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Gita is spoken by Supreme Soul God-Father not by first prince Sri Krishna.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father is laying the foundation of heaven. You children have to become His helpers and accumulate your share. Follow Godly directions and create your elevated reward.
Question: What type of children is BapDada (God-Father) always on the lookout for?
Answer: The Father is always on the lookout for children who are very, very sweet, who have a cool nature and are serviceable. Only serviceable children will glorify the Father’s name. To the extent you become a helper of the Father and are obedient and trustworthy, so you claim a right to an inheritance.
Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)....
Essence for dharna:
1.            There is sorrow in everything in this world of Maya (obstacles and vices). Therefore, do not have any desires connected with this old world. Even if storms of Maya come, never defame the family.
2.            Take precautions with your diet. Be very tactful when you go to a party etc.
Sweet Children,
The death happens only in this iron age. In golden age, they never use the word death, they consciously leave the old body and take another body, to born as kishore (young).
At this time you belong to the clan of Adam-Brahma, who is the father of humankind. God Shiv (Benefactor ) is known as God, who is also known as Beloved. You children receive inheritance from God-Father. The history never belongs to Sri Krishna but it should be of God-Father because God-Father transform the whole souls-world and create the heaven.
God is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. Sri Krishna is a child, who is restless and who is loving to all. Even in devotion, I fulfill your desires and now, I teach you children. Only My children remember Me, forget every one and try to remember Me alone.  It is not that God is present everywhere. I remember the One who remembers Me, hence I remember my children.
Everything depends upon Geeta which is spoken by God Himself not by Sri Krishna. There are many who worship God considering Him as the Master of the world. God never rules the world. God is the master of soul world, where soul resides in the form of point of light. From soul world, soul comes one by one to the earth to play different roles.
God remains in the seed form. God lays the foundation of deitism, heaven through you children. The more you children co-operate with the father, receive the share in return. Otherwise how can you come in Sun dynasty. Now, you are being prepared to perform elevated actions to come in Sun dynasty.
People do charity in the name of God because the reward is given by God Himself. You children make effort by the direction of God but the world follow the direction of human being. The world Mother and Father become elevated following His direction. There are no human being elevated than virtuous deities. In Sun dynasty human beings were 16 celestial degree virtuous, and in Moon dynasty it is 14 degree virtuous.
At this time souls have degraded further from 14 degree to almost nil. Now, all the souls are impure, no pure souls can exist in this iron aged world. The residents of Bharat who were pure have become impure at this time. The One who purifies the impure souls is only One God.
At the end every soul will come to know about God, they will say “Oh God, your ways are most unique, no one can understand about you”. Earlier only very few knew about God-Father but now souls come from whole world and listen to this knowledge. The most important is to prove God-Father is the God of the Gita not Sri Krishna.
In golden age, for 1250years, you celebrate golden jubilee. Here, only once you celebrate the golden jubilee. In heaven, you remain very wealthy and happy for a very long time. Now, you earn an inheritance from God-Father to celebrate golden jubilee.
The most important is to understand God of the Gita is God-Father, He is teaching you RajaYoga. Now people try to pull down each other. You children follow God’s direction. There are many who never follow God’s direction, they want to give birth to a child and in iron age, there is no proof to receive happiness from children. They spoil your income. At this time, you must not have such desires which would make you feel bad.
The Children of God are brothers and sisters amongst each other. By falling in lust you lose the income. There are many who perform vicious actions and hide them. They receive severe hundredfold punishment, you must not perform such actions. You belong to God-Father, divine family, then how can you perform vicious actions. If anything you do, speak about it to the Father. If you are performing vicious actions, it is better not to remain in this gathering.
Even if you bring the vicious souls in this gathering, the one who brings such souls also incur sin. God has come to make you pure and give you inheritance. You just have to remember God-Father and the inheritance. You also have to take care of food. You must take only those food prepared in Godly remembrance, otherwise you can have fruits.
Those children who are very sweet, not influenced by past sanskars, serviceable, faithful, honest, receive the constant help from God-Father.
Blessing: May you remain unshakeable and free from obstacles by keeping a balance of being detached and loving in a gathering.
Just as the Father has the biggest family of all and the bigger the family, the more detached and loving He is, so, follow the Father in the same way. While in a gathering, in order to remain constantly free from obstacles and content, remain detached as much as you serve. No matter how much someone tries to shake you – one person would disturb you from one side and another from another side; even if you don’t receive any facilities or someone insults you, remain unshaken in your thoughts for only then would you be said to be a soul who is free from obstacles.
Slogan: Only those who finish the upheaval of the body and mind with their stage of soul consciousness remain unshakeable and immovable.

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