Thursday, 21 June 2012

Become free from illness by the remembrance of God.


Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim the full reward of 21 births, sacrifice yourselves completely to the Father, not by half measure. To sacrifice the self means to belong to the Father.

Question: For understanding which deep aspect do you need an unlimited intellect?

Answer: This is a predestined unlimited drama. That which has passed in the drama is said to have finished. We will return home and then our roles will begin afresh once again. An unlimited intellect is needed to understand this deep aspect. Only the unlimited Father gives the knowledge of the unlimited creation.

Question: What is it that makes people cry out in distress whereas you children are happy about it?

Answer: Ignorant people cry out at even a little bit of sickness, whereas you children become happy because you understand that it is an old karmic account that is being settled.

Song: You spent the night sleeping and the day eating!

Essence for dharna:

1. Bring benefit to your clan on the basis of shrimat. Make your entire clan pure. Give your true account to the Father.

2. With the power of remembrance, make your body free from disease. Sacrifice yourself completely to the Father. Break the intellect’s yoga away from all others and connect it to the One.

Blessing: May you perform the dance of happiness by being light with pure thoughts and elevated company and thereby become an spiritual angel.

For you  children, everyday’s murli are of pure thoughts. You receive so many pure thoughts from the Father every day, early in the morning. Keep your intellect busy in these pure thoughts and stay constantly in the Father’s company and you will become light and continue to dance in happiness. The easy way to remain happy is to remain constantly light. Pure thoughts are light whereas wasteful thoughts are heavy. Therefore, remain constantly busy in pure thoughts and become light and continue to perform the dance of happiness for only then will you be said to be an alokik angel.

Slogan: The form of the sustenance of God’s love is an easy yogi life.

Points to Churn from the Murli of June 21, 2012

Praise of Baba:

The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...the Seed of the human world tree...the Unlimited Master...the God of Knowledge...the Creator...Star...the Main Actor...the Director... Karankaravanhar ... the Ocean of Knowledge...Altruistic...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   In the Beneficial Kumbh mela of the confluence age, in the beautiful meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul, we, the souls, sacrifice completely to the Father and claim the full reward for 21 births...we are the easy yogis who attain sustenance in the form of God’s love...

 2.   By getting the knowledge of the creation from the Unlimited Father, the unlimited knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle from the Unlimited Master, by knowing the deep secrets of the unlimited drama, we, the souls, become the trikaldarshi unlimited children...with the understanding that past is past, and that which has passed in the drama is finished, by happily settling our karmic accounts through illness, we attain the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness, liberation and liberation-in-life from the Father, and become the deities of the sun dynasty...

3.   We, the souls, attain the spiritual knowledge from the God of Knowledge...we are the God fatherly students of the God fatherly  knowledge ... we are the raj yogis who have disinterest in the old world, the old costume, the old sanskars, old relationships and connections...we break all other relationships and connect the yoga of our intellect with the One...we sit in remembrance of  the Father at dawn, become free from diseases and enjoy a long life span...we are the world servers giving our full accounts, we are decorated by the Father, and we salvage and uplift our clan on the basis of shrimat by purifying them ...

4.   We, the souls, are the fortunate alokik angels with happy faces and dispositions, dancing in happiness...we regularly and punctually listen to the murli every day, receive pure thoughts from the Father early in the morning and keep our intellects busy, keep constant company of the Father and become light by speaking elevated words and performing elevated actions...

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