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The Greatest God is the Obedient Servant of you most beloved children.

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Essence: Sweet children, you don’t have to renounce performing actions, but renounce performing sinful actions. Don’t perform any vicious, that is, any sinful, action.

 Question: With which practice can you children experience dead silence?

Answer: Practise being bodiless. No one except the one Father must be remembered. Let it be as though you are dead to the body. With this practice the soul can experience dead silence.

 Question: What is the easy way to become free from all types of sorrow?

Answer: Keep the awareness of the drama very clearly in your intellect. Look at every actor as a detached observer and you will become free from sorrow; you will never be shocked by anything.

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor God-Father).

Sweet Children,

Although people sing the song in devotion, In reality no one knows about God-Father. You souls never have to salute God-Father.You just have to remember God-Father. God is the knowledge-full.

Everything depends upon the study. Souls listen to the knowledge, perform actions through the sense organs.

People of the world renounce the world, you in fact renounce the vicious actions. Saints leave the household to renounce, everything happens according to the fixed world drama.

God establishes the ancient religion of virtues, the religious followers come one by one to establish their religion at the right time, according to the world drama. Other than a pure soul, no one can establish the religion. (The pure soul (eg. Christ, Gibrael) come from soul world for the first time and establishes the religion through the body of living soul (eg. Jesus and Prophet Mohammed) )

People cry out for God Father to come down and purify the souls, remove sorrows and give happiness. Now, this is the school of God-Father, you learn in the presence of God.

You have to  prove the True God of the Gita. You have to make people understand the truth about God that, He never comes in the cycle of birth and death. He is the Truth, living and Blissful. He is not present everywhere like people generally believe.

Those who do not have practice of remembering God-Father cannot remember God constantly.  When you become soul conscious, you become detached from body and the world. It is wrong to say I die,it is right to say that soul left the body. Soul leaves one body and takes another according to the world drama, hence there is no need to worry about leaving the body. People forget that we are playing roles in this world drama and hence the relatives suffer when someone leaves the body.

Unless you have a strong stage, understand knowledge, till then you receive shock of sorrows. In golden age, you never receive any shock of death. In golden age, they leave one body and take another, seated in one place.

When you are in golden age, you never know about iron age and vice versa. But in confluence age, you know about both. God comes and gives you the complete knowledge.

You remain rude and innocent when you don’t know about God and the world drama. You become a fragrant flower in the Garden of flowers.  In the world, the gurus never give liberation, instead entangle you in devotion. Here you receive inheritance from the God-Father. When a child grows up, he understands that he would receive inheritance from the father.

If the God’s name is present in the Gita, people would have understood everything. Bharat – India is the most elevated pilgrimage. God-Father takes birth here in this Bharat. People of Bharat bow in front of God-Father, but without the true knowledge.

When there was virtuous deity religion in Bharat-India, there was only one continent and one religion. Now, it is your divine family, outside there, are vicious family. There are very few who understand God as He is. The vicious ego is body consciousness, the pure ego is the soul consciousness.

You must have a lot of happiness that you are receiving inheritance from God-Father. People never know that God is not present everywhere and God of the Gita is Supreme God-Father. If souls understand the true God-Father, they will receive liberation in just a second.

There is difference between the Brahm Element (soul world) and the Brahma – Adam. You belong to the Adam-Brahma, the father of humankind. It is said Manmanabhav (rest your mind on God alone). You become Trikaldarshi, you understand about the Creator and Creation. Only you know about the world cycle.

You understand that you came down the ladder of 84births from copper age when devotion started, according to the world drama. You become the master of heaven by revealing the True God of the Gita. God never rules the world, He is the Obedient Servant of you most beloved children.

Hazir Sircar aaya hoon. Father is the servant of children. God is the highest on high. Adam-Brahma never had any ego of body consciousness. It is your right to become the master of the world.


Essence for dharna:

1. Let go of impurity and maintain your pure pride. In order to keep your face as constantly cheerful as those of the deities, stay infinitely happy.

 2. Become egoless, like BapDada. Become a server and prove it; never become unworthy.

 Blessing: May you have a right to the imperishable inheritance by taking every step on the basis of God’s shrimat.

 God’s shrimat, that you elevated, fortunate souls receive at the confluence age is the most elevated sustenance. You cannot take even one step without shrimat, that is, without God’s sustenance. You will not receive such sustenance even in the golden age. Now, you say from practical experience that God Himself is your Sustainer. Let this intoxication always remain emerged and you will experience yourself to be overflowing with unlimited treasures and also consider yourself to have a right to the imperishable inheritance.

 Slogan: A worthy and obedient child is one who becomes completely pure and yogi and gives the return of love.

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