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sinful actions are erased by remembering God being soul conscious.

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Essence: Sweet children, day and night, just have the concern about how you can give the Father’s introduction to everyone. Father shows son and son shows Father; use your intellect for only this.
 Question: What should you pay attention to so that knowledge is not even slightly wasted?
 Answer: Feel the pulse before giving the wealth of knowledge: Try to give the wealth of knowledge to those who are either devotees of the deities or one who has faith in God. Not everyone will understand this knowledge. Only those who are going to imbibe divine virtues will understand. You must try to tell everyone at least one thing: The Father alone is the Bestower of Salvation for All. He says: Become bodiless and remember Me and your boat will go across.
 Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor God).
Sweet Children,
When every one of you belong to One God-Father, you children are brothers and sisters amongst each other.
The whole world call out for One God-Father to show them mercy. The Ravan-vices never shows mercy towards you. No one knows what is Ravan. Now you must churn, how to explain others about God-Father. You must give introduction of God-Father. But  only those who want to become pure, imbibe divine virtues, understand this knowledge.
You can give this knowledge to the devotees and who believe in God. You children receive inheritance only from God-Father.
God explains to you very nicely but many never understand because there is no introduction of God-Father. God-Father  is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. He does not have any father or teacher or guru. The unlimited Father is the only one who gives salvation (take everyone back to soul world) to all souls, being  the Satguru.
Bharat is known as Heaven. There are many inventions come out from Science.  You have to explain to others that God is the Father of every soul. You know Bharat is very ancient. Whatever was there in the past would appear again. You have learned RajaYoga in previous world cycle and you would learn it once again through God-Father who comes and teaches you in every world cycle.
God is also known as the One who transforms the thorns into flowers. People have forgotten about the God-Father, you must give introduction of the God-Father to every soul. Now, you are in bondage of life.
Children, you have to become soul conscious.Become soul conscious and remember the God-Father, you benefit only by this. Remember Me, so that by the power of yog, your sins will be removed.Then you would leave the body in a very good manner (without any difficulty-attachment, to reach God).
If you want to attain elevated status, you must remember the God-Father. God-Father says “Manmanabhav” (rest your mind-intellect on Me). God-Father establishes heaven through Adam-Brahma. Adam – Brahma becomes beautiful in heaven like you children. Sri Krishna is shown as being ugly, and beautiful as well.
You write with faith that God-Father, we would become complete with all virtues. Maya-obstacles battle against you and tries to make you fall. God-Father says, children, never be afraid by Maya-obstacles, there will be storms of maya. When you become strong, the pressure of maya will come down, Maya will know that you remain unshakeable.
This knowledge is very entertaining, many take time to understand this knowledge. Raja yoga is very ancient yoga of Bharat. Only you children can understand this, not others.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become bodiless and remember the Father. Practise being stable in the original religion of the self. Dance the dance of knowledge and make others dance.
 2. Do not be shaken by the storms of Maya; do not be afraid. Become firm and finish the pressure of Maya.
Blessing: May you become free from subtle sins and attain your stage of perfection and there by become an embodiment of success.
 At present, some children have become very easy (slack) in the knowledge of the philosophy of karma and they therefore continue to commit small sins. The principle of the philosophy of karma is: If you defame anyone, if you talk about anyone’s mistakes or if you agree with someone in whatever wrong things they say, you also become a partner in that sin. Today, you may defame someone and tomorrow they will defame you twice as much. These small sins become an obstacle in your attaining your stage of perfection. Therefore, understand the philosophy of karma, become free from the sins and become an embodiment of success.
 Slogan: In order to become like Adi Pita (first father – Adam - Brahma), become a tower of power, peace and all virtues.

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