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God says, My birth is most divine, I come – appear only in Bharat.

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Essence: Sweet children, perform actions for the livelihood of your body, but remember the Father for at least eight hours and donate peace to the whole world. Do the service of making others the same as you.

 Question: What effort is needed to claim a high status in the sun-dynasty clan?

 Answer: 1. In order to claim a high status in the sun-dynasty clan, remember the Father and inspire others to remember Him. The more you spin the discus of self-realisation and inspire others to do that, the higher the status you will claim. 2. Make effort to pass with honours. Do not perform such actions that you would have to experience punishment for them. The status of those who experience punishment is destroyed.

 Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Sweet Children,

This song is the prayer of children who don’t know about the God-Father. Only God-Father can take you to the world of charity-purity, where there cannot be any trace of sorrow.

Now, ask yourself, when you were in the world of happiness, how did you come in to the world of sins? This Bharat was the world of happiness, only one king ruled the continent of Bharat.There was god and goddess in Bharat-India, ruling the kingdom.

Bharat was known as the golden sparrow. Then how it lost its value now?

God says, My birth is most divine, I come – appear only in Bharat.

When you give knowledge, first ask them if they know about the God-Father. Every soul belongs to the God and so every soul is brother and sister amongst each other.

Adam is known as the first man-deity. God-Father is the father of all souls. God-Father never takes birth but you souls take birth. You souls were very pure, then how you became impure. There is Supreme God-Father, how do you call Him Omnipresent, defaming Him, saying God is present in cats and dogs?

You children become angels-deities. Only One God-Father makes you pure. Your greatest enemy is the five headed Ravan- five vices. How much you have been suffering in the dynasty of Ravan-vices?

Only you children know that God is present at this time. Now, you soul understand that Supreme Soul appear in the body of Brahma-Adam. The God-Father appears now and explain you the essence of scriptures and makes you understand about the world cycle.

Only you children become deity-angel in golden age. In golden age, your body and soul remain pure. Now, your body is created by vicious means unlike in golden age.

People have been calling out for the Purifier of souls to come, there is only One whom people call. Only One God-Father makes every one pure. He is the most beloved, Incorporeal. God is the Highest on High Father.

When souls suffer, they remember the God-Father. The first thing explained to soul is about the relationship of God with the soul. God’s praise is so great. The more you undergo test (obstacles), that much elevated status you attain. The deities-angels are praised to be complete in all virtues.

Lust gives pain from beginning to end.

God says, you children are souls. You have been in the ocean of poison, now been taken to the ocean of sweetness. You have to remain pure, God comes and makes you pure.

In Golden age, there is liberation in life, if you want to come in golden age, you have to remain pure and remember the God-Father and make others pure. The more you remember the world cycle, that much elevated status you would attain.

You have to make others equal like you, make true spiritual effort. Eight hours, perform the worldly action to take care of body and household. Otherwise wherever you go, whatever action you do, keep remembering the God-Father.

Giving peace by the power of remembrance is very good. By moving around, keep remembering the God-Father. People ask mercy with God. God is known as merciful, He is full in purity, knowledge….You must remember that you never give sorrow to any soul. You children must not fight against each other because in golden age, even the animals never fight against each other.

If you don’t learn to remain loving now, you undergo pain, you lose your earnings. You must make effort to pass with honour. At the end, people will have visions of what they would become in golden age. When people are not well, they are asked to remember God. You have to make a fast effort.

At the end, many souls would come who will move forward very quickly. At the end, there will be wonderful roles to be played. Those who don’t have this knowledge, will become unconscious, knowing what happened. There will be great transformation at the end, souls must have courage to see them.

It is the story of 84 births, angels-deities become human and once again souls transform into angels-deities. Even if you remember this constantly, you will attain a higher status, you will experience the stage of being in self-respect.


Essence for dharna:

1. Become full of all virtues like the Father. Live with one another with great love. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

 2. Practise remembering the Father while walking and moving around. Stay in remembrance and donate peace to the whole world.

Blessing: May you be one who instead of making remarks about others, has pure and positive thoughts for the self and who transforms the self.

 While moving along, some children make the very big mistake of becoming judges of others and lawyers for themselves. They would say, “They shouldn’t be doing that, that one should change, whereas, for themselves, they would say: “This is absolute correct. What I am telling you is right”. Now, instead of making such remarks about others, become your own judge. Be one who has pure thoughts for the self and look at yourself and transform yourself for only then will world transformation take place.

 Slogan: In order to be constantly cheerful, look at every scene as a detached observer.

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