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Remove the ghost of lust and anger from within.

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Essence: Sweet children, give your honest and true account to the true Father. Take shrimat in every aspect, for only then will there be benefit for you.

 Question: What deal do you make with the Father and how?

Answer: You become those with surrendered intellects and say to the Father: Baba, I belong to You. This body, mind and wealth are all Yours. Baba then says: Children, the sovereignty of heaven is yours. This is the deal you make. However, an honest heart is needed for this. There also has to be firm faith. You have to give your true account to the Father.

 Song: You are the Mother and Father.

Sweet Children,

Children know that now, we children understand the direction of God. By His direction, we establish the ancient deity religion. God-Father adopts the children through Adam-Brahma in every world cycle. Every action is played by everyone according to the world drama, like you have played earlier.

You make spiritual effort number-wise. There are sato-pure effort-makers and there are others, establish kingdom accordingly. The weapons shown with deities are the symbols of knowledge. People don’t know that deities – goddesses never take the physical weapons. The decoration of four armed deities has the conch shell and discus of knowledge.

It is said to remain pure being in the household, like a lotus flower and hence lotus flower is shown with deities. Now, you perform practically. You have the knowledge, being in the household. You remember one God-Father.

You remember God-Father, this is known as Karm yog sanyas. You have to take care of your children. Now, you know that earlier, each one of you was giving sorrows to each other by lust. There is a difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion.

God-Father makes us the master of the heaven, now you are the master of hell-iron age, where there is only sorrow. God-Father explains this knowledge to you children. Only you children understand this knowledge according to the spiritual effort, number-wise.

The first requirement is faith. Faith brings you victory. When you have faith, you will remain in faith, your intellect never gets disturbed. If you have remembrance of the God, there will be happiness, and you will have a surrendered intellect. You say, the body, mind and wealth belong to You (being a trustee). God-Father also says, sovereignty belongs to you.You children have to be honest. God knows everything, but you have to speak to him being honest.

God explains that I am the Lord of the Poor. The rich ones find difficult to surrender to God. The poor ones surrender quickly, they explain-give account of everything to the God-Father. Those who do charity, have interest for charity, they surrender to God, they get the reward in next birth. Those who build hospital , colleges - they have good health and good knowledge in next birth , and everything is offered to them by Me alone.

I also give divine visions  to the devotees, I know-have the karmic accounts of every soul. It happens according to the drama. When people have more wealth, they build temple, school in the name of God. And God gives it in return. People say that,they do service without any expectation in return. There is nothing of unselfishness. Everyone receives the fruit of their every action like a shadow.

Now, you have to remain in household, perform job, the accounts have to be given to God-Father. If you are poor, if you cannot fulfill the desire of your children, ok, you just offer one paisa. This will become your eternal income for 21births. What you earn otherwise is perishable but what you earn through Me will become imperishable. There is an example of Sudama who earns Palaces by giving a handful of rice.

The handful of diamonds of rich is equal to one paisa of the poor. God-Father never asks anything.He gives direction to ones who asks Him. God even asks about your expenses. God also asks you to keep it for your future. You can create a hall at home where you can do service.

Many would come to you. If you have wealth, open hospital of giving this godly knowledge. There will be many who would come and receive inheritance. By  following God’s direction, you will receive kingdom, many would get benefitted. You have to take care of your household and children.

Whatever you give to saints, they develop things for themselves.Here, whatever you give, you receive in return from God. God only says, Children, you have forgotten Me, you have been searching for Me everywhere and have become tired. This is also fixed in the world drama. How the Sun dynasty , Moon dynasty came and how the population increased, you know very well.

Even in devotion, It is Me who gives the reward. How stones can give the reward. You perform everything according to the direction of God. You come in the cycle of 84births.The various other religions are by-plots. You remained deities, and have become vicious demons. Even the vices have their stages of sato, rajo and tamo.

The religion of ancient deity is being established once again. God is not present everywhere. Even in devotion, God cannot be said to be present everywhere. You have been calling out for God, the Purifier to come. You remember God-Father when you undergo pain or sorrows.

You receive knowledge, you have to become angels-deities once again. Now, it is the judgement day, everyone settles their karmic accounts.I wake you up from the graveyard. This knowledge is not available with anyone on this earth. You can ask God-Father what future you would experience according to your effort. There is still margin to gallop in this spiritual effort.

You become completely virtuous at the end. When the exam finishes, there will be transformation-major change. The soul has the understanding. God makes you knowledgeable to transform you from shell to diamond-like. There will be storms of obstacles, every disease will come out. Become clever. God-Father (Ustad) never helps you. It is in your hands to become victorious or failure. There is the war of maya, Maya-obstacles will make you disturb. For four and five years, everything will be smooth but later you may receive storms of obstacles, the strong ones never become tired, you must never fail in this spiritual effort.

There is the need of effort for you to remember God and vices-obstacles will pull you towards them. Be a karma yogi, wake up in the morning and remember God-Father. Your effort is very incognito. You are the unknown warriors but well known. You have the memorial of Dilwara Temple, the memorial of unknown warriors. The temple of Lakshmi Narayan are the memorial of you well known warriors.

It is said God and soul remain separated for a very long time.God is known as the Purifier and hence He is the Satguru. You are all Sitas of One God-Ram. You have to check your stage if you have any vices within, there must not be any ghost of lust or anger. There will be many storms of maya-obstacles, still you have to remain careful, you have to remember the God-Father, God-Father your ways are wonderful.

People celebrate the birthday of God. Many call out for God. The Supreme Soul gives you inheritance through Adam-Brahma, the father of humankind. You have to remember the world cycle. Now, you have not become completely virtuous. God is your Father, Teacher and SatGuru. God does not have any Father, Teacher and Guru.

You have to become free from any attachment (of being influenced) remaining in household, have a surrendered intellect. You belong to God. You have to become a stick for the blind. You ask your relatives, what is your relationship with the Supreme Soul Supreme Father? It is your right to receive inheritance from God-Father.

There are many points of knowledge to remember.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remove any defects of lust or anger you may have and become a true helper of God. Beware of storms; do not become defeated by them.

 2. With the Father’s directions give a handful of rice like Sudama did, and claim the kingdom for 21 births.

Blessing: May you be free from all attractions and become a Child of God who is to become an angel and then a deity who is liberated in life.

At the confluence age, You souls have to change from Child of God into angels. Angels means those who have no relationship of any form of attraction to the old world, old sanskars and old body. You are free from all three and this is why you first receive in the drama the inheritance of liberation and then the inheritance of liberation in life. An angel means one who is liberated, for only a liberated angel can become a deity who is liberated in life. When you become such a Child of God who becomes an angel who is free from all attractions and who is to become a deity, matter will then also serve you from the depths of the heart with a lot of love.

 Slogan: Make your sanskars easy-natured and all tasks will become easy.

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