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Knowledge of Soul, God and importance of purity.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has created the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra and you Children are the ones who look after it. Therefore, you definitely have to remain pure.

 Question: Which children will the Father help at the end?

Answer: At the end, when many calamities come, the children who do service very well will receive help from the Father. The Father will definitely help those who have become His helpers.

 Question: Whose is the wonderful face? In what form does its memorial exist?

Answer: When Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father), the One who doesn’t have a face of His own, takes the support of this face (of Adam-Brahma), it becomes a wonderful face. This is why you children personally come to see this face. The memorial of this is the faces in the rosary of Runda (beads with a face on them).

 Song: How sweet and lovely Innocent God Shiva (Benefactor) is!

Sweet Children,

God says, I come only once in 5000years to see the faces of the children (physically). God takes the loan of the old body of Adam-Brahma. Now, you children look at the face of the God and the Adam-Brahma.

ShivBaba speaks through the mouth of Brahma-Adam. Only once in the world cycle, at this time, God-Father comes and look at the face of the children.

The Adam-Brahma listens to the Godly versions, and then it reaches you children. I don’t have any name, form or land, belong to Me. The Incorporeal God-Father comes and takes birth – incarnate here on Bharat-India. God takes birth here but His birth is not like a normal birth.

God’s form is shown as a form of light, a point on the image of ling (elliptical stone). Deities are worshipped in many forms. The small lings – saligrams are the symbol of you children, the souls. You are worshipped because you make the world into heaven along with the God-Father.

Whatever God-Father speaks, you also repeat the same. This knowledge is known as the Eternal story, which makes the human beings more elevated.

The small soul, the very little point of light has the complete knowledge within it. The soul says, I play different roles on earth after incarnating-appearing on the body.

When the living soul appears in the body, in the womb, it starts experiencing pain for vicious actions, by having visions of the vicious-sinful acts. That time the soul cry-suffer in the womb. The soul plays many different roles of 84 births and keeps repeating.

Father sits and explains all these knowledge.  The little soul has complete knowledge stored in it. The soul is like a point of light located at the middle of eyebrow.

You children know that the soul leaves one body and take another. The God-Father gives the very highest knowledge. No one in the world has this most elevated knowledge. Because God appeared – incarnated on the body of Adam-Brahma, He gives the knowledge to you children.

By listening directly from God-Father, you receive lot of happiness. You know that the soul is a point of light and hence God-Father Supreme soul is also a small point of light. But God has this knowledge for ever and He is known as the Supreme Soul who lives far beyond in Soul world – Paramdham. All these knowledge are not given to you all at once but little by little.

You know that how the soul plays different roles, it is said about soul that the unique star sparkles at the middle of the eyebrow-forehead. No one has this subtle knowledge, even amongst you very few understand this knowledge and imbibe them.

When there is the Supreme Father, certainly the children must receive inheritance through the God-Father. Now, you even understand the theory of karma. Now, God-Father teaches you such actions by which you become more elevated.

God-Father teaches this knowledge through Adam-Brahma. People never know about the God-Father. It is said, we actors come on earth to play different roles but no one knows their role and about God-Father. People never know about the world cycle.

God-Father comes and teaches every soul, even the great sinners. Very few understand this knowledge and even amongst them, very few in numbers make the spiritual effort to remain pure.

Earlier days, women remained at home,they never went for job and they did not receive inheritance from their father unlike the son. Those who remain pure are worshipped on earth. The most important is about purity. There cannot be birth of Krishna without the birth of Shiva (Benefactor God). Through Shiv, there is birth of world mother and Father, and you children receive inheritance from them. You children become the master of the whole world.

People worship the world mother a lot. God-Father comes and keeps the mothers in front, in service. (and hence they are worshipped a lot). God-Father is the Husband of all the husbands. All you children – women are the master(child) world mother, you do service like the world mother.

You all belong to God-Father and God makes you one who has the knowledge of the past, present and future. The world mother is praised more than the father of human kind – Adam (Brahma). God-Father explains you everything , the knowledge of world cycle etc. I come once again after 5000years , every time, and gives you the knowledge. This world play has been shot for eternal replay (no one knows when it was shot). Whatever has become the past are praised in scriptures.This eternal world drama keeps repeating , you come under the cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

You belong to the God-Father through the Adam – Brahma. Those who remain pure maintain this sacrificial fire, and those who go on pilgrimage also remain pure. You are on this spiritual pilgrimage now. At the end, every soul will return back home to the soul world where the soul resides.

Now, you children belong to God-Father. Those who know about God-Father and belong to God-Father, go into golden age. In golden age, there is Sri Krishna. Every soul has love for Sri Krishna. You are preparing once again to go to golden age. You understand that all your desires are being fulfilled. Now, you are going towards the land of God without any difficulty, (the soul leaves the body without any pull of attachment or pain of sinful actions) like a hair is removed from butter.

God takes you to the soul world and then you go to the land of Sri Krishna – golden age. Now, you know that you all going to the world of heaven. So, all of you have to remember God-Father and also have to remain pure. You also study this knowledge being pure. The purity is most important. Whatever effort you make now, you will do it in every world cycle. You must make effort, you must not miss this study even for a single day. This knowledge-study is most valuable.

You fill your apron with this imperishable knowledge. This is not a bondage, you must study this knowledge in a very easy natural way. Still many never come to listen to this knowledge due to maya-obstacle. Those who do a very good service, follow Godly direction, they receive help at the end.


Essence for dharna:

1. This study is most valuable. God Himself is teaching you. Therefore, don’t miss a single day. Fill your aprons with the treasures of knowledge every day.

 2. This is the time to study and you are also on a pilgrimage. Look after the sacrificial fire of Rudra (God) and, in order to do this you must definitely remain pure. Don’t be influenced by any vice and thereby create an obstacle.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who does unlimited service with the powerful power of your mind and with your good wishes.

 Souls with a powerful subtle stage are needed for world transformation so that they are able to transform many souls through their attitude and elevated thoughts. Unlimited service takes place through the power of a powerful mind, good wishes and pure feelings. Do not simply have devotional feelings for yourself, but also transform others with your good wishes and pure feelings. Souls who maintain a balance are able to do unlimited service and service of the world. So, become a world transformer with the balance of pure feelings and knowledge on one side and love and yoga on the other side.

 Slogan: Put the hand of your intellect in BapDada’s (God-Father’s) hand and you will not then fluctuate in the ocean of test papers.

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