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Only remembrance of God makes you free from all past sinful actions.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are the sons and daughters of Kamdhenu (the cow that fulfils all desires), Jagadamba. You have to fulfil everyone’s desires and show the true path to your brothers and sisters.
Question: What responsibility have you children been given by the Father?
Answer: Children, the unlimited Father has come to give unlimited happiness, and so your duty is to give this message to everyone. Become the Father’s helpers and make each home into heaven. Do the service of changing thorns into flowers. Become egoless and incorporeal like the Father and help everyone. The greatest responsibility of you children is to liberate the entire world from the claws of the enemy Ravan-vices.
Song:     Mother, o mother, you are the fortune maker for all.
Sweet Children,
Mothers are praised only in Bharat-India. Jagadamba is the Benefactor of everyone, who fulfils the desires of all souls, the inheritance received from God-Father. You children have the faith that you are a soul (point of light), soul cannot be seen by the physical eyes but can be experienced. The soul is eternal and body is perishable.
You get visions of soul, it is said Vivekanand had vision of soul, but you cannot understand anything by having a vision.Like you see a soul, similarly you can also see the Supreme Soul, there is no difference between soul and Supreme Soul, in their image. By the intellect you can know the difference.
With the physical eyes you can neither see soul nor Supreme Soul. Supreme Soul is known as the God-Father. In devotion, you have visions of soul with sincere devotion. Soul takes rebirth. In devotion, according to the feelings-devotion,they see the visions of soul and deities.
You look for the unlimited happiness, you receive the inheritance of heaven unlike the devotees. When the devotion comes to an end at the iron age, the heaven appears in golden age. Sanyasis say the soul gets merged in the light, no soul gets merged in any light. Now, you receive the direction of God,to make you, deities from ordinary human beings.
 There is lot of praise for the beads of 108. God-Father says, Children, remember the God-Father constantly, counting beads is the memorial of constant remembrance of God. Now the Supreme Father had come and made us belong to Him.
Jagadamba is known as the world mother, Lakshmi is known as the Queen of the world-golden age. You are the children of this divine family.You also fulfil the desires of the souls. You have the intoxication that you show the path to your brothers and sisters. In devotion, people undergo suffering by wandering and taking bath in rivers. Now, you children have become tired of this.
You know what is your relationship with the God-Father. Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) is the easy name to know God. Shiv also means point of light. You are the saligrams, the memorials in devotion.Gandhiji wanted to liberate India from English, here God-Father liberates you from the enemy of Ravan-vices. You have to win over vices. Since copper age Ravan-vices appears and grabs all your inheritance. You have to get rid of this enemy of vices certainly. You receive the direction of God-Father to get rid of the vices. You have to co-operate with the God-Father.
If you follow My direction, you will attain the elevated status. When you have courage, God-Father helps you. You are the helpers of God. You call out for the Purifier God to come and make you pure. The vice-less teaches you to become vice-less in nature, transforms the thorns into flowers. You have to win over the vices.
Many say that they lost the battle against vices, there are others who do not reveal. You children know that you are the grand children of Shiv Baba. Adam-Brahma receive inheritance from God-Father.Even you children receive inheritance from God-Father.
God takes the loan of the body of Adam-Brahma to give you the knowledge. When the soul leaves the body what happens? There is no need to go deep into details of this. The subtle world is created now at this time of confluence age. There are many who see visions of subtle world in trance.
God-Father has lot of love for you children. God has come now. Adam-Brahma is known as the great great grand Father. Adam-Brahma is not known as God. Now, you children understand very well unlike others. You know that God is the father of all souls. . You need not even remember the Intermediator Brahma-Adam, once you get the introduction of God-Father.
God speaks to you souls, souls call out for the God-Father to make them pure. If you remember Me, you will become pure, there is no other way. I send you to the heaven from soul world. You know that you are all going to heaven-golden age, where you will be very wealthy.
Now, you know that you are being decorated to receive inheritance of constant happiness for 21births. For this you have to make effort, you  have to remain pure being at household. Now, it is your final birth. Father explains, you were doing unadulterated worship in the beginning of copper age, it was satopradhan worship, now it has become tamopradhan worship. People spend a lot on creating images of worship and destroying them in the sea.
The marriage of Tulsi is shown with Sri Krishna, Foreigners get confused  by seeing all these rituals of Indians. Here, there is nothing of gambling, in Mahabharat, it is said, they lost Draupadi by gambling, which is not true. Now, Father says, remember Me.You must be aware that you are going to the ocean of sweetness for 21births, now, it is the ocean of poison. This knowledge is new for you and people get surprised by listening to this knowledge.
You become the master of the kingdom now, your golden age kingdom cannot be grabbed by anyone. Your enemy is the Ravan-vices, you win over him in every world cycle. Those who win over the vices win over the world, based on this, the world game of victory and failure has been created.
There will be scenes of transformation at the end. This world is vicious known as the forest of thorns. You have been calling out for the Purifier God to come. I am also a soul like you, I am also bound by this unlimited drama, otherwise why should I come in this impure world. Every one’s role is fixed in this world drama. You remain a carefree emperor.
God never gives you any difficulty, He just says, remember Me, get rid of your vicious sins-actions. I have come to give you the inheritance of heaven. Give this knowledge to every residents of the world. Now, you have to transform yourself from thorn to flower. If you do service, you will  attain elevated status.
There are many  who are ill-treated when they involve themselves in Godly service, you have to be more courageous in this service. You are made to do all types of service to get rid of the body consciousness.
Remain free from attachment, you will be made to undergo test, when you undergo test, you will pass the difficult exams.
Essence for dharna:
1.            According to shrimat, you have to become the Father’s true helpers. Do not follow the dictates of your own mind or those of others. Become free from attachment, have courage and engage yourself in service.
2.            At present, we are in the home of the parents, and so we cannot follow any kind of fashion here. Decorate yourself with the jewels of knowledge. Remain pure.
Blessing: May you be constantly happy hearted by remaining beyond all questions such as, “Why? What? Like this or like that?”
Souls who are happy hearted will never raise any questions at any time, in any situation, in terms of the self, in terms of relationships with anyone or in terms of matter such as, “Why is this like this?” Or, “What is happening? Does this also happen?” While performing actions, while seeing, hearing and thinking, happy-hearted souls always have in their thoughts: Whatever is happening is good for them and it will always be the best for them. They never get caught up in the confusion of Why? What? Like this or like that? etc.
Slogan: Perform every action while considering yourself to be a guest and you will become great and praiseworthy.

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