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remember God alone not influenced by own body and bodily relations.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is the game of the graveyard (kabristhan) and the land of fairies (Paristhan). At this time it is the graveyard and later it will become Paristhan. Your heart should not be attached to this graveyard.
Question: By knowing what one thing will human beings have all their doubts removed?
Answer: If they come to know who the Father is and how He comes, all their doubts will be removed. Until they know the Father, their doubts cannot end. By having faith in the intellect, you become part of the rosary of victory, but there has to be full faith in everything within a second.
Song:     Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to this earth!
Sweet Children,
God-Father explains to the children, this is your unlimited spiritual Father. Souls come and take body of different features. God comes in the physical body to teach you children. You are incorporeal souls take physical body to play different roles.
You souls never know about your 84births. God appears in the body of Brahma-Adam and explains the knowledge. Sri Krishna is the prince of Golden age, he was very beautiful, then how he became black-ugly. By sitting on the pyre of vices, you souls become ugly.
I remain constantly pure and come at the beginning of golden age, the end of iron age. Golden age is the heaven and the iron age is known as hell. In golden age, there is kingdom of deities. Here, all are vicious now. In golden age, there was only one religion, one language, everyone remained pure.
The vicious ones bow in front of the impure ones. People bow in front of sanyasis, follow them. If you really follow them, then people should also become sanyasi but that never happens, people never remain pure like the sanyasi.
Here, you have to follow the Mother and Father completely. It is said to get detached from all bodily beings and remember One God-Father alone. Only then you will come to the God-Father. You souls take maximum 84births, the world cycle repeats. All souls never come in golden and silver ages. The very first religion is of deities. You go around all the 84births.
Other than God-Father, no one can give you this knowledge. Initially there was deitism for 2500years. Now, you are in a very short confluence age. God-Father comes and makes you pure because you have called Him by various means. Now, you have stopped wandering everywhere. The devotion exists for 2500years and other half, it is of knowledge.Now, you are taught to be disinterested for the whole world.
Now, the whole world is of graveyard,will become a heaven once again.God comes and creates heaven.By knowing about God-Father all your doubts are removed. You get all doubts without knowing about the God-Father.
Every soul has one God-Father. By being faithful you become victorious. With every Divine word, you must have faith in just a second. God is an incorporeal being. God is the Father of the world and you receive inheritance of the world through the Adam-Brahma. You were the master of the kingdom, you were deities earlier, pass through Sun and Moon dynasty.  Only you children understand all this.
You may come across lot of obstacles in this sacrificial fire of knowledge. With this knowledge the whole world will be transformed. God speaks only truth to make you master of heaven from ordinary human being. You listen to this knowledge only once in confluence age.
Now, it is time of judgement day, you have to remember One God-Father alone. All the body-souls are vicious at this time, the vicious world cannot establish the pure world and hence Pure  God-Father had to come to establish the New Pure world.
I come in this body of Adam-Brahma, but I never sit on this body all the time. No one remains in the chariot all the time but whenever it is required. It is said, the nectar comes from the mouth of cow, the memorial of Adam-Brahma. People also go to Amarnath, with lot of effort, the memorial of God speaking the truth to all you Parvatis.
You all have become insolvent now, God comes and makes you solvent once again. You have come to receive inheritance from God-Father. Bharat – India is the birth place of God-Father, God comes to give you the inheritance of heaven and salvation, which no one else can give you.
Like God is praised a lot, even Bharat-India (heaven) has unlimited praise. Now, you children are becoming the master of the pure Continent. You have come to receive the unlimited inheritance from God-Father. You have to remember God alone by removing your intellect from body and bodily beings.
You learn the Rajayoga and come into heaven, attain liberation in life.Others receive only liberation to go to soul world at the end. Every soul will receive salvation, I come to take you all back home. God is the death of all deaths. People will come to know about God and His knowledge at the end.
If people are told that God-Father is the God of the Gita, they would not believe but they will come to know about it at the end. (If they come to know about it now, everyone would get transformed to one religion of God-Father, which is not as per the drama plan of the world).
Essence for dharna:
1.            Break all other connections and follow the mother and father fully. Your intellect should have unlimited disinterest for this old world. You have to forget it.
2. It is now the time of the end and everything is to be transformed. Therefore, before the very end, insure everything you have and claim a right to the full future sovereignty.
Blessing: May you be a carefree emperor who accumulates all treasures and stays in spiritual intoxication.
All of you children have received limitless treasures from BapDada. To the extent that each of you has accumulated those treasures, accordingly, that spiritual intoxication is visible in your activity and on your face, and you experience the spiritual intoxication of accumulating. To the extent that you stay in spiritual intoxication, to that extent the sparkle of a carefree emperor is visible in every action because where there is spiritual intoxication, there are no worries. Those who are such carefree emperors are constantly happy.
Slogan: A gyani soul is one who, together with the dance of knowledge, also knows how to perform the dance of sanskars (being sweet, loving and detached in relationships).

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