Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Your actions may be ordinary but your stage should be elevated.

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Essence: Sweet children, do not have bodily love for any bodily beings. Have love for the one Father. Practise becoming bodiless accurately.

Question: What is the duty of merciful children?
Answer: When anyone speaks of useless matters, don’t listen to such useless matters, but tell the seniors for the benefit of that person. This is the duty of merciful children. To co-operate with others in finishing their old habits is to be merciful.
Question: What title cannot be given to bodily beings, although it can be given to Father Adam -Brahma?
Answer: The title ‘Shri’ cannot be given to anyone because Shri means someone who is elevated and pure. No bodily human being can be given this title, because everyone takes birth through corruption. Father Adam - Brahma is called Shri because this is his alokik birth.

Song: Take us away from this land of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Points to Churn from the Murli of July 24, 2012
Praise of Baba:
The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Ocean of Knowledge...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   With our elevated awareness, we, the souls, the firm Raj Yogis,  have an elevated stage, with an elevated stage, we have an elevated attitude, with an elevated attitude we have elevated vision, with elevated vision we have elevated actions, elevated experiences and so an elevated world...as our final thoughts lead us to our destination, we remain in the constant remembrance of Alpha and Beta, and  practice the stage of being bodiless over a long period of time...we are the merciful, loving and co-operative...by remembering the Father with a lot of love, we become charitable souls from sinful souls ...we give the introduction of the Father with a lot of sweetness, and claim a right to the inheritance of heaven, the Golden Sparrow...
2.   By applying the ointment of knowledge, by knowing the secrets of the unlimited play, by knowing the three worlds, we, the souls, become trinetri, trikaldarshi and trilokinath...by studying and teaching others and sharing with them  the jewels of knowledge, quarantining  them for seven days and making them worthy, we strike the arrow...we are wise and cheerful with smiling faces, full of intoxication...
3.   We, the souls, follow the directions of the Father, uplift those who defame us, and embrace the ones who insult us ...we go to the land of immortality, from the land of death  via our sweet home, the land of peace... we go to the elevated Bharat, the unadulterated Bharat, a world where there is rest, happiness and comfort...we are the Father’s helpers helping the Father finish everyone’s plans and establish heaven ...
4.   We, the souls, are the true tapasvis, stabilized in the constant, concentrated and economical stage of the remembrance of the One, whilst being in solitude...we give experience of the greatness of our elevated stage even while being in an ordinary body...with the impact of an elevated life on our face, we show our image and character through our activities and behaviour...with our stage being as elevated as Adam - Brahma Baba, we  give the experience of the Father with every activity, and by following the father, we become equal to the Father...

Essence for dharna:
1. The jewels that emerge from the Father’s mouth are the jewels that should emerge from your mouth. Don’t speak about or listen to wasteful matters. Only the ointment of knowledge should be used.
2. Have true friendship with everyone. Be very sweet and cheerful as you give the Father’s introduction. Become the same as the Father and uplift even those who defame you.

Blessing: May you be equal to Adam - Father Brahma and give a vision of your most elevated stage through your activity and face.
You experienced Adam - Father Brahma to be constantly the most elevated even while he was in an ordinary body. You had a glimpse of the most elevated being in the ordinary one. Follow the Father in the same way. Your actions may be ordinary but your stage should be elevated. There should be the impact of an elevated life on your face. In lokik life, some children’s activity and face are like their father’s. Here, it is not a matter of the face, but your activity is your image. The Father should be experienced through your every activity. Your stage should be most elevated like that of Adam - Father Brahma and only then would you be said to be equal to the father.

Slogan: Those who remain stable in a constant stage on the elevated seat are the true tapaswi souls.

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