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Become royal in the way you speak,walk...

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Essence: Sweet children, you should have the pure intoxication that, by following shrimat, you are using your mind, body and wealth to serve Bharat in particular, and the world in general, to make it into heaven.

 Question: Even among you children, who is considered to be the most fortunate?

Answer: Those who imbibe knowledge accurately and inspire others to do the same are very, very fortunate. What fortune you children of Bharat have! God, Himself, is teaching you Raja Yoga! You children have become true mouth-born children of God. Your tree will continue to grow gradually. You have to do the service of changing each home into heaven.

Sweet Children,

You children understand that you are the most powerful spiritual army of Almighty authority God-Father. You must have this intoxication, you relieve the souls from the jail of Ravan - vices.

When I came 5000years before, same issues existed, even in the past.  The God-Father gives you the knowledge, all scriptures are made to represent your role of this time, the confluence age.

Earlier, you were also ignorant but now you have the knowledge. You know that even the rishis, sanyasis don’t have the knowledge of the world cycle.

You children do the service by the direction of God. In scriptures, the direction of Brahma and Krishna is shown but not the direction of God-Father.

You children are making the world valuable like a diamond. God-Father gives you inheritance for 21births. You must take care of the household but you must not hide anything from God-Father.

You children must explain about the deities to the people. Now, you children understand this knowledge according to the spiritual effort and are numberwise.

The Satguru of every soul is only one God-Father, Vrikshpathi (Lord of the human tree), not any human being – saints or sages.

The physical things whatever exist will get transformed and hence you must have unlimited disinterest towards whatever existing.

The children who are even just one month old (in knowledge) also begin to do service here. You have to become sweet fragrant flower now, at this time not that you have to become sweet in heaven.

Heaven is the reward of whatever you do now. You will see the pure Temple of God by these eyes, you have this intoxication. You belong to the God, you become the child of God. The 33 crores of deities are the souls of the Bharat-India. They never exist throughout the Golden and Silver ages.

God-Father has explained that you soul has come from the soul world and play your roles. You know about the world cycle. You know about the important Actor, Director and Creator- God Himself.

Now, your third eye of knowledge has opened up. There are people who feel themselves as very rich when they get intoxicated (drunk). Even in military they drink to get killed in the battle without fear. Here, you must have intoxication that you have made Bharat, the most valuable, so many times.

In golden age, your Palaces will have music played all the time. Now there are no kings and great kings. Now, you children know that by the power of remembrance of God, being pure, you make the Bharat-India in to heaven.

The very good service is to help the poor ones. There are many who open hospitals for poor. Those who open hospitals,  receive a very good health in their next birth.There are small children who are able to remember scriptures, the result of their past life effort. Here also, if you serve souls, you attain a very elevated status in heaven-golden age. You explain to the souls how they can become deities-angels.

You explain that the God-Father establishes heaven through Adam-Brahma. There will be transformation very soon because the New world is being established.

The easy Raja Yoga is to become deities-angels from human beings. Those who belong to the golden age will get transformed in their nature.

It is said, when you leave the body, the world comes to an end for you. The soul never dies, the soul just get separated from the body, then takes another body and belong to new parents.

Now, you children have to become soul conscious, this old world has to be transformed. Hence Children, remember Me, so that your bondage of vicious actions will be removed. Your manners are also to be very good. The way you speak, walk, are to be very royal. The royal ones speak very little and speak very slowly. You must also have these divine manners.

Here, people behave like monkeys. The unlimited Father creates heaven but people have said God is present in cats, dogs, dirt and stones. Now, God has come and opened your lock of the intellect. You know about the deities-angels.

Now, you have received complete knowledge through the Satguru Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father). Now, you know how God creates the New Creation.  The highest on high God-Father creates the highest Clan of golden age.

Now, you know that God-Father has explained that you were worship-worthy and you have become worshippers and once again you are becoming worthy of worship. You know that you are the true children of God-Father.

God-Father is teaching you RajaYoga now, you residents of Bharat are the most fortunate ones. The most fortunate ones are the ones who imbibe this knowledge very well and make others imbibe this knowledge.

The more you climb up, that much the storm of maya-obstacles, you will have to face. Serve as much as possible, give advertisements.

People say that this world is false, but you know that you are becoming the residents of golden age.

It is said that Ram has taken the support of the army of monkeys, but people never know its real meaning, God comes and explains you the true meaning of all the scriptures.


Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become complete, remove the burden of sin by staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Imbibe good manners. You have to interact with everyone in a good manner. Speak very little.

 2. Do not become someone with a doubtful intellect in any aspect. Use everything you have in a worthwhile way to serve Bharat to make it into heaven. Sacrifice everything completely to Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) by intellect.

 Blessing: May you be loving and detached and with an attitude of unlimited disinterest finish any royal form of the consciousness of “mine”.

 According to the closeness of time, it is necessary to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest in the atmosphere at the present time in a revealed form. The meaning of, “an accurate attitude of disinterest”, is to be as loving as you are detached in all your relationships and connections. Those who are loving and detached are humble instruments; they cannot have any awareness of the consciousness of “mine”. At present, the consciousness of “mine” has increased in royal forms. They would say, “This is my task alone, this is my place, I have received all these facilities according to my fortune…” So, now finish any royal form of the consciousness of “mine”.

 Slogan: If you want to be free from the influence of thinking of others, have pure thoughts for the self and others.

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