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When all “mine” finishes in intellect, no one can pull your mind.

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Essence: Sweet children, forget everything that you see with those eyes, including your own body, and remember the one Father, because all of this is about to be destroyed.

 Question: What effort do you have to make in order to win the lottery of a royal status in the golden age?

 Answer: 1. In order to claim a royal status in the golden age, pay full attention to yourself. See that there are no evil spirits within you. If there are any evil spirits you will not be able to marry Lakshmi. In order to become a king, you also have to create subjects here.

 2. You have to become cry-proof here. If you leave your body through shock while remembering someone, your status is destroyed. This is why you must make effort to stay in remembrance of the Father.

Song: If not today, then tomorrow, the clouds will disperse.

Sweet Children,

God-Father says om shanti. The soul of Adam-Brahma also says om shanti ( I am peaceful). One is the Supreme Soul and the other is the father of humankind. Even the children says om shanti. Souls have to know their religion of self. Om shanti means I, the soul is an embodiment of peace. Soul is the combined entity of mind, intellect and thought impressions.

If someone asks how soul can attain peace, reply that soul is already an embodiment of peace. Soul, when leaves the body it remains peaceful in soul world. When soul is present in the body, it has to perform action, how soul can remain at peace in the body.

People wander to attain peace, they don’t know that soul is an embodiment of peace. Soul is like  a point of light. Everyone bow in front of God. He is the incorporeal. He is known as Shiv – the Benefactor Supreme Soul. Your intellect is toward Supreme Soul. People are of body conscious, they don’t know about God. People also praise Brahma. No one calls Brahma as Supreme Soul. Only One is praised as the Supreme Soul. He is the Creator. You know that you are the children of God , being created, made belonged to Him through Adam-Brahma, to give you inheritance of golden age. Even the Adam-Brahma is asked to remember the God-Father, and you souls of the world also have to remember the God-Father.

Remove the egoistic conscious of body. This is about the knowledge. Your body has become old by taking 84births, it has become very ill. You children were very healthy, in golden age, you remained every healthy, never get deceived (lose your earnings), because you take 21births of inheritance by making spiritual effort at this time of confluence age.

The Supreme Soul is praised of One God. Adam-Brahma is known as the father of human kind, who becomes an angel to live in subtle world with body of light. You are asked to rest your mind on God alone, you are also an incorporeal being like the God, you have to remove your intellect from body (ego) and bodily beings. All what you see will be transformed, you have to go to soul world and come in golden age.You have to remember the soul world and golden age at this time.

If you have evil spirits of five vices within, how can you become virtuous? Give introduction of God-Father to the people. Only One God Father purifies the souls. By making the people to write down, they will not argue with you. The connection with the God-Father and the father of human kind – Adam are to be explained. You receive inheritance at this time.



Essence for Dharana:

1. Do not trap your intellect in any bodily being. You have to keep an accurate record of remembrance. You must never cry.

 2. You have to stabilize yourself in your original religion of peace. Do not wander around searching for peace. Liberate everyone from that wandering. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness.

Blessing: May you be double light and transform “mine” into “Yours” and become free from all attractions.

 While serving your lokik relation always have the awareness that they do not belong to you, that they are all the Father’s children. The Father has made you an instrument to serve them. You are not living at home, but at a service place. All of “mine” has now become “Yours”. Even “this body” is not “mine”. There is attraction in “mine”. When all “mine” finishes, then no one can pull your mind or intellect towards him or herself. Only those who transform “mine” into “Yours” in spiritual life can remain double-light.

 Slogan: In order to become obstacle-proof, accumulate your treasure of blessings.

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