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Settle karma of illness either by remembrance of God or by suffering.

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Essence: Sweet children, always have the intoxication that you are being showered with the rain of knowledge by the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, and that you will become pure through this and return to your great home.

 Question: On what basis will the faith of you children continue to become even stronger?

 Answer: As chaos increases in the world and your divine tree continues to grow, the more your hearts will move away from the old world and the stronger your faith will continue to become. Service will happen at a very fast pace. If you continue to pay attention to dharna, the enthusiasm of your intellects will increase and you will stay in limitless happiness.

Sweet Children,

There is no need to say everyday, to remember God. You know that God-Father is teaching you, this is the rain of knowledge from the Ocean of knowledge, for you children. You children are present in front of God-Father.

You children know that you souls are the brothers, listen to the knowledge directly from the God-Father. You had come to the Ocean to get refreshed, to imbibe the points of this knowledge and receive directions.

You receive this rain of knowledge of Ocean of knowledge, only once in the world cycle. God comes only once in Bharat. In golden age, you never call out for God-Father. Now you need disinterest along with the knowledge. (When you have disinterest from the world, you will keep flying). You know by the intellect that you are going towards New world and have disinterest for the old world (old house).

You expect the New world to come very quickly, to go and remain happy in golden age. This world is very small and the very big house is the soul world, the house of all the souls of the world. Only you have this knowledge none else. Earlier, you were also in ignorance, now you have the light of knowledge.

You children know that we are returning to our home and we become eligible on the basis of Godly direction. One is to remember God-Father and other is to remember the world cycle.

You children know that in reality, souls take 84births, not 84 lakhs of births. Every soul will not take 84births, there are souls who take only few births. Those who come in the beginning take complete 84births. People do worship of deities but no one knows who are these deities, how they have established their kingdom, what is their occupation. This is known as blind faith. By this, no one is able to reach God.

All your desires get fulfilled. Here the role of World Mother takes place. She plays the highest role. The complete accounts of 84births are to be settled on this earth. And you have to remain in remembrance of One God-Father. If you remember any bodily being, it is waste of your time.

You don’t remember anyone constantly, but you have to remember One God-Father constantly. This God-Father makes you free from all types of sins. At the end let your stage be such that there is remembrance of only One God-Father.This is possible only when the line of the intellect is so clear, there is no remembrance of any one else. Now, you have to make effort to remain in constant remembrance.

The more disturbance happen in the world, you will have that much increase in faith. The Maya-vices is the very oldest enemy, it exists everywhere. Children, now you are becoming pure from impure. You never take impure food and food prepared in non-remembrance of God.

Let the intellect have remembrance of only One God-Father. Even when you sit here, your intellect keeps wandering. The unlimited God-Father explains the knowledge to you children. You souls perform actions through the body.

You experience the bliss – supersensuous happiness here, being with the God-Father. The more you have faith, the more you imbibe knowledge, that much you will have happiness. The sharpness of your intellect will increase.

In future, your service will spread very quickly, at a faster rate. Now, you have to find methods to give knowledge to others.  God-Father says, the most important is to give introduction of unlimited God-Father through whom the unlimited inheritance is received.

The God-Father is known as the Purifier. If you make others understand this, then people will not say God is present everywhere (which is wrong). Everything will be sacrificed in this fire of knowledge. People think that they will reach God by means of devotion. In fact those who have done devotion for a very long time will find God, as the reward of devotion.

This world of iron age will be transformed to establish the golden age. This very ancient Bharat-India was pure earlier, was heaven. Now what has become old will become New once again.

You children know that there was the kingdom of deities earlier, but not now. Once again, the religion of angels-deities are being established by God Himself. You look very ordinary. Even I am the Lord of the poor. You all are very poor, you have sacrificed everything to benefit the Bharat-India. Hence you will receive the kingdom of heaven.

Your battle is against the Ravan-vices-Maya. It is said “VandeMataram”. This is the praise of the women who lived on earth. There is world mother who is also a child of God-Father.

You say that we all are brothers and sisters, we all are your children.There are many who cannot understand this knowledge, the bondage of so many births never make their intellect to remain clear to understand this knowledge. You know that God is speaking to you souls by appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma. God does the most elevated spiritual service of transforming the impure ones to pure ones. God, the Purifier remains the Highest on High. He is also your Father, Teacher and the SatGuru.

You remember the One who purifies. You call out for the God-Father to make you pure. I come once again and teaches you easy RajaYoga and the knowledge of world cycle. There is nothing of any notes – books here. Now, God gives you direction to become worthy. We cannot make any addition in the scriptures, here, every day the knowledge is added with new points of knowledge.

God says, lust is the greatest enemy. You have to forget the body and bodily beings and remember One God-Father. I am the Death of all deaths. I have come to take you all children back home.

Now, you children know that we are going back to our own home. For this become clever now , receive your inheritance. In this world, now the rehearsal of transformation takes place. You can even explain about the name of Rajasthan, the land of kings. There were kings in Bharat earlier.

In golden age, there was Rajasthan in practical. In copper age, they built temples for those pure kings known as deities. Now, you explain this to others, have very good intoxication about this knowledge.

This is also a seminar, you know how the service can be done. The Highest on High is One God-Father. He teaches you RajaYoga, asks souls to practice this Rajayoga by which souls will receive kingdom for half the world cycle where you never cry for anything.

Those who belong to the golden age, would come here. This is the unlimited Seminar between Supreme Soul and worldly souls.


Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become free from the suffering of karma, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Don’t waste time by remembering any bodily being. Keep the line of your intellect very clear.

 2. Eat very pure food. As is the food, so the mind. Therefore, do not eat food prepared by impure people. You must make your intellect clean.

Blessing: May you be filled with good wishes and finish all conflicting feelings and experience the avyakt stage.

 In life, the basis of a flying stage or a descending stage are two things: feelings and intentions. To have benevolent feelings, feelings of being loving and co-operative, feelings of increasing courage and enthusiasm, feelings of being soul conscious and the feeling of belonging are good wishes. Only those who have such feelings are able to stabilize in the avyakt stage. If there are feelings in conflict with these, the physical intentions attract you. The main reason for any obstacle is a conflict of (non-loving) feelings.

 Slogan: For those who have the Almighty Authority with them, Maya is a paper tiger.

June 17, 2012

An invitation to become the form of an angel and an image that grants visions.

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru... the Merciful...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.   We, the souls, the stars who are close,celebrating an avyakt meeting with the Father, the resident of the subtle region,are avyakt like the Father...we are the loving and constant angels, who, with athought of one second, that is determined for all time, “I have to become this,I have to go there”, go to the gathering of avyakt angels in the subtleregion... we are the merciful children of the Merciful Father who enable allsouls of the world to claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-lifefrom the Father with just a glance...with pure and strong thoughts we liberatethe devotees from wandering around... with  benevolent feelings for the lost souls, weshow them the path and destination...through our blessings and our powers wegive them the course of one second and take them back with the Father to theworld of souls... with the treasures of all powers, we put all thoughts into apractical form...we are the great donors who donate the powers and virtuesreceived from the Father to the weak souls and to the souls who have noknowledge ...we are the victorious jewels of the rosary of victory threadedaround the neck...

2.   We, the bodiless souls, are incorporeal, vice less and egoless...we are theembodiments of knowledge, the embodiment of remembrance , the embodiment ofvirtues, and the images who grant visions... we  give experience of the jewel on the forehead(mastakmani) through the forehead,  theintense fire (jwala) through the eyes,  and words of blessings (vardan) through thelips... we are loving and co-operative in service merged in the Father,constant companions, who fulfill the responsibilities of companionship, andcomplete like the settling all karmic accounts,  by completing all service and relationships, weare ever-ready to return with Bapdada... with determined faith we guarantee our fortune and constantlyremain carefree...

3.   With our zeal, enthusiasm and deeplove, we, the souls, make the fire of our love become intense...we offer our  vices, old sanskars,  weaknesses, defects,  mistakes, body consciousness, laziness,carelessness, waste, as sacrificial offerings in the great sacrificial fire(mahayagya) of the knowledge of Rudra in which the horse (physical senses) issacrificed... we are successful in surrendering, sacrificing and burning  them completely, and thus transforming ...weare the light houses, might houses and power houses who merge knowledge withinourselves, thereby  accumulate  power, put the knowledge in a practical formand make  every physical organknowledge-full... we  attain liberationand liberation-in-life through our courage, enterprise and enthusiasm...we are confluenceaged children of God, the embodiments of renunciation, with equanimity in our thoughts,words and actions...we revise the seed of our thoughts... our thinking (chintan)is in the form of concern(chinta)...

Blessing: May you be an elevated donor and aco-operative soul who makes weak souls powerful with your own powers andvirtues.

According to the time, all the powers and virtues of worthychildren who have an elevated stage are always co-operative. The special formof their service is that they donate the virtues and powers that they havereceived from the Father to the souls who do not have knowledge and areco-operative with divine souls. To make weak souls powerful is an elevateddonation and elevated co-operation. Just as you serve through words and yourmind, in the same way, give all souls the co-operation of the virtues andpowers that you have received and enable them to attain something.

Slogan: Those who guarantee their fortune withdetermined faith constantly remain carefree.


Essence: Sweet children, you will go from the being a child of God into the elevated clan of angels-deities(in golden age), so you must become true Vaishnavs. Do not eat anything impure such as onions etc.

 Question: Which examination should you children not be afraid of or confused about?

 Answer: If, while moving along, something happens to that old shoe (body), if there is any difficulty or you become ill, you must not be afraid or confused but, instead, you should be even happier, because you understand that it is the suffering of karma, that your old karmic accounts are being settled. If we are not able to settle them through the power of yoga, then they are settled through suffering of karma. It is good if they are settled quickly.

 Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to claim a high status, be a good salesman in Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor God-Father’s) shop. Feel the pulse of each one before giving knowledge.

 2. Do not speak sorrowful words under the influence of anger. Having given a guarantee that you will become a helper of the Father, do not perform any action that might cause disservice.

Blessing: May you finish all waste with the method of keeping your intellect busy and be constantly powerful.

Only those who adopt the method of keeping their intellects busy are able to remain constantly powerful. The easy method to finish all waste and to become powerful is to remain constantly busy. Therefore, every morning, just as you make your physical timetable, in the same way, make a timetable to keep your intellect busy: At this time, I will finish all waste by keeping this powerful thought in my intellect. If you remain busy, Maya will run away from a distance.

Slogan: In order to forget the world of sorrow, remain constantly lost in love of God.

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