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Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me alone).

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Essence: Sweet children, the multimillions you have here will not be of any use there. Everything is to turn to dust. Therefore, now earn a true income for the land of truth.

 Question: Due to which aspect are you Children considered to be more elevated than the deities-angels?

 Answer: You children now serve everyone spiritually. You enable souls to experience meeting the Father, the Supreme Soul. Deities do not do public service. There, as are the king and queen, so the subjects. They experience the fruit of the effort they made here. They do not do any service. This is why you children -  servers are more elevated than the deities-angels.

Sweet Children,

Whose gathering is it now? The gathering of living souls and Supreme Soul. Those who have a body are known as living soul. This elevated gathering happens after a very long time. Supreme Soul cannot be called as a living soul because He takes the loan of a body, not that He takes birth in a body. God appears in the body of Adam – Brahma, never takes birth. This gathering is a very unique one.

Here, there is no guru who sits here to teach you children, this is a university, there is no seat for any guru here. The living soul belongs to the God, created through Adam-Brahma by means of knowledge. You are more elevated than deities because the deities never do any public service. Deities experience the fruit of action of this time-confluence age.

You learn the easy RajaYoga after 5000years. You all belong to the God-Father not to any physical guru. God-Father calls you children with lot of love and sweetness, now you become soul conscious. Soul is eternal, physical body gets destroyed. The soul has to be made pure because soul becomes vicious by means of vices. God-Father says, now never become vicious anymore. At this time, God-Father liberates you from Ravan-vices and takes you to the kingdom of God.

I liberate every soul from sorrows and take you to the land of liberation – soul world. From there, you go to golden age and start playing the roles. Initially you come in the form of deities in golden age. The religion of ancient deities is being established now.

Father explains, whatever you see on earth will be destroyed – transformed. You have come here to receive inheritance of 21births by doing real spiritual service for souls. Now it is the retirement stage for every soul. I am the satguru of all soul. I liberate every soul including the souls of saints.

The most important picture (point of light) is of God-Father. Souls have to be given the introduction of God-Father, they must remember only one God-Father and none others. You have come to receive the unlimited happiness from God-Father. You had become vicious by receiving the limited inheritance from physical father.

The body is burnt and the name and form of the human being disappears. But the Ravan-vices are never burnt. The five vices are your enemy, the enemy of Bharat-India. You had been jailed by Ravan since copper age. This world is the game of happiness and sorrow.

Those who win over the vices-maya, win over the world. Ram and Sita come in Silver age. Sri Krishna and Radha come in Golden age. In golden and silver ages, there is religion of ancient deity. Golden age has the kingdom of God, established by God Himself. God-Father cannot be called as present everywhere. Can a father be present everywhere? You children are brothers amongst each other. God is your Father and all souls are brothers.

God gives direction: Children, remember Me. I have come on earth to give you the reward of devotion. In the beginning of devotion, there was only worship of one Incorporeal God Shiv- Benefactor (eg: Somnath temple).  Now, you know that God had come and gives you the inheritance of 21births.

Now, you have the awareness, you remain ignorant of all desires and become aware of your ancient values. God never teaches you in Sanskrit. The God teaches you only in Hindi, which is the language of Adam-Brahma.

The soul understands that, our God-Father has come, you children are the masters of the soul world like the Supreme Father. Like the soul is a point of light, God is also a point of light but He is known as Supreme God-Father. You children receive inheritance from the Supreme God-Father. Here, there are no saints or gurus but only one God-Father. Only God can give you the inheritance of heaven, happiness, not any gurus.

God gives you only happiness not sorrow. I make you children perform spiritual effort and give you inheritance of 21births. God is known as the One who gives happiness and removes sorrow. The One who gives you sorrow is the Ravan-vices. The male and female remain vicious at this time unlike in golden age, where both remain vice-less in nature.

In golden age, there is kingdom ruled by deities-angels who look very normal like a human being. There cannot be even a trace of suffering there. You have seen the visions of golden age. Scriptures say that missiles come out from the stomach. The science of the intellect has lot of pride, create things of happiness like Aeroplane. Later they create bombs for transforming, to destroy their own clan. You children never give sorrow to anyone, you only make everyone become the master of the world of happiness.

Now, you give happiness to everyone. Whatever others say, you have to remain silent and smiling. By the power of remembrance of God, you can make others silent. Especially God explains you children, the teachers should have good features, they must not have hate, jealous towards anyone.

You receive inheritance for 21births, your lifespan increases. You make effort here, by the power of yog (remembrance of God), you become healthy and by the power of knowledge, you become wealthy. And you also remain happy. If you have only health and there is no wealth, you cannot remain happy.

There are kings who remain healthy without wealth according to the sinful actions of the past. Now, you know the secret of actions. Whatever God-Father says, you must understand and imbibe them within you. It is not that you forget later. Whatever it is, you must always remember that God-Father is teaching you, you are the children of God-Father.You have to praise God-Father within you, with lot of love for Him. You did not know that God-Father would come and teach you directly.

Instead of God-Father, they have mentioned Sri Krishna’s name in scriptures (by sage vyas). People have shown Krishna in copper age. God-Father wants you to have full attention on this study. If you don’t remember God-Father and don’t remain intoxicated in this study, your most valuable time of this confluence age gets wasted.

You can do your actions, but don’t waste your time, your every second is most valuable.Father says, children , remain Manmanabhav at this time, whenever you find time. Don’t waste your time. Maintain a chart to know how much time get wasted, if you can make use of all your time. Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me).

2500yrs, you remained pure and remaining 2500years, you indulged in vices. Now, you have to remain pure, you will be taken back to the soul world and would come again on earth, according to their role to be played in different religions. Initially, those who come for the first time from soul world, they experience happiness. They have power within them.

Now, you must have lot of happiness since you listen directly from God-Father.The deities are worshipped now , they are memorial of this confluence age. You children become deities in golden and silver ages,  and later your image will be worshipped from copper age. Go to temples and explain the real history and geography of deities. You know that this knowledge is first class.

You know that the original religion of deities is being established now. You know that you will receive the complete inheritance from God. You have come here to learn the ancient RajaYoga by which you become deities, after belonging to God-Father.

The most important is to remember the God-Father. The obstacles come in this effort. By this effort, you must not become afraid. By effort (of remembering the God-Father), you will receive liberation in life.


Essence for dharna:

1. Become a bestower of happiness like the Father. Do not cause sorrow for anyone through your mind, words or deeds. Let your consciousness be filled with peace and always remain cheerful.

 2. Do not waste your time in wasteful thoughts. Praise the Father internally.

Blessing: May you be an accurate server who makes plans for service with a plain intellect.

An accurate server is one who does service of the self and of everyone else at the same time. Service of the self is merged in service of everyone else. It should not be that you serve others and become careless in serving yourself. In service, service should be combined with yoga (remembrance of God). For this, make plans for service with a plain intellect. A plain intellect means nothing should touch your intellect apart from the consciousness of being an instrument and the feeling of humility. There should be no desire for earning a limited name or honour, but to have humility. This is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings.

Slogan: Together with donating knowledge, also donate virtues and you will continue to receive success.

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