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Become a charitable soul by the power of remembrance of God.

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Essence: Sweet children, whether elderly, young people or children, it is now the stage of retirement for all, because everyone has to go beyond sound to the land of liberation. Show them the way home.

 Question: Why is the Father’s shrimat different for every child? Why is it not the same?

 Answer: Because the Father gives shrimat to each child, seeing each one’s pulse and circumstances. For instance, when a person is free from bondage and worthy of doing service, whether it be someone elderly or a youth, Baba (God-Father) would advise him/her to engage him/herself fully in this service, but He would not tell everyone to come and stay here. Whatever shrimat anyone receives from the Father, there is benefit in that. Just as Mama (world Mother-Eve) and Baba (Adam) claim their inheritance from Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father), so follow them and do service in the same way and claim your inheritance.

 Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,

God-Father is known as the Innocent lord.  There are many ashrams where people go and stay but without any aim object. People stay there, wanted to get liberated and go to the soul world, but no one receives liberation.

The real retirement stage is now that God is explaining you all knowledge and preparing you to the retirement stage of returning home, to go beyond sound. No one knows what is liberation and liberation in life which are given only by one God.

God-Father never says that you have to leave everything and come here. Now, it is the time to remain beyond sound, to remain in retirement stage. Saints make people to remain beyond sound but other than one God-Father,no one can take you to the soul world, give salvation.

Those who are eligible to do service are asked to remain completely surrendered. First you have to explain that, the One whom you have been remembering for a very long time, if He is your Father, you have to receive inheritance from Him. Now, you know that you study through the God-Father. God teaches you and takes you all, along with Him.

There are many who sit in the jungle and do austerity, here you receive liberation without any difficulty. You receive liberation in just a second by just saying Baba-knowing God as your Father.

People believe that the God-Father sends messengers to establish religion. Then they also say God is present everywhere which is wrong. The deities-angels of golden age are known as Lakshmi Narayan. Here, God-Father prepares you all children to receive inheritance from Him. This is also a school and also a home.

You are made to remain pure. You just have to belong to the God-Father. God is the creator of heaven. God comes and establishes heaven on Bharat. He transforms human beings into angels-deities. This is also known as eternal story, the third eye of knowledge.

God gives elevated direction now, and certainly there is benefit in it. God gives direction by seeing the circumstances. There are requirements of young and old to do service. This is a study. God-Father is an Incorporeal being and every soul is the child of God-Father. When you call out for God-Father, He cannot be present everywhere.

When God is the Purifier, certainly He would come on earth to make you pure. You children have come to me after 5000years, once again, to receive inheritance of heaven. Now, the heaven is being established. Like the world Mother and Father received inheritance, you also must receive it. You listen to the history of world through God-Father.

There is the golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. Children cannot sit in the class without the understanding. Initially you have to go in golden age. God-Father gives you the understanding. You know that Supreme Soul (God-Father) appears in the body of Brahma-Adam to give the knowledge. The father of human kind – Brahma – Adam has to be present on earth. God appears in him to make you children belong to Him.

Even you souls appear in the body (from soul world). God is known as the Ocean of knowledge. How, the incorporeal God can give you the knowledge unless  God appears on earth, in a body. Sri Krishna is not known as the Ocean of knowledge. Sri Krishna never had the knowledge of world cycle.Sri Krishna learns the RajaYoga through God-Father in his final 84th birth and becomes great-King in golden age.

The Satguru is only one God-Father who comes to give salvation to everyone including saints and gurus. All other religions will come to an end and one eternal religion will be established.

There are deities in subtle world, God-Father comes and appears in the body of Adam-Brahma, and says, you children belong to God, I make you knowledge-full. Human beings have become like animals (in behavior). There cannot be any river as mentioned in scriptures (but memorials of this confluence age). Now, the Innocent lord teaches you the innocent children. The poor innocent children become the most elevated beings in golden age with lot of wealth. Then what happens slowly (you lose the wealth), you were very wealthy in golden age.

There are memorials of palaces in Jaipur, Ajmeer and other places.God-Father gives divine  visions of golden age, which you would see in practical. The devotees never become master of heaven in practical, unlike you.There are people fight against each other, even amongst relatives.

You children must have lot of happiness, remain happy all the time. In golden age, there will not be any violence. If you don’t know about the biography of God-Father, what is the purpose of calling out for Him, doing so much devotion?

You can say anyone even to the authorities of scriptures, that know about the God-Father and get lost in His love being alive. You receive inheritance from God-Father in every world cycle. Even this world drama is about to end. You have to leave this old body and go to the land of liberation – soul world.  The karmic accounts of souls have to come to an end. Now, you have to become charitable soul by the power of remembrance of God. All souls will have to return home, one eternal religion is being established. All the physical bodies have to finish here. This world drama is a predestined one. There cannot be an end for this eternal world drama. This has to be understood clearly.

Yours is the most elevated religion. The sparrows eat away the most ancient religion. You children must not have any attraction for this old world of graveyard. Everything has to be transformed. There are only very little time left, the transformation-death of everyone, has to take place. You have to remember the God-Father to get rid of sins-vicious actions.

You children will go into heaven to rule the golden age,so that  you must have disinterest for this old world. Your lock of the intellect opens up now, you establish heaven by your body, mind and wealth.You share the imperishable knowledge with others which you receive from God-Father. You surrender everthing to God-Father (by intellect).

In reality God-Father is the Bestower - Benefactor, He gives you the inheritance of the world-heaven to you children.


Essence for dharna:

1. Do not have attachment to anything of the old world. Don’t have any interest in anything of this world because everything is to change into a graveyard.

 2. The play is now coming to an end. You have to settle your karmic accounts and return home. Therefore, become liberated from your sins with the power of yoga (remembrance) and become pure charitable souls. Become double donors.

Blessing: May you be equal to the Father and experience the flying stage with feelings filled with knowledge, and yoga filled with love.

 Those who are yogi souls and embodiments of knowledge constantly experience all powers and thereby become victorious. Those who are simply loving or embodiments of such feelings constantly have “Baba, Baba” emerging from their lips or in their minds and they thereby receive co-operation from time to time. However, while becoming equal, knowledgeable and yogi souls are close(equal). Therefore, to the extent that there are pure feelings, so you should also be embodiments of knowledge. The balance of having feelings filled with knowledge, and yoga filled with love gives you the experience of the flying stage and makes you equal to the Father.

 Slogan: In order to become constantly loving and co-operative, imbibe the virtue of easiness and tolerance.

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