Saturday, 7 July 2012

You conquer sinful actions by remembrance of God.

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Essence: Sweet children, wear the bracelet of purity and you will receivethe tilak of sovereignty. Make apromise to remain pure.
Question: Which bondage do you children now have to tieyourselves in?
Answer: The bondage of remembering the Father. By tying yourselves inthis bondage, all your sins will be absolved, you will be saved fromcommitting further sin and you souls will become pure.
Question: What is the fashion of the path of devotion?
Answer: To celebrate birthdays etc. is a fashion of the path of devotion.However, there is no benefit in that, because they don’t know accuratelythe ones whose birthday theycelebrate.
Song:You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.
Essence for dharna:
1. Stay in yoga (remembrance of God-Father) and become a conqueror of sinful action. Only bygaining victory over your sins will you become a king who is a conqueror ofsinful actions. Give yourself the tilak of self-sovereignty.
2. Become pure and tie a rakhi for purity on everyone. Remain like a lotus.  
Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and free from obstacles and make the fortress strong with the method of cleanliness.
Whenever you begin any task, you adopt the method of cleanliness. In the same way, whenever you begin any special service at any place or when thereare any obstacles in service while moving along, collectively give the donation of yoga at a special time from all around. All souls should just have the one thought of being victorious. This is the method of cleanliness. By doing this, all of you will become victorious and free from obstacles and the fortress will become strong.
Slogan: The practical and instant, visible fruit of accurate action is the attainment of happiness and power. 

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