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You are divine brothers and sisters amongst each other.

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Essence: Sweet children, peace is the garland around your neck. It is the original religion of the self. Therefore, there is no need to wander around for peace. Simply stabilise yourself in your original religion.

 Question: What method do people use to purify something? What method has the Father created?

 Answer: In order to purify something, people put it in fire. When they create a yagya, they make a fire. Here, too, the Father has created a sacrificial fire of Rudra (God), but this is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. Everyone’s offering has to be sacrificed into this. You children sacrifice everything you have including your bodies. You have to have yoga (remembrance of Supreme Soul). This is a race of yoga. Through this, you will first become the garland around the neck of Rudra and then you will be threaded in the rosary around the neck of Vishnu (deity-angel).

 Song: Salutations to Shiva (the Benefactor).

Sweet Children,

Whose praise you listened in the song, it is the praise of Supreme God-Father. In Bharat-India, there was purity, peace and happiness. When there is no peace within, there cant be peace and happiness in the world. People in the world don’t have peace because they don’t know about God and the self, the soul who does all actions through body. Soul’s original religion is peace.

Soul is the resident of soul world, soul perform its role in the world through the body. Peace is its original nature. People keep wandering for peace, they don’t know soul is a combination of mind and intellect, soul is the progeny of God.

Everyone talks about peace. The master of the whole world is only one God. The Highest on high is the God Shiv (Benefactor).  People praise God but don’t know who really God is. It is a great sin to call soul as God.

The Purifier is only one God. Now, every soul has become impure – vicious. In reality people have to remember only One God. Even the great souls never understand about the Supreme God-Father. God comes in Bharat to make the souls pure. God comes in confluence age. Here God Himself comes and make the souls pure.

When there was purity in golden age, there was only one religion in Bharat – India. Bharat was heaven, only pure souls lived there, and other souls were present in soul world. No one knows what is soul and Supreme Soul. Soul is a point of light in which the role of 84births is recorded in it. Every world cycle, the soul who comes first on earth takes maximum 84births. Those who came in the beginning, they will know  about God and would come once again in the beginning of golden age.

This knowledge is given to you only by God Himself, who is known as world almighty authority. God gives His introduction to you by various means. I come and explain you the essence of all scriptures through the body of Adam-Brahma.

How God created this sacrificial fire of knowledge – Rajaswa Aswamedh Rudr Gyan Yagya, it is not mentioned in any scriptures. Everything of this world will be sacrificed in it. You have to forget your body and bodily religions – relations and remember one God-Father  alone. If Incorporeal God comes, certainly He would come in a body and establish the original religion of peace, love and happiness.

In subtle world, the body exists in a very subtle form, it is the world of angels. The soul who never has a body keeps wandering and it is known as ghost. They look like a shade and they cannot be caught hold of.

God-Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed and at the end you will leave the body in God’s remembrance.

The knowledge of Gita what you learn, has very little knowledge like salt in a bag of flour.

Remember God-Father at least eight hours in a day. God appears on earth and teaching you Raja Yoga. I come to establish one religion. Now, there are many religions. 5000years before, in golden age, there was only one original religion. Every soul will go back after settling their karmic accounts.

The sacrificial fire of knowledge what is created by God is the Eternal Godly fire of knowledge, this is not an ordinary fire created by physical materials. All that is left out will be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire of knowledge.

Children, to become pure, remain in remembrance of God atleast eight hours in a day.

People don’t know when the worship of deities began. God comes and gives you the knowledge of nectar and hence there are temples in the name of Somnath. There is also a temple of Babulnath, one who transforms the thorn like hurting soul in to a fragrant flower.

God-Father says, I come only once in this confluence age, when the devotion of every soul comes to an end. God is only One, The incarnation is also only One. Yours is RajaYoga. Sanyasis have physical yoga. Bharat – India was supported by sanyasis by their purity.

Bharat was known as the golden sparrow. You had become impure and by the power of yoga-remembrance, you once again become pure. You call out for God to make you pure.

At this time, every soul remains impure. And once again the pure world is being created.Only One God-Father is the one who gives liberation and liberation in life to all souls, the children of God. You all are the child of Ocean of knowledge. You make everyone  go through the pilgrimage of remembrance. You remain doubly non-violent . You never use the weapon of violence and lust. You win over the lust, attain inheritance of heaven through God.

You are the brothers and sisters amongst each other, children of Supreme Incorporeal God-Father.Hence you have to become vice-less to attain the inheritance of pure kingdom. Now, this is your final birth of so many births and hence you have to become very pure like a fragrant flower.

Through God-Father you have become so much knowledge-full. You have the knowledge of complete world cycle in your intellect.

I am the Seed of the world human tree. Seed is the God-Father, all religions appear one by one from the world human tree. Now, God explains you  this knowledge to make you worthy. You are all known as SukhDev – the one who gives happiness.

You are the souls who played the role in golden age and you have the knowledge of the world cycle and the creation of the new world. The scriptures never exist in golden age, the knowledge of world cycle is very simple to understand.


Essence for dharna:

1. Very little time remains. A lot of time has gone by and only a little remains. Therefore, whatever breath remains, use that in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father. Settle the karmic account of sins committed in the past.

 2. In order to stabilise in your original religion of peace, definitely become pure. Where there is purity, there is peace. My original religion is peace. I am a child of the Father, the Ocean of Peace. Experience this.

Blessing: May you be soul conscious and full of good wishes and increase your account of accumulation through your every word.

 Through words, you experience both the intention and the feeling (faith). If every word has good and elevated wishes and soul-conscious intentions, your account of accumulation increases through those words. If your words have the slightest percentage of jealousy, criticism or dislike, there is greater loss through those words. Powerful words mean words which have attainment and essence in them. If there is no essence in those words, those words go into the account of waste.

 Slogan: To find a solution to every excuse and to remain constantly content is to become a jewel of contentment.

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