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Become soul conscious and remember God-Father.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to be saved from sinful actions, practise being bodiless again and again. It is this practice that will make you into conquerors of Maya-obstacles and it will make your yoga (remembrance of God-Father) remain constantly connected.

 Question: Which aspect of faith should be so firm that your yoga does not break?

 Answer: We were pure in the golden and silver ages, and we became impure during the copper and iron ages. We now have to become pure, once again. If this faith is firm, your yoga will not break. Maya will not defeat you.

 Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.

Sweet Sweet Children,

You understand the knowledge of this song, in fact, it is not about the rain of water, here, it is about the rain of knowledge poured by the Ocean of knowledge, by which the ignorance is removed.

You know that our father is Adam-Brahma and Grand Father is God-Father.  When you have this faith, you never forget. You say that this knowledge is for all souls, by this knowledge, the deep darkness of ignorance is removed.

You children understand the biography of God-Father. Every one of you knows about the history of Supreme soul. Do you know how many biographies of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) are there? In devotion, whoever remembers in whatever ways and methods, I had to give them the reward. I give them the visions. Half of the world cycle devotion exists, other half knowledge exists.

Father comes and gives you the inheritance of heaven. Now, you children know about the subtle world, soul world and physical world. I come  to teach you Raja-yoga alone by which you also serve other souls. You have been serving the Ravan-vices for half the world cycle doing vicious actions. I am the only One who comes and teaches you vice-less actions.

This is the time of settlement. You are more fortunate that you know the biography of God-Father. You children need not have to bow in front of any one. You know that you go to the soul world through subtle world. You belong to the God-Father, you receive inheritance of happiness by following God-Father.

You know that you were very pure and once again you are becoming pure from being vicious. Leading a pure – viceless life is very good. Younger ones do a lot of service, your purity is worshipped in devotion. You children have to take care of yourself a lot. You know that you go to soul world and come in heaven. You must have this faith, for this you must have the effort to remain soul conscious. Otherwise your remembrance will not be constant, vicious action will not be removed. Hence to the possible extent, remember God-Father being soul conscious.

You know that God-Father teaches you like He did in every world cycle, you are receiving the inheritance by the power of remembrance of God - yoga. You establish heaven for yourself by your own spiritual effort, I never come to rule the golden age. I give you the method to receive the heavenly kingdom.

Now, it is your retirement stage, it is the time of settlement. This world of this time would be transformed later. People keep aim to make money, that they wanted their grand children to be wealthy. You will receive everything new in golden age, now the light of knowledge has appeared. It is said the ignorance of darkness disappear at the dawn of knowledge.

People give water to the sun and worship sun deities, in fact the human beings become deities. Sun cannot be a deity, it gives light to the world.  In reality you all are sun of knowledge but you come into ignorance from copper age.

There is power of silence creating lot of inventions, you are the army with the power of silence. You have to become completely co-operative in the task of God-Father. You children know that when the kingdom is established completely, the complete transformation would take place.

God-Father takes you to the beautiful world, It is God’s guarantee that I take everyone with Me in every world cycle. Hence My name is known as the Death of all deaths, then Purifier, the Merciful.

You children make effort to go to heaven according to God’s direction. If you remember Me, I send you to heaven, you have to do your daily actions for your living. At the end, every soul will come and receive this knowledge. The Incorporeal God-Father is only One. You ask souls what is your relationship with God-Father.

You have to remember God-Father, Those who belong to God receive this rain of knowledge. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, you know that you have to go to the world of God (golden age). Now, you will go directly to your home – soul world. You will leave the old clothes (body) behind. Like the actors wear different clothes to play different roles, they remove their costumes to go home. So, you also leave the old body behind to go to the New world where you will be decorated with New costumes and New palaces.


Essence for dharna:

1. Do not perform any false actions. Death is just ahead. It is the time of settlement and you must therefore awaken everyone from the grave. Do the service of becoming pure and making others pure.

 2. Do not have any desires in this dirty world. Become the Father’s complete helpers in salvaging everyone’s sunken boat.

Blessing: May you make the right decisions with cleanliness in your mind and intellect and become full of success.

 In any task, you only attain success when your intellect makes the right decision at the right time. However, the power of decision-making only works when your mind and intellect are clean and there is no rubbish in them. This is why you have to burn all the rubbish in the fire of yoga and make your intellect clean. Any type of weakness is rubbish. The slightest waste thought is also rubbish. When you finish this rubbish, you will remain carefree and, because of having a clean intellect, you will attain success in every task.

 Slogan: Always keep elevated and pure thoughts emerged and waste thoughts will automatically be merged.

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