Sunday, 8 July 2012

The experience of God’s company and the fire of love.

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1.The experience of God’s company and the fire of love.
2. One who has thoughts of the original self, one who has pure thoughts for others and one who is a world transformer.

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Blessing: May you be loving and detached and, with the practice of having the consciousness of an instrument, make progress yourself and make others progress too.
The part of being an instrument always makes you detached and loving. If your practice of the consciousness of an instrument is natural and easy, then progress of the self and others is merged in your every step. Such souls do not have their feet on the ground but on the stage. An instrument soul always has the awareness of being an example and equal to the Father in front of the world.

Slogan: As children of the Bestower of Happiness, constantly continue to swing in happiness. Do not get caught up in waves of sorrow.

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