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Adam is the child of God and you are all His grand children.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to fulfil all your pure desires. Ravan-vices fulfils your impure desires and the Father fulfils your pure desires.

 Question: What will be the final state of those who disobey the Father's shrimat?
 Answer: Those who disobey shrimat will be taken home by the evil spirits of Maya-vices to the sounds of "God is with you!" There will then be very severe punishment. Anyone who doesn't follow shrimat falls. Dharamraj (Supreme Judge) will take the full account. This is why the Father gives you children very good directions: Children, beware of the wrong directions of Maya-vices! It shouldn't be that you belong to the Father and then perform sinful actions, for there would then have to be one hundred-fold punishment. Not to follow shrimat and to stop studying is to have bad wishes for yourself and to not have mercy for yourself.

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor God-Father).

Sweet Children,
God comes only once in the world cycle. People call out for God to come and make the impure ones pure. But no one sees themselves as impure.
People have become so impure by not knowing about the God-Father.
You know that the One who benefits - purifies every soul is only one God-Father, then how Ganga said to purify souls?, people have become so ignorant.
People call out for God-Father to take them to heaven. So that, in heaven they can remain constantly happy, healthy along with prosperity.
God-Father is the one who gives happiness and peace, He is known as the Ocean of peace and happiness. No human being can give happiness and peace to the souls.
Through Adam-Brahma, the heaven, New World is being created.
The world cycle keeps repeating. Father says, when I appear in the body of Brahma-Adam, you belong to Me. Brahma-Adam lives on earth.
You children must never become angry or fall in lust. People become unhappy by becoming vicious. Reading scriptures is known as devotion. There is knowledge, devotion and disinterest. God-Father makes you have disinterest for the whole world.
God-Father makes you remember the only One God-Father and forget own body and all other bodily beings.
Through Sanyasis, the residents of Bharat receive the reward of purity.
People never know that God appears on earth and benefit the souls. The day of Adam (Golden and silver ages) is about knowledge and the night of Brahma (copper and iron ages) is about ignorance.
You children get benefitted through the God-Father.
At this time, you take the spiritual birth, your old account (of sins-vicious actions) gets destroyed.
Adam is the child of God and you children who born through the knowledge given by Adam are known as grand children of God-Father.
In golden age, deities-angels remain healthy and soul conscious but not God conscious. Later they become body conscious due to vices. Being God conscious you never get affected by Maya-vices. Let you remember only one God-Father and forget all relations of body and bodily relations.
Now, at this time, you become God-Conscious, this is the pure ego. Calling yourself as Supreme God is bad-impure ego.
You know that the Supreme Soul comes on earth only once in 5000years world cycle.
I make the good wishes of you children come true. I never give sorrow to you children although people say God gives happiness and sorrow. If God gives sorrow, why people call Him to give happiness and show mercy.
In reality, there is no truth-essence in scriptures. Now you children never show interest in devotion. Soul remembers God continuously in every breath , this is known as ajapajap. If you say God is omnipresent, how you can call out for God. People have become so ignorant.
God is the one who bestows happiness. Children, if you don't follow the direction of God, you hurt yourself. Father says, only in this final birth, you remember Me. In golden and silver ages, you don't remember God.
You go around the world cycle, you remain a deity-angel earlier (in golden age). In golden age, only one Continent of Bharat exists, later when the copper age begins, other continent starts appearing.
Inform the souls to receive liberation in life – heaven through the one God-Father. God has the knowledge of the world cycle, you must also have the knowledge of world cycle in your intellect.
Those who follow My directions receive the inheritance of Golden age, heaven.
People have said that souls take 84 lakhs of births instead of just 84births. Also it is said God is omnipresent wrongly and defamed God saying He is present everywhere in dirt and stones.
Now, you children have to follow Godly direction in your every step. Maya gives you wrong directions, hence you have to be very careful.
By the power of remembrance of God, by following direction of God, you will receive the pure body in golden age. Sanyasis say soul is unaffected by actions but body and hence they insist to take bath in river ganga. But in reality it is soul who gets affected by actions. At this time even all the five elements remain impure.
You need only three steps of land to do service, even if you don't have this small land, still, God makes you the master of heaven if you follow the direction of God constantly. Then the spirit of maya-vices will go away from you.

Essence for dharna:
1. Serve the souls with a lot of love, follow shrimat at every step and claim from the Father the fruit you want, which means the kingdom of the world.
 2. Transformation has to take place. So, use everything you have in a worthwhile way. If you have money, open a centre and become an instrument to benefit many.

Blessing: May you be one with elevated fortune by putting a stop to the strong flow of waste thoughts in a second and making your stage free from all other thoughts.

After you have made a mistake, do not waste your time in thinking about "Why? What? How? Not like this…" The more time you spend in being an embodiment of those thoughts, the more you are reinforcing those stains on yourself. The time of a test paper is short, but the sanskar of waste thoughts increases the time of that test paper. Therefore, put a stop in a second to the strong flow of waste thoughts with the power of transformation and your stage will become free from waste thoughts. When this sanskar emerges, you will be said to be a fortunate soul.

Slogan: Become full of the treasure of happiness and all other treasures will automatically come to you.

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