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when soul leaves body,the destination depends on your final thought.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is the school for becoming virtuous angel-deities from an ordinary man. The one who is teaching you is the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Satguru Himself. You have to remain firm in this faith.

 Question: What should you children never have the slightest worry about and why?

 Answer: If, while following this path, someone has heart failure and leaves his body, you should not worry because you know that each one has to perform his own act. You should be happy because you know that that soul has taken the sanskars of knowledge and yoga with him and so will now serve Bharat even better. There is no question of worrying; it was destined in the drama.

 Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Sweet Children,

God Father is teaching you children. There is BapDada (God and Adam) and you children. God is teaching you the easy RajaYoga. In devotion they have made Gita, all scriptures are made based on the knowledge of this confluence age. By reading scriptures, you never receive any inheritance.

By knowing God as He is, you receive Godly inheritance. God gives you inheritance at this confluence age. He comes directly and teaches you RajaYog.

Sage Vyas wrote the worldly Gita and people think Sri Krishna has said it. In reality Gita is never spoken by Sri Krishna. Now, judge yourself, what is the difference between what I speak and what is written in   scriptures.

This University is known as Rudr Gyan Yagya. There is Father and Grand Father (BapDada). You listen to the essence of all the Vedas and Scriptures. I come and make you Trikaldarshi. The place where God reside is known as Shivpuri and where people reside is known as lok. God makes you Trikaldarshi, you never become the master of the three worlds.

The deities who are known as Brahma-Adam, Vishnu and Shankar live in subtle world. You become the master of heaven. You can only become Trikaldarshi. Your third eye of knowledge is awake now and hence you are known as Trinetri.

Bharat – India was very pure, healthy, wealthy, vice-less, it has become vicious now. Now, you know about the God-Father and the Inheritance. God makes you very sweet in nature. You have to study this knowledge and make others knowledge - full.

If someone leaves the body-if heart fails, you must know that they are going to play a different role, there is nothing need to worry. They will go and benefit Bharat-India in a better way. You children know that all of you are actors in the world drama. Whatever sanskars you take from here, you will do service accordingly. Only you children can benefit the world. If a first class Sanyasi leaves the body, he sits in meditation and wanted to merge with the light of Brahm element. They cannot go and benefit souls of the world.

This is a vicious world, You have been giving sorrows by means of lust, lust is your greatest enemy. Father says, the kingdom of vices-Ravan exists all over the world.  You are becoming a fragrant flower at this time. Only you children receive the true knowledge none else. The role of 84births  is recorded in the small soul – point of light.

Now, you know that this old world will be transformed. You will receive a new body in the new world. People say God is present everywhere, how God can appear in the dirt and dust. God comes at the end of iron age when people become completely vicious. Now, you children must remember Me. Children, Do you have God-Father’s remembrance? Children replies, we forget frequently.

God is a point of light like you souls are like a point of light. God comes only at this time and explains you about the soul. Later this knowledge will disappear. Deities- angels never have the knowledge of this world cycle.

Although various deities exist, the Highest on High is God-Father. God-Father says, now, you have to forget the body and bodily religions and remember the God-Father. Now, you listen directly from God-Father through the body of Adam-Brahma. You listen to the truth.

God explains, whatever you remember at the time of leaving the body, you take birth to live with them. Whatever awareness you have at the end, that will affect you greatly. If you want to leave the body in remembrance of wanting to take birth with Sri Krishna, you will reach him.

Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are Prince and Princess of golden age. They attain their elevated status by making effort in this confluence age like you do. You say that you receive inheritance for 21births by following Godly directions, by serving the souls of the world.

Even in school, those who study well, score good marks. Ram is shown with weapons to differentiate between Sun and Moon dynasty, otherwise Ram never hurts anyone. Those who make good effort attain elevated status. You have to forget even your body, you have to leave your body becoming soul conscious. The tiny soul, point of light listens through ears, sees through eyes, leaves one body and takes another.

You soul are preparing to go back to your home-soul world. God is decorating you by which you imbibe divine virtues and go to heaven by remembrance of God and the inheritance. You know that in every world cycle, we receive inheritance through God-Father.  People who do less spiritual effort come in silver age. In golden and silver ages, there is only one religion of virtuous deities. All other religion comes after copper age.

You don’t have any connection with the religion of copper age. Every one plays their role according to the world drama.


Essence for dharna:

1. You have to do the business of studying and teaching others on the basis of shrimat. Remain firm on the destiny of the drama. Do not worry about anything.

 2. At the end, no one but the Father should be remembered. Therefore, practise forgetting even that body. You have to become bodiless.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who transforms impure feelings and intentions of all souls.

 Just as a rose takes fragrance from bad-smelling fertilizer and becomes a fragrant rose, in the same way, elevated world transformer souls transform impure, wasteful and ordinary feelings and intentions into greatness. They transfer impure feelings and intentions into pure feelings and intentions for only then can they easily and automatically develop the qualifications for becoming avyakt angels, the same as Father Adam-Brahma. The beads of the rosary will come close to one another in this way.

 Slogan: Become an experienced image and the sparkle of the fortune of happiness will be visible on your face.

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