vices, remember Me and the world of silence, so that you will go to the world of peace and happiness. You go to the golden age via soul world. You are a soul. People wander a lot in devotion, now you all sitas are in the garden of sorrows.
The old world has sorrows and the new world has happiness. The Supreme soul comes and protects the purity and you celebrate it as Raksha Bhandan. When your intellect rest on God, you become pure. In this world of vices, no one remains pure-virtuous. If you become pure-virtuous, you will go to the virtuous world of heaven on earth-golden age.
You must give introduction of Supreme Father to souls. Make effort to perform this service.

Essence for dharna:
1. While speaking with authority, let there also be respect. Show everyone the way to change from impure to pure.
 2. Stay in unadulterated remembrance. Don’t remember the name or form of any bodily being. Promise the Father that you will become pure.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated and special soul who imbibes the greatness of purity-virtues and who constantly performs pure actions.
 When ordinary souls imbibe purity-virtues, they are called great souls. Purity (being virtuous) is the greatness and purity is worthy to be worshipped. It is the purity-virtues of Brahmins that is praised. Whenever any auspicious task is to take place, it is carried out by (worldly) brahmins. There are many who are brahmins in name, but only you special souls do such work as per your name. You also perform ordinary actions in remembrance of the Father and they thereby become special and this is why those who perform such special actions become the most elevated and special souls.

Slogan: To give all souls the experience of happiness through the self is to become a master bestower of happiness.

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