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get rid of the ego – I and Mine - consciousness.

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Essence: Sweet children, completely fulfil the promise you have made to the Father. No matter what happens, never renounce your dharma (righteousness); this is the highest destination. If you forget your promise and perform wrong actions, your register is spoilt.
Question: What indicates that you are moving very fast on your pilgrimage?
Answer: If you are moving very fast on your pilgrimage, the discus of self-realisation is constantly spinning in your intellect; nothing, except the Father and the inheritance is remembered. Accurate remembrance means that nothing of this world is visible. It is as though, even while seeing, you are not seeing anything. Even while seeing everything, you have the consciousness that all of it is to turn to dust, that all of these palaces etc. are to finish, that none of these existed in our kingdom, and that they will cease to exist again.
Song:     O boatman, take the boat of my fortune wherever you wish!
Sweet Children,
God-Father says,I have come to take you back home (liberation and liberation in life). It is not that I take you wherever I want.  Everyone cannot make the same effort, you have to show mercy for yourself. God-Father  shows mercy by giving you knowledge. You listen to the Truth now, through God-Father.
God makes you do effort to take you to heaven.You have to speak truth and listen to truth. Soul sits on the eternal throne - forehead , never undergo death. Only God speaks the truth. From here, deities become charitable soul and receive the inheritance.
Here, on earth, there is only falsehood. Satshriakaal is known for God. It is said there is no sacrificial fire in golden and silver ages. In devotion, you worship deities, here it is of knowledge. This world drama has been created, you suffer by not knowing – forgetting father.
Gita is known as the mother of all scriptures. But God of the Gita is Supreme Soul God-Father, not Sri Krishna. God is the Creator. I make you the master of heaven through World Father and Mother. World Mother is very famous. There is no mention of Radhe in Gita but in Bhagawatham.
You have become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. I make you beautiful. Only you know that you belong to the Sun and Moon dynasty. The cycle of 84births is well known. To remember this is to remember the history and geography of the world. The more you remember this, you go fast in the pilgrimage of remembrance.
This world is the forest of thorns.People fall in vices of lust and anger. God-Father says, get rid of the ego – I and Mine- consciousness. If you make promise to get rid of it, you get support from the God-Father. The aim is very high. SatSriakaal – God has benefitted you souls but you have forgotten.
Go wherever you want, but to the extent possible take care of your food, give drishti – purify the food by your divine  vibrations and take food. You eat food along with the Beloved God-Father, you will have happiness.
When there is some weakness, there will be some slackness in spiritual effort. Whatever you see will be transformed, in to New World, where there will be very wonderful things, all diseases will disappear. Satyug means heaven, here, everything gives you sorrows. Even Government wants to have such education by which children become peaceful.
God-Father says, remain peaceful. All body sufferings belong to devotion in the name of sadhana, by which you never receive liberation. God-Father gives the fruit of devotion. You know that you receive inheritance at the end of iron age during confluence age through God-Father not through Sri Krishna.
The broad intellect, understands very well, makes a good effort. The children - youths have to explain this knowledge to the well known ones. You don’t have to consider any bodily beings as your guru. Only God-Father remains your guru. God teaches you the history and geography of the world.
No one other than you can explain this knowledge. If souls cannot understand knowledge let them rest their mind on God-Father (Manmanabhav).
Essence for dharna:
1.            If you have any internal weakness, check and remove it. Remain firm on the promise you have made to the Father.
2.            You must take food in a state of great cleanliness and by giving it drishti. Eat your food in remembrance of the Father and the Bridegroom with a lot of happiness.
Blessing: May you be equal and complete and finish the burden of sins through your subtle checking.
If you saw or heard something untrue or wasteful and spread that into the atmosphere and did not merge it in your heart, then to spread something wasteful like that is also a trace of sin. These little sins finish your experience of the flying stage. Those who listen to such news accumulate sin and those who relate such news accumulate even more sin. Therefore, check yourself in a subtle way and finish the burden of such sins, for only then will you be able to become complete and equal to the Father.
Slogan: Merge making excuses for only then will you be able to emerge an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

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