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Remain united by giving regard to each others advice.

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Essence: Sweet children, it is only you who have been separated for a long period of time and been playing your roles of the full 84 births. You now have to go from bondages of sorrow into relationships of happiness. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.

 Question: Which children can have constant limitless happiness?

Answer: Those who have the faith that 1) God-Father has come to make us into the masters of the world. 2) Our true Father has come to give us the true knowledge of that same Gita. 3) We souls are now sitting in God’s lap. We souls now belong to the Father through our bodies. 4) God has come to give us salvation, the fruit of devotion. 5) God has made us viewers of the three aspects of time (trikaldarshi). 6) God has become our Mother and adopted us. We are Godly students. Those who have this awareness and faith experience limitless happiness.

Sweet children,

There must not be any vice within you. God-Father says, now you are here in front of the God-Father, receive lot of happiness.You must have the perfect stage of happiness – Bliss – The happiness beyond the senses, all the time which happens only at the end.  Now, no one can say that we are experiencing bliss, even 75%.

When people leave the body, they are made to drink the water of Ganga. Here, God-Father makes you remember God-Father.  You must be able to remember the God-Father naturally without any assistance of anyone or anything.

Saints give mantra to remember but here you have to remember only the God-Father. Only God-Father gives liberation and liberation in life to all the souls, not any human being.

Here, people gets inspired to create the bombs of destruction. When there are many religions, there cannot be a kingdom with one kingdom and one religion. Hence, now, one true original religion is being established to establish the Kingdom of golden age under the direction of Supreme God-Father.

You children must have a lot of happiness that God-Father has come to you. He teaches age old RajaYoga to you children. People think what saints teach is the ancient yoga which is not true. You know that I am your God-Father, I am known as the Ocean of Knowledge.

In Scriptures, they have mentioned Sri Krishna comes in copper age, in fact Sri Krishna lived in golden age. When a child is born, they naturally call the physical father as father, here too, you have to remember God-Father naturally.

You did not know how deities ruled the kingdom, when they existed. Now, God-Father gives these knowledge to you. When the famous ones understand this knowledge, then this knowledge will be spread all over the world.

You make spiritual effort according to your interest and numberwise.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to be safe from any attacks of Maya-obstacles-vices, become a genie and continue to remember Alpha (God) and beta (inheritance of heaven). Remove the burden of sin on your head with the power of yoga-remembrance of God. Stay in supersensuous joy.

 2. Don’t just chant the name of Shiva  (Benefactor) through your lips. Have true love for the Father. Remain busy in the service of changing thorns into flowers.

Blessing: May you be a hero or heroine actor who shares your treasure of happiness from your overflowing stock.

 The duty of confluence-aged Spiritual souls is to remain constantly happy and to share that happiness. However, for that, your treasure has to be overflowing. Just as delicate times continue to come closer, so too, many souls will come to ask you for a little time of happiness. You have to do so much service that no one goes away empty handed. For this, there should always be the sign of happiness on your face. Your face should never show an off-mood, being defeated by Maya or disheartened. Remain constantly happy and continue to share that happiness for only then would you be said to be a hero or heroine actor.

 Slogan: To give regard to one another’s advice is to tie the gathering in a bond of unity.

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