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Now, God-Father appears on earth to give hope and happiness

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Essence: Sweet children, the foundation of knowledge is faith. Make effort with faith in your intellect and you will reach the destination.

 Question: What one aspect should you understand deeply and have faith?

Answer: The karmic accounts of all souls are about to be settled and everyone will return to the sweet home like a swarm of mosquitoes. After that, only a few souls will go to the new world. This aspect should be understood deeply and you must have faith in it.

 Question: Which children is the Father pleased to see?

Answer: The children who completely sacrifice themselves to the Father, those who are not shaken by Maya (vices-obstacles), that is, who are as unshakeable and immovable as Hanuman. The Father is pleased to see such children.

 Song: Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Sweet Children,

Children listened to the song, only God-Father can say this not any saints. The unlimited God-Father says this to you souls. God Father asks souls of the world,Children,have patience, your days of happiness are about to come.

God-Father establishes the land of happiness and gives you hope. Only you children have this faith. There is the father of human kind – Brahma (Adam). You have just belonged to God. You are created through the knowledge received from God-Father through Adam-Brahma.

The world transformation is about to happen, there will be battle (the arguments keep happening between America and Russia). The New World would come after the old world. First, there will be establishment, then there will be complete transformation.

People never understand this knowledge completely. This knowledge of ancient Rajayoga is being taught to you by God-Father Himself. In golden and silver ages, there was only one religion. You belong to the deity dynasty. And there is also dynasty of demons.

God-Father explains you the essence of various scriptures. There are mainly four religions. The first main religion is of ancient deities and the Gita is the book of the deity religion. This religion is established at this most beneficial confluence age.

After golden age, there is silver age, then copper and iron ages, souls lose their elevated status gradually.Then God-Father comes to benefit the souls at the end when all the souls are present on earth. Now, children, your days of happiness is about to come. You wanted to get rid of this old world, but it happens according to the world drama.You have to  make spiritual effort.

The moment you belong to the God-Father, you become the rightful owner of inheritance in just a second. But you have to make spiritual effort to attain the stage of karmateet (free from bondage of actions), then you leave the body.

You have to battle against vices-obstacles, the other physical battle continues years together. Now, the final days have been arrived, you will come to know how many won over the battle against obstacles-vices, how many attained karmateet stage, at the end. You children have the happiness. This unlimited world drama has been created, you children have this knowledge in your intellect.

Earlier, you did not have the knowledge that you are a soul, resident of soul world where the Supreme Soul resides. Now, no one has returned home. There is a game of maze, where you reach the door by various path but only the right door makes you come out, not other doors. Same thing happens in this world drama, there is only one path to reach the Soul world, only God-Father takes all souls to the soul world.

You have taken  maximum 84 different births in the cycle of 5000years. The cycle of world history and geography repeats again, you have to return home now. God gives you elevated direction. The Purifier God explains you very easy method to “Remember that you are an actor whilst doing actions”, now, the 84births have come to an end. God has come to make you beautiful. You souls become pure now to go back to soul world, you have faith – knowledge with in.

Those who were the followers of elevated religion, charitable souls, who were the residents of Bharat where you performed only neutral actions, have become vicious souls now.  You become the master of the world by the power of yoga – remembrance of God. The world powers cannot rule the world by their power of weapons.

The whole world is now controlled by the Ravan-vices. This is not mentioned in scriptures. This Ravan is your enemy of 2500years. In heaven you have only happiness.It is said soul reaches heaven after leaving the body, then why do you call the soul and give them the food of hell-iron age. Because you don’t have faith that soul goes to heaven after leaving the body.

In heaven, everyone lives in happiness. Here, even the children turn against the parents.Bharat-India was very good, but now has become viciious by vicious actions. Now, God-Father makes you perform elevated actions. God has come to give you the inheritance of heaven.

You have to receive power from God-Father and win over the Maya-vices-obstacles.God is also known as the Barrister who relieves you from the clutches of maya-sorrows. You are also known as the powerful army – shakti army.There is the memorial of hanuman who remains unshakeable infront of Ravan.Until there is transformation , you have to study this knowledge and make your spiritual effort.

Every soul has to return home, then very few souls come in the world of happiness. This has to be understood by your own effort.


Essence for dharna:

1. While sitting or moving, consider yourself to be an actor. Remember in your heart that you have now completed your 84 births and have to return home. Be soul conscious.

 2. Have faith in the intellect and make effort to change from thorns into flowers. Battle with Maya, be victorious and become karmateet. Remember your home as much as possible.

 Blessing: May you be full of good wishes and transform bad things into good qualities with your power of silence.

 With the facilities of science you are able to transform a bad thing into something good. In the same way, with the power of silence, transform any bad situations and bad relationships into something good. Become full of good wishes in such a way that, through your elevated thoughts, other souls also change whatever bad things they have in themselves and imbibe goodness. To know what is right and what is wrong in terms of being knowledge-full is a different matter, but to imbibe bad things in oneself in that form is wrong. Therefore, while seeing and knowing something is bad, transform it into something good.

 Slogan: Imbibe the virtue of tolerance and harsh sanskars will become cool and serene.

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