Thursday, 3 May 2012

Our final thoughts lead us to our destination

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, Bharat (India-world) needs the Father's shrimat-direction. It is through shrimat that Bharat, which is worth shells, will become worth diamonds and everyone will receive liberation and salvation.

Question: Which power does the Father, the Almighty Authority have,  that human beings don't have?

Answer: Only the one Father, the Almighty Authority, and no human being, has the power to kill Ravan-vices. Without God’s power, this Ravan cannot die. When the Father comes, He gives you children such power that you are able to gain victory over Ravan-vices.

Essence for dharna:

1. Keep the most beloved Father with you while eating your meals. Connect your intellect's yoga to the one Father. Follow the shrimat of One.

 2. Remove the unlimited old world from your intellect. It is this that you have to renounce.

Blessing: May you become completely pure and give the experience of spiritual royalty through your face and behaviour.

 The foundation of spiritual royalty is complete purity. Complete purity is royalty. The sparkle of this spiritual royalty will be visible through the form of a pure soul. This sparkle can never remain hidden. No matter how much you keep yourself incognito, the influence of your words, your interpersonal relationships, your spiritual behaviour will reveal you. So each of you should see in the mirror of knowledge as to whether that royalty is visible on your face and in your behaviour or whether it is an ordinary face and ordinary behaviour?

Slogan: To remain constantly under the sustenance of the Supreme is to become fortunate.

Points to Churn: Murli of May 3, 2012

Praise of Baba:

The Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme God-Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...The Almighty Authority...the Creator of the world...the Highest-on-high Father...Knowledge-full...Blissful...Ever Pure...the Bestower of Salvation for all...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled... we, the souls, the mouth-born creations of Brahma-Adam, are children with the third eye of knowledge...we are the ganges of knowledge that have emerged from the Ocean of Knowledge at the Kumbh Mela confluence age... we make the people of Bharat (world-India), who are the residents of hell, into the residents of heaven, make them from shells into diamonds, take the sinking boat of Bharat across by following shrimat and salvage the sunken Bharat... we are the Shiv (Benefactor God) Shakti army...we are the unlimited children of the Unlimited Father who claim a right to the unlimited inheritance by learning unlimited renunciation from Shivacharya (Shiv Baba)...we go from Kanspuri to Krishnapuri, from Vaishyalay to Shivalay, from the kingdom of Ravan to the kingdom of Rama...we are the conquerors of Maya, the conquerors of Ravan and master almighty  authorities...

2.   Our final thoughts lead us to our destination... by considering every moment to be the last, we, the souls, destroy all attachment-being a trustee to the body, the bodily relations, connections, facilities, material possessions, people and comforts...we are the holy swans who remain in remembrance of the One Bestower of Salvation for all...we are pure, holy, worthy of worship, who transform from impure to pure, from stone intellect to divine intellect, from angels  to deities...

3.   Purity is royalty...We, the souls, are completely pure...with the sparkle of royalty, with the intoxication of realty, with our faces, with our words, with our behavior, with the influence of our inter personal relationships, we give the experience of spiritual royalty, and with our character we reveal the being constantly under the canopy of protection of the Father, and by receiving sustenance from Him, we are safe, fortunate and with good kismet...


Essence: Sweet children, you have been going on physical pilgrimages for half the cycle. Now, go on the spiritual pilgrimage. To stay in remembrance of the Father while sitting at home is a wonderful pilgrimage.

 Question: What one thing about the children amazes the Father very much?

 Answer: You were stumbling around for this Godly  property for half the cycle, and you had been calling out to the One and saying: When You come, we will surrender ourselves to You. Now that One has come and you belong to Him, you then divorce Him! Therefore, the Father is amazed by this. Whilst moving along, instead of ascending, some children fall.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

 Essence for dharna:

1. This time is very valuable. Therefore, don't let even a second go by without earning an income. Make full effort to remain soul conscious.

 2. Remember the Father as you walk and move along and make your stage strong. Become very sweet. Don't cause anyone sorrow.

Blessing: May you be an elevated effort-maker who changes wrong into right with controlling power.

 An elevated effort-maker is one who transforms wrong into right in a second with controlling power. It shouldn’t be that when you want to control waste, for you understand that that thing is wrong yet it continues to happen for half an hour. To be like that is known as being a little dependent and also only having a right to some extent. When you understand that something is not right, that it is inaccurate or wasteful, then to apply a brake at that time is elevated effort. Controlling power does not mean that the brake only works sometime after it has been applied, and not immediately.

 Slogan: Make your nature easy and your time will not be wasted.

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