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Maintain relationships with everyone being a Trustee,

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Essence: Sweet children, the soul is the charioteer driving the chariot of this body. Perform actions in the consciousness of being a charioteer and you will shed your body consciousness.
Question: How is Baba’s  (God-Father’s) style of speaking completely different from that of human beings?
Answer: Baba speaks as the Charioteer of this chariot and He only speaks to souls; He does not see the body. Human beings do not consider themselves to be souls nor do they speak to souls. This is the practice you children must have. Even while seeing the subtle or corporeal form of someone, do not see it. See the soul and remember the one bodiless Father.
Song:     You are the Mother and Father.
Sweet Children,
Every ones chariot like body has the soul who is the charioteer.Soul takes body and leaves the body repeatedly.  You children know that there was Almighty Government in Golden age where even the rivers remain very pure unlike here.
In golden age, every thing remains pure. God-Father says, now, it is the final birth of every one. The world drama of 5000years comes to an end. The Incorporeal God-Father explains you everything of this knowledge.
You know that everyone comes from the soul world. The world drama comes to an end at this iron age., Then the history will repeat once again.The scriptures are made from copper age. Whatever God-Father teaches you now will disappear later in golden age. Whoever has come and gone, their memorial is made in the form of scriptures.
Now, the kingdom of deity religion is being established at this confluence age.  God-Father appears in the old body of Brahma-Adam. The soul of Adam takes complete 84births. Now, even his soul has to become pure.
God-Father adopts Adam-Brahma by appearing in his body. I Myself become the Charioteer of his body and give this knowledge to you through him. Adam-Brahma remains a Mother, God-Father creates this sacrificial fire of knowledge through Adam-Brahma. In the very first, he listens knowledge through Me before anyone else.
God-Father speaks to the souls not to any physical beings. I am your God-Father. I am Incorporeal like you souls. I am the ocean of knowledge, I create Heaven. I never create hell of this time-iron age. I am the Creator of New world, heaven.
You residents of Bharat remained resident of heaven and hence you call yourself as the residents of heaven. Now, everyone has become the resident of hell because soul follows the direction of Ravan-vices. Now, you follow the direction of Sri Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father).
Now, the cycle of birth and death comes to an end. When all the souls of the soul world appears on earth, then everyone has to go back to soul world. Then the world transformation takes place. Now, there are various religions, except the original ancient deity religion, which was created by God Himself.
The deities are praised as having complete 16 celestial divine virtues. Now, you know that you don’t have any virtues. The day of Adam-Brahma is the kingdom of God and the night of Adam-Brahma is the copper and iron age. When God-Father appears on the body of Adam-Brahma, you children of God are created,then I teach you RajaYoga.
Whatever images you have made, physical or Incorporeal , you must not remember any type of images. You have to stop looking at the images, now you just have to remember the Supreme Incorporeal Father to get rid of the burden of sins. The sinful souls receive the punishment for sins. It is not that all the sins are removed in the womb of the mother. Some are destroyed, rest remains.
I am the Purifier – the creator of Heaven. My job is to transform the hell into heaven. In golden age, there is only one Kingdom and one religion. I never become the master of the kingdom but I make you become that. At this time, all the souls follow the direction of maya – vices.
Father says, you have to remember one God-Father alone. You must rest your mind on the soul world. There must not be anyone in your intellect other than the one God-Father. Only God-Father can tell you the truth. In reality, God is only a point of light. Like Soul stays at the middle of forehead, I also appear next to the soul of the Brahma-Adam, in his forehead.
Even the Adam-Brahma did not have this knowledge, I speak the knowledge through his organs. Now, you are the children of God, then you come in the golden age. People have become worse than monkeys under the influence of five vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
You have to remain in the household and create a wonder that you can remain pure being at household unlike Sanyasis who go to jungle to remain pure. Yours is the Satopradhan Sanyas which only God-Father teaches.
Now, you have to maintain relationships with everyone being a Trustee, you have to return home now. You have to remain pure at this final birth. You have forgotten your original ancient deity religion. I teach you the RajaYoga.
Is Krishna the father of all souls? Sri Krishna’s name is mentioned in place of God-Father in scriptures. I come to create the religion of deities-angels, of golden age. Nowadays, every soul has become vicious. In golden age, souls never hurt each other.
In reality all demons (human beings with vices) exist at this iron age. The Scriptures mention the happenings of heaven in copper and iron age and vice versa. In golden age, there cannot be any body consciousness, everyone remains in soul consciousness.
The One who gives liberation-salvation is only one God-Father not any human being. When there was golden age, there was only one kingdom, one religion and one language. Now, the God-Father is establishing the golden age.
Essence for dharna:
1.            Have satopradhan renunciation. While living in this old world, finish attachment to it. Along with the body, forget all the old things.
2.            Let your intellect’s yoga be attached up above. Do not remember any image or bodily being. Internally, continue to remember the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a Raja yogi and a master of the self who sits on the seat of various stages with concentration.
For Raja yogi children, the various stages are their seat. Sometimes, remain stable on the stage of your self-respect, sometimes, in the angelic stage, sometimes in the lighthouse and sometimes in the might-house stage and sometimes, be an embodiment absorbed in love. Just as you sit on your seat in a concentrated stage, in the same way, you can also stabilize yourself on the seat of various stages and experience a variety of stages. Order your mind and intellect whenever you want and, as soon as you have a thought, stabilize yourself in that stage, for only then would you be called a Raja yogi and a master of the self.
Slogan: A faithful soul is one who is not attracted by any bodily beings even in his thoughts.

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