Friday, 20 July 2012

You receive unlimited happiness in remembrance of God.

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Essence: Sweet children, you must only remember the one Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). Do not remember any bodily being. Don’t speak about or listen to anything wasteful, only things of knowledge.

Question: What warning does the Father give to all the children?

Answer: Children, since you belong to the Father, don’t ever forget the days of this Godly childhood. Do not perform any sinful action. Having made a promise to the Father, never leave Him. If you forget the Father, Maya will make your happiness disappear and your intellect will then continue to be distressed; you will continue to be afraid. You will continue to perform sinful actions and the intellect will be locked. Therefore, since you belong to Shiv Baba you must always remember the days of your childhood.

 Song: Don’t forget the days of your childhood.

Sweet children,

You are the eternal progeny of Supreme God-Father. You must remember the days of childhood that GodFather had made you belong to Him, gives you inheritance of heaven.

God speaks to all souls, God is the liberator of all souls. The Supreme Soul had to appear in the physical form to give you knowledge. You are the children of Adam (Brahma) and the grand children of God-Father.

Children forget this knowledge and lose the happiness. You children must have unlimited happiness instead. By forgetting the God-Father, you get disturbed. God is the creator of the New World. God says, Children don’t perform any sinful action, don’t forget the God-Father.

You know that God-Father teaches you this knowledge, liberates you from all types of sorrows. You have never taken 84lakhs of births but just 84births in a world cycle. 5000 years before you had your kingdom, Christians says that 3000yrs, before heaven existed.

God-Father adopts you and makes you the master of the  kingdom, you are the rightful owners of heaven and hence you have to remain pure certainly.

Souls keep coming down from soul world, when they stop coming to earth, the battle would begin here for total transformation of world. When you come in the bad company, you forget God-Father.

God Father teaches you to perform elevated actions. Now, you listen directly from GodFather. People gossip and spoil the intellect by waste thoughts. Father says, perform elevated actions. God is known as the Heavenly GodFather. All human beings belong to One God-Father.

In golden age, only one religion of ancient virtuous deities exists. Now, all other religion will disappear and one religion would exist.  Your job is to give introduction of God-Father, you must not forget God-Father.

You must not gossip. Reach elevated status if you are following world father and world mother.


Essence for dharna:

1. Do not forget the days of your childhood by being influenced by bad company. Never listen to or relate wasteful or wrong things of gossip among yourselves. Only speak about things of knowledge.

 2. Show everyone the way to claim their inheritance from the Father. Follow Mama and Baba fully and claim a right to a high status. Remove the burden of sins through having remembrance of the Father.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of power and a master creator and make all your powers function according to your orders.

 The children who make all their powers function according to their orders and the authority of a master almighty authority have all the powers come in front of them, the master creators, in the form of the creation. As soon as you order the powers, they become present. For those who are present, that is, those who always follow the Father’s shrimat at every step and say “Present my Lord” and are obedient to every instruction also have all the powers present in front of them. Those who make their powers function according to their orders are said to be master creators.

 Slogan: To be simple and become a sample for many other souls is also very big service.

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