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when someone is forceful,you learn lesson of being patient and tolerant.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim the tilak of self-sovereignty for 21 births, forget the consciousness of the body including your own body and remember the one Father.

 Question: Which aspect of the poor children’s wisdom makes the Father happy, and what advice does He give to such children?

 Answer: The poor children who think that they should use all their worthless possessions in a worthwhile way in Baba’s service and accumulate their fortune for the future 21 births; Baba is very pleased on seeing the wisdom of such children. Baba gives them first-class advice: Children, become trustees. Do not consider things to be your own. Look after your children; look after everything as a trustee. Improve your life with knowledge and become kings of kings.

 Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,

You children understand that you receive Godly direction here, only once, now. Whatever has happened once in world cycle will repeat again every 5000years.

God is known as the Purifier, the One who gives salvation. You understand that God is everything for you. He is the Highest on High who creates fortune for you. There is one Incorporeal Father and one physical Father. By remembrance – love , you receive love in return from the God-Father.

God gives only one Mantra for everyone, and only the One gives this elevated Mantra to remember Him. You come here to create your own fortune. The world of happiness is golden age. Now you are in the world of sorrows – iron age. You receive direction from the God-Father through Adam-Brahma.

You receive this great Mantra from God to remember Him alone. To remember only Him, you have to forget the body consciousness and bodily religions and relations. By considering yourself as a body, you remember all the bodily relations.

Consider youself as a soul and remain in soul consciousness. Leave the body consciousness. In golden age, you remain in soul consciousness and in iron age, you are in body consciousness. You never just become soul consciousness but also you understand about God and His creations at this confluence age.

Only at this confluence age, you get the real knowledge of God and rule the kingdom in golden age. In golden age, no one speaks about theist or atheist. At this time, no one in the world knows about God and His creation, and hence God is called as omnipresent – present everywhere (which is not true).

God makes you do spiritual effort, wants you to forget the body consciousness and the bodily relations, and remember Him alone in soul consciousness. This is known as the Great Mantra by which you create the fortune of golden age.

You become self-independent to rule the kingdom in the new world. This is the world of sorrows. Now, you become soul conscious. Our world is the soul world where God-Father resides. God gives the Mahamantra to remember Him alone.

Whatever bondages of sin you have are to be settled by the power of remembrance. You have to become free from disease. You listen directly from God-Father, God has come to show you the easy path. You tell God-Father that you forget Him. Father says,you don’t forget your physical father who makes you impure, then how can you forget the One who makes you pure?

Bharat was the world of heaven. You have forgotten that you were the deities. Even 5000 years before there was iron age and it will become golden aged, like it had happened before.

Remain in the household, remember God-Father, become pure. God says, Lust is the greatest  enemy. Even earlier this has been told in the Gita (5000 years before) and had made you win over the lust. Now, the world of vices must come to an end. Those who are instrument souls are creating the world of heaven.

Deities never appear in the world of vices. You know that you are becoming deities – human beings with all virtues – once again. Now, you are becoming elevated once again. Many children say that storms of obstacles come. Father says, obstacles come because you forget God-Father and then you never follow the direction of God-Father.

Only God-Father teaches you. There is Charioteer and the Chariot. There is nothing of any chariot. It is about Soul and the body.

You become a trustee, you say everything belong to You.Father says, do every action being a trustee. You have to follow the direction of God-Father. Whatever little you have, you offer to God and remain a trustee. You take care of your household and children.

You have to remember the God-Father. God-Father says you receive inheritance only from God-Father not from any human beings. You imbibe manners at this time. You have to become free from vices. There is no other difficulty, it is simplest of all. Still you say that you have forgotten, the ghost (of obstacle) has come. Father says, control the ghost of vices. For this, look within yourselves, have I become virtuous?

The residents of Bharat are the most fortunate ones. Consider yourself as a soul, then you will leave the body at the end in a very good way. You know that Bharat was very ancient, it was a heaven. Children come again to receive the inheritance from the God-Father. Whatever has happened till now is accurately according to the world drama.

Doctors never become afraid of plague, they have to eradicate the plague. You have been calling out for God-Father to remove you from the world of sorrows and give you happiness. God takes you souls back home becoming a guide. Then you come down number-wise according to the role you have to play, starting from golden age till iron age.

Now, you know in practical that you were deities with all virtues. You have come here to create your fortune. God explains the essence of all Vedas and scriptures. Deities are shown in subtle world at this time. This is the sacrificial fire of Rudr (God). Even earlier-5000years before, this sacrificial fire was created. When you become pure, you will go in golden age.


Essence for dharna:

1. Remove the evil spirits that are in you and become worthy of changing from an ordinary man into Narayan. Check in the mirror of your heart and see to what extent you have become worthy.

 2. Consider yourself to be a soul and become bodiless and remember the Father. Practise forgetting the consciousness of the body.

Blessing: May you be an image of experience who doesn’t see anything bad in something that is bad but learns the lesson of goodness.

 Even if something is completely bad, there must still be one or two good things about itself. Everything has within itself something merged to teach the lesson of goodness because everything becomes instrumental to make us experienced. It also teaches us the lesson of patience. At the time when someone is being forceful, you just learn the lesson of being patient and tolerant. This is why it is said that whatever is happening is good and whatever is still to happen will be even better. You simply need the intellect to pick up goodness. Do not see the bad things, but pick up the goodness instead and you will become number one.

 Slogan: In order to remain constantly happy transform bad things into something good with the power of silence.

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