Monday, 23 July 2012

the best way to reveal Baba (God-Father) to the world.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters... 

This is a call of time! July 31st is the deadline for submissions to the wonderful project
"THE Message".

Please encourage everyone around you to submit their brilliant ideas... we have already received many very inspiring submissions and it is so encouraging to see how we are all coming together to find the best way to reveal Baba to the world.

Thank you for inspiring everyone to read the invitation to participate one last time, and to send their Message to us before July 31st at:

Baba has been telling us over and over again, that His Message should reach the whole world and that time is now very short. It is a great opportunity to churn and to expand our creativity in discovering new ways to reach billions of souls.

Please find attached the invitation to participate in the project and a link to a short video you may want to use to stimulate the class, a friend or yourself to participate!

Here is the link to the video:

The original call for participation may be downloaded from the link below:

Again... multimillion thanks for your cooperation.
With best regards and revealed love...

THE Message Team
Global Integrated Media

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