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God is the Death of all deaths.He takes every soul back to home.

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Essence: Sweet children, Baba (God-Father) has come to make you one hundred times fortunate, that is, to make you into the masters of heaven. Your task is to make everyone the same as yourselves.

Question: What is the number-one conference and when does it take place? What is the attainment received from this conference?
 Answer: The number-one conference is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul at the confluence age. When this conference takes place, souls receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life from the Supreme Soul. This conference is called the true gathering. This gathering at the fair (kumbh mela) is a first-class conference. After this conference, there will be no more conferences or sacrificial fires or penance. All of that comes to an end.

Song: Mother, o mother, you are the bestower of fortune....

Sweet children,
You are known as the most fortunate ones because you belong to the God-Father, father of humankind and the world mother. The fortunate ones are known as the ones who belong to golden age. You children have to become 100% fortunate ones. This is a Godly university. God is teaching you. Here you learn to become great kings of golden age.
Those who study well also teach others and make others fortunate. All of you including Adam-Brahma, Eve-Saraswati everyone learsn from the God-Father.
True religion of ancient virtuous deities had lot of strength and gives happiness. You have to make effort and come in golden age, get liberated in life.
Yog is known as communion. Your yog is with one Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) and none else. You have to remember only One God-Father. You can remember – have sweet conversation that God-Father is very sweet, gives an unlimited income-happiness in golden age. In any situation, you must have communion with God-Father, talk to Him. Everyone can have communion with the God-Father.
Talking with God-Father is known as communion. People are taught of all types of communions. People go to gurus and ask for mercy. You ask everything to God-Father. God teaches: Children, sorrow and happiness take place according to your actions. This is your bondage of actions, you have to experience them. Now, I teach you such an elevated action, the Supreme Soul teaches you communion with the souls.
People keep speaking lies about God, they don’t even know about souls. People have never heard that God is a point of light. People worship deities and the brahm element (world of light), the place where soul resides. Here, communion takes place with Supreme Soul. Soul speaks, performs all actions. The soul have communion with God-Father only once, now at this confluence age.
Souls and Supreme Soul remain separated for a very long time (5000years). Souls never remember the God as He is. Now, you children remember only the God-Father.
God-Father has to come in every world cycle to give you inheritance of happiness and peace. Now, you souls have to comeback to Me. Souls have to experience all the bondages of actions. When the body gets hurt, the soul experiences the pain. Soul becomes pure and sinful based on their actions.
Soul is present in the body. Souls have communion  with other souls. The Supreme Soul is an Incorporeal Being. I appear in this body of Adam-Brahma. All souls are my grand children. The Supreme Soul creates the human creation through Adam-Brahma. Adam is also the child of God. The Creator is the Incorporeal Being who adopts you children through the father of humankind Adam-Brahma.
God-Father gives you inheritance and makes you worthy. Only by remembrance of God-Father: you receive an elevated status at the end, your sins will be removed, you will become healthy. You receive the reward by your spiritual effort. People worship the deities but no one knows how the deities became so virtuous.
God-Father is the Ocean of peace. Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav: Remember God-Father and the inheritance of golden age. Only God gives liberation in life in just a second. Now, the conference between Supreme Soul and souls takes place. God comes and creates the New world and makes you worthy. This is number one conference known as Kumbh mela, the gathering of confluence age. This is the first class conference where Supreme Soul comes and meet the souls. You receive liberation in life in just a second.
Soul comes down and become a living soul on earth. Unless I appear in the body of Brahma-Adam, how can I give you knowledge. Sri Krishna name is mentioned in Gita instead of God. I explain you about the world cycle in this first class conference.
This knowledge, you listen only here, no scriptures can give you this knowledge. God is the Death of all deaths. Certainly He comes and takes you all back home, making you pure. He certainly comes in confluence age to make you pure.
Now, I create you children through Brahma-Adam who completes 84births to become an angel. You become virtuous deities after being a child of God-Father. You are the God-Fatherly students. Souls never go to heaven when they leave the body,like people believe. Bharat-India was heaven, now it has become hell. When the hell is about to finish, the God Father creates Heaven.
Only you children go to heaven by your spiritual effort. Hence you have lot of happiness.

Essence for dharna:
1. Have true communion (yoga) with the one Father. Let your heart-to-heart conversation be with only the Father. Only put your requests to the Father and not to any human beings.
 2. Become helpers of God and show everyone the path to heaven. Become benefactors for all.

Blessing: May you be seated on the heart-throne of the Comforter of Hearts and remain constantly safe from the upheaval of Maya and matter.

The place to remain constantly safe is the heart-throne of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. Always maintain the awareness that it is your elevated fortune to be seated on God’s heart-throne. Those who are merged in God’s heart or seated on His heart-throne are constantly safe. The storms of Maya and matter cannot shake them. Achalghar is the memorial of those who remain so unshakeable; it is not chanchalghar (home that is not stable). Therefore, have the awareness that you have become unshakeable many times and that you are still now unshakeable.

Slogan: To become an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of love is to put the teachings into a practical form.

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