Saturday, 30 June 2012

Let ther be the balance of humility and authority.


Achieve success by experimenting with the power of discernment.

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Blessing: May you be a greatly fortunate soul who shows the line of your fortune through your face and activity.
You Godly children have received this alokik birth directly from the eternal Father and the first Father. How fortunate someone who has taken birth to the Bestower of Fortune is! Constantly keep this elevated fortune of yours in your awareness and remain cheerful. You should experience yourself to be an embodiment of remembrance and others should also see that through your every activity and your face. The line of fortune should be seen sparkling in the centre of your forehead and only then would you be said to be a soul who has elevated fortune.

Slogan: A yogi soul is one who becomes introverted and who experiences the form of light and might.

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