Sunday, 3 June 2012

Become powerful being an embodiment of Silence.

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Gain victory over time by changing your wasteful thoughts into powerful thoughts.

May you receive blessings by being yogi and pure.

Praise of God-Father (Baba):

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Bestower of Blessings...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.   To have an avyakt meeting, we, the souls, adopt the avyaktform, same as that of the being detached observers, we are beyond anyattraction of the physical land, the physical body, and the physical things, beyondcorporeal feelings of devotion for bodily beings, and of keeping the switch of ourconsciousness under our control, we set our stage and set our place wherever wewant, whenever we want and for however long we want...we are the Shiv ShaktiPandav army with the power of silence, who pay attention to waste and transformit to powerful and are thereby victorious over time and death and are constantlyable to fulfill the first promise...we are the lucky stars and the close starswho have all the rights, and who create images of our fortune by beingconstantly victorious over all the elements and over time...

2.   We, the souls, experience the force  of the blessings “May you be a constant yogi”and “May be constantly pure” by becoming embodiments of power in a practicalform...we constantly and naturally keep our original form and being the embodimentof blessings, in our awareness...we take the course of blessings and become theembodiments of blessings...we are the images who  grant  blessings to ourselves and  the bestowers who grant blessings to others...wego to the first class, the beginning of the  golden age, by being completely ignorant offorgetfulness and separating these sanskars from ourselves, webecome loving and detached... by tying Bapdada in a string of love,  and  have a meeting  in the corporeal world, we are powerful...

3.   With tapasya from the heart, with love for everyone from the heart, withthe consciousness of being instruments and by having pure feelings, we, thesouls, receive the certificate of contentment from everyone and claim acertificate of everyone’s considering every breath, everythought and every moment invaluable and using them in a worthwhile way, weobtain the title of being number one from everyone’s giving theFather co-operation at the time of need, we receive co-operation from theFather till the end...we are with the Father, close to the Father, personallyin front of the Father and equal to the Father...

Blessing: May you claim a right to blessings from everyone and receive a certificate of contentment through the tapasya from your heart.

There are many who give themselves a certificate through their chart of tapasya, but you can only receive a certificate of contentment from everyone when you do tapasya from your heart, when you have love for everyone from your heart, when you have the consciousness of being an instrument and have pure feelings. Such children claim a right to receive blessings from everyone. At the very least, 95% souls should give you a certificate of contentment and it should emerge from everyone’s lips: “Yes, this one is number one”. Only those who claim a certificate of everyone’s blessings become equal to the Father.

 Slogan: Consider time to be invaluable and for as long as you use it in a worthwhile way you will never be deceived.

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