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God is the Bhagwan (Bha for Bhoomi,a for agni,g for gagan,wa for vaayu and n for neer)

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Essence: Sweet children, Being a child of God, don’t let there be any such behaviour that the Father’s name would be defamed. While doing business etc., simply continue to follow shrimat (Godly direction).

 Question: Which words should not emerge from the lips of Godly students?

Answer: “We don’t have time to study.” These words should not emerge from your lips. The Father does not place any difficulty on the children’s heads. He simply says: Awaken in the early hours of the morning and remember Me and study for an hour or half an hour.

 Question: What is the plan of human beings and what is the Father’s plan?

Answer: The plan of human beings is to unite and become one. Human beings desire one thing, but the Father’s plan is to change the land of falsehood into the land of truth. So, in order to go to the land of truth, you definitely have to become truthful.

 Song: What has happened to the human beings of today?

Sweet Children,

God-Father and soul both say I am a peaceful soul (om shanti). Soul speaks through the body. The place, where you children reside in soul world, God Father also stays there, which is the world of silence. Other than God-Father no one has the knowledge of soul world and soul.

All souls are like a point of light and each soul has their roles to play which emerge according to the time. Only GodFather explains this knowledge. Even God Father can speak to you, only when He becomes the living soul (appear in the body).

God also takes the body when He has to create you children. You children are explained through the body of Adam-Brahma. You all belong to the Godly clan. You come down the ladder of purity to impurity. You children play the game of somersault, I never come into this play of 84births.

There are lot of things written in scriptures which are not true (but most of them are memorials of this confluence age). You become the King of kings through this knowledge. God explains this knowledge to you. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. I speak to you children. This sacrificial fire of knowledge is known as Aswamedha Rudr Gyan Yagya. God comes in Bharat to create the world of Self Independence.

The Somnath temple is built in memorial of God-Father. God is also known as Shiv Bolanath Bhandari. You children listen to the God directly. There is the elder Mother, She is very sharp and clever in this knowledge. She is known as Gyan Gyaneshwari. In golden age, she is known as Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. People never ask for knowledge with the goddess of wealth.

The world mother fulfils the desire of all the souls. She is the daughter of Adam-Brahma. You receive the knowledge through the body of Adam-Brahma.

God says, I come in an impure body to give you knowledge. You make spiritual effort to create the pure world. You become fragrant flowers from the hard thorns. God is the Bhagwan (Bha for Bhoomi, a for agni, g for gagan, wa for vaayu and n for neer- the representation of five elements), you children are gardener of this world. This spiritual knowledge is given to you children by the Supreme Spirit, and no one else receives this knowledge.

This world is a false world, you see untruth everywhere. Although this world is false continent, there was no duplicate jewellery earlier, now there exist lot of duplicates.

This sacrificial fire of knowledge is created by God Himself, this is also known as home. Father says, you children know that you listen to the God-Father directly. Those who fall in vice are never known to be the child of God. If you perform vicious actions, you defame the name of God-Father. You have to perform vice-less actions, you receive Godly direction to become elevated. You receive elevated direction from the Highest God-Father to become deity-angel from ordinary human beings.

You wanted to become the king of golden age, this is the sacrificial fire to become kings. You have to make good spiritual effort. You are the grand children of God-Father, God is the creator, (Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind).

God  makes the soul, which has become ugly, to become beautiful.  This world is an unlimited Island. Now, the whole world is ruled by the Ravan-vices. In golden age, there is no name of sorrow. To give sorrow to anyone is also a great sin. When you say God-Father, know about Him clearly. God is not present everywhere. You children are brothers amongst each other.

You were earning a false income for half the world cycle. Now you must earn a true income. God is knowledgefull, He is the Truth, living entity. You make effort for the New world. Whatever you see with your physical eyes will get transformed.

You know that God’s plan is to create the New World by transforming the old world. He transforms the human beings in to virtuous deities-angels. You become truthful by following the direction of True God-Father.  

God says, you know that we will become virtuous deities-angels. God says, remain pure like a lotus flower being in household. How do you forget such a God-Father who makes you pure? First you have to become soul conscious. Soul leaves one body and takes another. Children, now you have to become soul conscious, because you all have to leave this old body and go back to your home-soul world.

Now, you have to sit in the pyre of knowledge. Because of performing vicious actions, you have fallen down. The body is impure now, all souls have taken birth by means of vicious relations. In golden age, there is nothing of vice exists.  By studying scriptures, you don’t attain any aim object. Here you have the aim object to become completely virtuous deities-angels.

Now, it is your climbing stage, you have come down the ladder of 84births. This Bharat-India was the land of heaven, earlier there was only one virtuous religion, which never exist now. But once again the ancient religion is being established by God through the body of Adam-Brahma. You know that you are receiving your inheritance of kingdom once again, then this knowledge disappears. This knowledge is taught only to the vicious souls, but when you become vice-less, this knowledge would not exist in the pure world.

You know how many years golden age exists (1250 years). You souls are the children of God-Father. You have to go back (to soul world) becoming soul conscious once again. You are the Godly students, students never miss this study. Without this study you never receive the inheritance. If you leave the God-Father, you lose this elevated income.

You have to study this knowledge, the more you benefit others becoming merciful, that much elevated status you will attain. The most poor of this time will become very rich in golden age. You have to make others smile. You have to rest your intellect with God constantly.


Essence for dharna:

1. Earn a true income in order to go to the land of truth. Be soul conscious. Shed the consciousness of that decayed old shoe (body).

 2. Be merciful and bring benefit to yourself and others. Awaken early in the morning, remember the Father and spin the discus of self-realisation.

Blessing: May you become victorious and threaded in the rosary of victory by being loved by all with your pure feelings and elevated intentions.

 No matter with what intentions someone speaks or moves along, you must always imbibe pure and elevated intentions for each one. Be victorious in this and you will claim a right to be threaded in the rosary because the way to be loved by everyone is to imbibe elevated intentions for everyone in your relationships and connections. Those who have such elevated intentions will constantly give happiness to everyone and receive happiness. This is also service and pure feelings are an elevated means for serving through the mind. Those who do such service become beads of the rosary of victory.

 Slogan: To experience yoga in karma is to be a karma yogi.

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