Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hopelessness and arrogance do not allow you to become great.

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Points to Churn from the Murli of June 24, 2012 (19-2-1957 & 23-1-1975)
Praise of Baba:
The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, the children of God, are stabilized in our forms of peace...we listen to the knowledge, understand it, churn on it, sit in yoga and remove all body consciousness...we become soul conscious, imbibe all the main points of inculcation and the divine virtues given by God Himself, put them in use in practical life and become the conquerors of maya...we forget the consciousness of the body, break all other bodily relationships and connect our yoga with the One God....we take power from God and make our lives worthwhile... while playing our part in this body, we control our own actions, become free from the bondages of karma, and become karmateet...we are the deities of the golden age enjoying our reward of the highest stage of liberation-in-life...
2.   By playing our roles with the Father at every step and in every divine activity, we, the souls, with the powerful awareness of our positions and occupations, attain multimillions at each step...we are the elevated soul conscious children of God with elevated original forms and elevated stabilizing ourselves in the elevated position of being the destroyers of obstacles, we finish all adverse situations... by setting ourselves in the elevated seat given to us by the Father at the confluence age, we automatically and constantly maintain the awareness of our stage of self respect...we are the great world actors who transform our actions and sanskars, have the intoxication of our own land and language and receive blessings of being elevated...
3.   By becoming free of false pride, ego of our accomplishments, arrogance of our possessions, body consciousness, ego of the body, the arrogance of the body, we, the souls, become soul conscious (while performing actions), soul conscious (in remembrance), spiritually conscious, God conscious, have knowledge of God, obtain blessings from God, and are made fortunate by God...we are pure, polite and humble instruments for world renewal...we are the intense effort-makers who become threaded in the rosary of victory... by sitting on the throne of world service, we sit on the throne of the kingdom of the world...

Blessing: May you be free from hopelessness and arrogance and bring about renewal through your humility.
Never become hopeless in your efforts. “I have to do this. I have to become this.” “The rosary of victory is my memorial”. Become victorious with this awareness. Do not give a place to hopelessness in yourself for even a second or a minute. Hopelessness and arrogance do not allow you to become great. Those who have arrogance easily have a feeling of being insulted. Therefore, become free from these two things and become humble and you will be able to bring about renewal.

Slogan: Be seated on the throne of world service and you will be able to receive the throne of the kingdom of the world.

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