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you may get vicious thoughts,but do not bring in to action.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual horses. You have to run the race of becoming victorious jewels. Maharathi horses are those who run the race of claiming the kingdom.

 Question: Which of you children are satopradhan effort-makers and which are tamo effort-makers?

 Answer: Satopradhan effort-makers are those who make effort knowing the Creator and creation, who have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world spinning in their intellects and who have the pure pride of having remembrance of the Father. Tamo effort-makers are those who say: We will make effort exactly as we did a cycle ago; we will receive whatever we are to receive.

 Song: O Mother, Father, have mercy on those who are unhappy!

Even here, students are numberwise.….the actors (souls) change their dress (body) according to the drama. When the soul becomes pure, you also need a pure body. When the soul reaches karmateet stage – free from bondage of actions, the karmic accounts will be settled. Only you children understand this knowledge.

It is said, even if you make the whole sea  in to ink and all the woods into pen, then also this knowledge will not finish. God-Father keeps revealing secrets to you children. God-Father says, I am the Supreme Soul reside in Soul world. Supreme Soul is only one, souls of the world cannot be called as Supreme.

The Supreme soul who stays in soul world cannot be present everywhere. I never come into birth like you souls. In the race, the runners run very fast at the end to come first, even here you children run this spiritual race. There are new souls who come (now, at the end) and go fast in this knowledge.

There are many who stop following this knowledge, they remain pure for few years and then involve in vices by the sense organs. Lust is the greatest enemy, there are many who fall in vice after getting married. God-Father says, you have to remain very cautious in this spiritual race.

You must make good spiritual effort, the more you are strong in yoga and knowledge, the storm of maya will be very strong. Whatever thoughts appear in your mind, still you must not perform sinful actions through your sense organs. You belong to the divine family now. You  sacrifice yourself ( by intellect to God) only in this final birth, you have been vicious for so many births (for 83births).

You become worship-worthy deity in golden age, in copper age also you remain very wealthy, you build temples like Somnath, with diamonds. In golden age, you have gold in plenty like you have sand in iron age. In golden age, you create bricks with gold. Here, you see the golden palaces of golden age by divine vision.

It is not that God is present in every soul. Only God opens the lock of your intellect according to the world drama. Those intellects are open, who perform a very good service for souls. I am the knowledge-full, even my role is fixed in this world drama, I come and explain you the secret of Creator and creations. I come to you as Father, Teacher and Satguru. Satguru takes everyone back to soul world. Father gives you the inheritance of heaven. God relieves you from the difficulties of maya. He establishes heaven. God gives everyone the liberation.


Essence for dharna:

1. You should not perform action sinful action through those sense organs. You have to make your sanskars royal. You should not be afraid of the storms of Maya. You have to go fast in gyan and yoga.

 2. On the basis of shrimat, go through any bad omens and move forward quickly. You should not follow any wrong directions. Remain cautious and stay in the race of remembrance.

Blessing: May you reveal the actions of Father Adam-Brahma through the mirror of your elevated actions and become equal to the Father.

 Each and every child-soul, the elevated souls are mirrors of the actions of Father Adam-Brahma in their every action. Father Adam-Brahma’s actions should be visible in the mirror of your actions. The speaking, walking, moving around and sitting of those children who perform every action while paying so much attention would be equal to those of Father Adam-Brahma. Their every action would be worthy of a blessing. Blessings would constantly emerge through their lips and speciality would be visible in their ordinary actions. Only when you claim this certificate will you be equal to Father Adam-Brahma.

 Slogan: In order to experience the avyakt stage, leave aside extroversion and be introverted and stay in solitude (by mind).


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