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Let every word be accurate with spiritual intent and feelings.

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Essence: Sweet children, if you want to change this life from a shell to a diamond, use your time in a worthwhile way. Remove the defects and don't waste your time eating, drinking and sleeping.

 Question: Through which one word have human beings understood everyone to be a form of God?

 Answer: Baba says: At this time, I am One who adopts many forms (Bahuroopi). It isn't that when I am speaking the murli, the supreme abode becomes empty. At this time I have to do a lot of work and a lot of service takes place. I have to grant visions to the children and to the devotees. At this time I am One with many forms. People have taken this to mean that all are forms of God.

 Question: By following which shrimat of the Father are children worthy?

 Answer: Baba says: Children, never do disservice. Time is very valuable. Don't waste it sleeping. Give at least eight hours for Me. The children who follow this shrimat are worthy.

 Song: You wasted the night sleeping and the day eating.

Essence for dharna:

1. Use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way by serving Bharat to make it pure. Consider your money to be worth diamonds and use it for the service of making Bharat into heaven. Don't waste it.

 2. In order to create a reward for your future 21 births, accumulate an income day and night. Don't waste your time. Make effort to forget your body.

Blessing: May you become equal to Father Brahma-Adam by making your attitude, vision, words and deeds royal through spirituality.

Follow the royalty that you saw in Father Brahma’s-Adam’s words, deeds, face and behaviour. Father Brahma-Adam never engaged his intellect or time in trivial matters. Ordinary words never emerged from his mouth; each word was yuktiyukt (accurate), that is, they were those of avyakt (spiritual) intention and feelings and free from waste intent. His attitude towards each soul was that of pure feelings and good wishes. He saw everyone in an angelic form through his vision (drishti). He always gave and received happiness through his deeds. Follow him in this and you will then be called equal to Father Brahma- Adam.

 Slogan: To swing in the swing of love instead of labouring is a sign of one who is elevated and fortunate.

Praise of Baba:

The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...the Seed of the human world tree...the Truth...the Sentient Being...the Ocean of Knowledge...the One with many forms...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   We, the souls, use every breath, every thought and every valuable second in a worthwhile way...we are the obedient children who burn all our vices, old sanskars, mistakes, weaknesses, shortcomings and garbage in the fire of volcanic yoga, give eight hours every day to Baba (God-Father), and follow shrimat...we are the unlimited children of the Unlimited Father, who claim a right to unlimited happiness from now on until the end of the silver age...with our body, mind and wealth we keep engaged in the service of making Bharat a pure ever-healthy heaven...we are the intense effort-makers who receive a reward for 21 births...

2.   In the original and eternal form, we, the souls, are all the new creation of the human world tree, we are all brothers and sisters...we are the children of God belonging to the clan of Shiv (Benefactor), and ...we transform our lives from thorns to flowers, from tamopradhan to satopradhan, from shells to diamonds...while performing actions for the livelihood of the body and living with the family we remain as pure as a lotus flower, and attain liberation and liberation-in-life...from shudras we become angelss, and from angels we become deities, full of all divine virtues...

3.   We, the trikaldarshi souls, are the spinners of the discus of self realization who know the world cycle and the history and geography of the world...we learn the Geeta sung by the Father at this confluence age and teach it to others; the Geeta that is the jewel of all scriptures, by which Bharat gets transformed to heaven...we are the worthy and wise children who prove the God of the Geeta is the Supreme Soul Shiva...

4.   By belonging to the Father, by being lost in the love of the Father, by being absorbed and merged in the love of the Father, we, the souls, become fortunate, prosperous, have happy faces, and swing on the swing of love...we are equal to the Father...we follow the royalty of  words, deeds, behaviour and face of Brahma Baba- Adam...we never engage our intellect or time in trivial matters...each word emerging from our mouth is yuktiyukt, with avyakt intentions and feelings and free from waste intents...our attitude towards each soul is with pure feelings and good wishes...we see everyone in an angelic form through our vision and give and receive happiness through our deeds...

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