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Remember God constantly to remember Him at the end.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to be safe from the influence of Maya (vices and obstacles), remember your true Beloved again and again. The Beloved Himself has come to take all you lovers back home with Him.

Question: By understanding the significance of which aspect do you children not ask for peace or happiness?
 Answer: You understand the significance of the drama. You understand that the play is now about to end. You will first return to the land of peace and then go to the land of happiness. This is why you do not ask for peace or happiness. You stabilise yourself in your original religion of peace. People do not even know about the religion of the self nor do they understand the significance of the drama. This is why they say, “Give peace to my mind!” In fact, it is the soul that needs peace, not the mind.

Song: Beloved, come and meet us! The sorrowful heart calls out.

Sweet Children,
Whatever happens to the body, it is the soul that experiences everything. The soul has mind and intellect as its organs. People say mind needs peace but in fact Peace is required for the soul not for the mind. It is the soul which becomes pure and impure.
You win over the maya-vices by the direction of God. Soul needs peace because it remembers the soul world.
You know the difference of soul and Supreme Soul. You have to keep remembering the God-Father. God-Father knows that maya troubles the souls.
Soul gets the awareness it is an embodiment of peace. After peace, there is happiness.
You know that the soul has played 84births. Soul wanted God-Father, the most beloved to come and meet.
Supreme Soul is called as Shiv (Benefactor).  One is Supreme Father, there is also the father of human kind – Adam (Brahma). You also have your physical Father. So, you have three fathers at this confluence age. In golden age, you have only the physical father.
The Supreme Father never has any father or teacher. God is the Supreme Father and Supreme Teacher, gives you directions everyday.
You burn the memorial of vices-Ravan at this time, you never burn the other deities.
Your intellect goes towards the Supreme Father. God comes and makes your intellect pure. He is known as the Parasnath (One who makes the intellect golden-like). God-Father explains you in detail. God is the Guide of all the souls, liberates you from all sorrows.
God comes Himself to liberate all souls, hence He has to come in one or other form. Shiv ratri is well known. God does not have a form, then how God’s birthday is celebrated. God has His form of light, there is a place where He resides.
The ugly – impure souls does not have any character at this time. Whatever happiness and character you imbibe here, now, benefits you.
This is the Godly gathering. You explain about the world cycle very easily. God has come to take you back home. God accepts your vices and gives gold (in golden age) in return.
Now, the maya-vices has broken your wings. It is not possible for you to fly. When rocket flies up, they think that it goes close to God. Does God sit there? God is your Guide, takes back all souls to the soul world. I give you the knowledge in simple terms. I am knowledge-full.
Like you have the role of 84births recorded in your soul, I too have roles to play. You children have all round roles to play. When I have to play the roles, I appear in this body of Adam-Brahma and teach you Rajayog. I never take birth through the womb. The Supreme Father comes, teaches RajaYoga and makes you the master of the world.
I explain you all the secrets in a very good way. How there will be river of blood, and then the river of milk, I explain you. You have to get rid of body consciousness, then you will reach an elevated stage at the end. No one gets merged in the light. Manmanabhav – rest your intellect on Me. Only by remembrance, your sins will be absolved.
You have to leave the body in remembrance of God. Unless you remember Me for a long time, you cannot remember Me at the end. I take all the souls back home. Day and night, think how you can give introduction of God-Father to everyone.

Essence for dharna:
1. Only listen to the one Father. Don’t listen to anything from anyone else. Only repeat things of knowledge through your lips and inspire others to speak of only knowledge.
 2. You have to return home with the Father. Therefore, give your old straws and transfer your bags and baggage. Have only the one concern for everyone to receive the one Father’s introduction.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance by making “natural attention” your nature.

Soldiers in an army are never careless. They always remain alert with attention. You are the Pandava Army and there shouldn’t be the slightest carelessness. Attention should become a natural method. Some have tension in paying attention. However, a life of tension cannot remain forever; therefore make natural attention your nature. By paying attention, you will naturally become an embodiment of remembrance and the habit of forgetting will be removed.

Slogan: Become your own teacher and all weaknesses will finish naturally.

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