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Remain pure to experience happiness constantly.

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Essence: Sweet children, you should have love for the soul. While walking and moving along, practise: “I am a soul. I am talking to a soul. I mustn’t do anything bad.”

 Question: Which of the Father’s orders must you children definitely follow for as long as the sacrificial fire created by the Father continues?

 Answer: The Father’s order is: Children, for as long as this sacrificial fire continues, you definitely have to remain pure. You children of Brahma-Adam must never indulge in vice. Anyone who disobeys this order incurs severe punishment. When someone even has the evil spirit of anger, he does not belong to God. You children have to remain soul conscious and never become influenced by vices.

 Song: O Traveller from the faraway land.

Sweet  Children,

Only you children know about the Traveller of the faraway land, people call out for God but they do not know about God and soul.

Although people know soul remains at forehead,they don’t know anything more. The soul has the role of 84 births.

How soul appears on the body, is not known by the people. When the body moves in the womb, it is known that soul appeared in the body.

God has to come certainly on Earth, to make the souls pure. But no one knows how the Supreme soul comes and make the souls pure.

Wherever you go and give a speech, give the introduction of God-father and then about the soul.

Soul remains at the forehead. Whatever human beings do is performed by the soul. Soul says that I rested very well today. I perform actions through the body.

You must have the habit to become soul conscious. Soul performs all actions through the body, when the soul leaves the body, the body is known as dead.

When the soul leaves the body, the body becomes smelling. You have love for the soul. You children must have pure ego that I am  a soul. You have to become completely soul conscious.

I, soul never perform any sinful action through these organs (senses of the body).  All actions are experienced through the body. Without body, the soul cannot experience pain.

First you have to become soul conscious, then you have to become God conscious – I am the child of the God.

It is said God created us. He is the Creator but how He creates, no one knows. Now, you know, how the Supreme Soul creates the world.

It is shown that a male child appears on the Peepul leaf, not a female child. God never sits and writes scriptures, God explains the essence of all the scriptures. By reading scriptures, no one get benefitted. The saints who has the knowledge of Brahm element, who comes from Brahm element (soul world) , keep reading scriptures and people agree with them.

You children learn the worldly study and at the same time perform actions-service. You have to give the introduction of God in the beginning.

The Brahm element does not have an end like the ether-sky. Souls reside at the one corner of the Brahm element. There is no end to the polar, Science tries to go up, but the fuel finishes off before reaching it. There is no benefit on reaching stars. In devotion, people search for God. Lot of money gets wasted by trying to reach stars.

You receive a lot of knowledge here and hence you must be very happy. The unlimited Father teaches you children. You know that you were the deities. You were very happy, now the world is under the influence of Maya-vices-Ravan. You follow the direction of God.

Ravan appears in everyone in the form of vices. People follow the vicious direction. All these will remain in the intellect when you know that God is teaching us.

God is incorporeal, when He appears in a physical body, you belong to Him.

You belong to God only through Brahma-Adam. You have to remain pure until you sustain the yagya- service of souls.

You children of God can never fall in to vices. You have to remain pure. Otherwise you undergo pain by falling from truth. You never remain a child of God when you become vicious. God-Father asks you if you had made a promise to remain pure?  If you had made a promise and later fall in vice, you receive a low status.

Along with the purity, features are to be very good. If your feature is not good although you remain pure, still it is of no use. God-Father makes you soul conscious. You must not become angry, you haveto remain soul conscious. You never remain a child of God when you become angry.When you become angry you remain very low. Anger gives sorrow to souls. By becoming vicious, you do disservice.

Being a child of God is not that easy, you must not have even trace of any vice. When you are influenced by anger, you never belong to God.  In this knowledge, you have to remain pure, remain happy constantly. You must co-operate with the Purifier, the God-Father by being pure. There must not be any vice. There are many who disown all vices immediately.

No such  action should be done that we keep worrying about it. You have to look at the mirror of your heart if you are worthy. If you have to make the Bharat pure, you must also remain in remembrance of God. Sanyasis just remain pure, they do not know about God-Father. You know that God has come to take you all back home-soul world. You are the residents of the soul world. Now, you are at the confluence age, even if you remember this, you will remain happy constantly.

You must have so much happiness by just saying the word God-Father. Whoever you meet, keep giving introduction of God-Father, even if people laugh at you, when you say God comes and teaches you.

Essence for dharna:

1. After becoming a child of God who belongs to the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of God, don’t perform any actions that would make your conscience bite. Never become influenced by any evil spirit.

 2. In order to become a complete helper of the Purifier Father, remain constantly pure and cheerful. Churn knowledge and continue to smile.

 Blessing: May you be an embodiment of experience and experience every power and virtue through making elevated effort.

 The greatest authority is experience. Just as you think and say that the soul is an embodiment of peace and an embodiment of happiness, in the same way, experience every virtue and every power and become lost in those experiences. When you speak of an embodiment of peace, you yourself and others should then experience that peace in your form. You speak of powers but those powers and virtues should be experienced at the right time. To become an embodiment of experience is a sign of elevated effort. Therefore, increase your experiences.

 Slogan: Become a contented soul on the basis of the experience of being full and then no name or trace of a lack of any attainment will remain.

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