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You remember all your vicious acts,when you leave the body.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to become as sweet as the Father. Don’t cause sorrow for anyone. Never become angry.

 Question: Knowing the deep philosophy of karma, what sinful acts can you children not perform?

 Answer: Until today, you had been thinking that giving donations are charitable acts, but you now understand that even in donating, sometimes sin is accumulated because if you donate money to a person who uses it for committing sin, that would definitely affect your stage. Therefore, donate with understanding.

 Song: Take us away from this world of sin, to a place of rest and comfort!

Sweet Children,

Now you children sit in front of the God-Father. God calls you , hey souls. God speaks to souls. Soul has peace. God takes you to the world of happiness. Now, this world is known as vicious-impure.

Nowadays, people have lust and anger a lot. Souls destroy themselves by means of anger. People wanted God to take them to the light of knowledge from the deep ignorance of darkness. The iron age is known as the old world and the Golden age is known as the New world.

Our sweet Father is taking you from the world of sorrow to the world of happiness. Other than the sweet God-Father , no one else can take us to the world of happiness.

God-Father explains you very well, still very few understand this most elevated direction of God. You become elevated by the elevated direction of God.

This is a vicious world with directions of mind, you have to follow the direction of God.  To become angry is the vicious direction. You must not become angry amongst each other. Co-operate with love. Take direction from God-Father.

Why do you perform sinful actions?, carry out your actions-job in a charitable way – by pure means. Reduce your expenses. Nowadays, people spend more for marriages, even by taking loans…which can be avoided.

Why do we have to stop those who follow the direction of God and want to remain pure?

God-Father makes you the deities-angels of golden age. You are impure-vicious at the end of iron age. God-Father makes you eligible – pure for the golden age. God-Father comes and establishes the kingdom of heaven. You children have come here to become resident of golden and silver ages.

Those who come in golden age, would study this knowledge very well.They would teach others. They will make a very good spiritual effort. You have to make such a effort that you imbibe all the divine nature-qualities, become the heir of the God-Father.

The unlimited Father says, I will make you the master of the world. How sweet the God-Father is? He gives you everything what He has. His knowledge is known as Srimad Bhagwad Gita (what is spoken now in confluence age).

You become vicious by taking 84births. Those who win over maya (vices-obstacles) become victorious. Those who win over the mind win over the world. Mind never becomes free from thoughts. You cannot just sit doing nothing. You have to perform actions.

God-Father never tells you to remain totally disinterested. God-Father says, remain in the household but remain pure and remember the New world of happiness by moving away from the old world of sorrows.

Sankarachariar never says that New world is being created for you. They have the limited disinterest by which you get limited happiness. The impure-vicious souls bow in front of Sanyasis, who remain pure.

Nowadays, even Sanyasis have huge buildings unlike before. People do charity in the name of God. Charity has to be done to those who never commit any sin. If they do any sinful act, your stage becomes affected, you lose everything.


Whatever you read in scriptures you never imbibe them in transforming your nature to divine.

When you follow the direction of God, you become most elevated. In golden age, you never know about the God-Father. You must have faith in the God-Father, you must belong to God constantly. You must not leave God at any time. The more you remember the God-Father and do service, that much you would attain elevated status.

If you follow My direction, you will be saved otherwise you would undergo pain (mental suffering) at the time of leaving the body because of your vicious actions. You will remember all your vicious acts at the end. You also receive visions of your vicious acts in the womb of the mother.

After leaving the body, everyone will go to their own sections in the soul world.  God will take you to the world of happiness being a Guide. He is the One who gives happiness removing sorrow.  Sri Krishna is praised more unlike Lakshmi Narayan. People don’t know that Lakshmi Narayan is none other than the Radhe and Krishna.

People have separated Radhe and Krishna, and Lakshmi and Narayan.

If you study this knowledge very well (imbimbing divine qualities), then you attain very elevated status.

Essence for dharna:

1. Let your behaviour be very royal. Speak very little and very sweetly. In order to be saved from punishment, follow the Father’s shrimat at every step.

 2. Study very well with a lot of attention. Follow the mother and father and become worthy of being seated on the throne; become an heir. Don’t be influenced by anger and thereby cause sorrow.

Blessing: May you be a master creator and celebrate perfection by keeping your unlimited rights in your awareness.

 At the confluence age you children receive an inheritance, on the basis of how you study you receive a source of income and you also receive blessings. Keep these rights through all three relationships emerged in your awareness as you take every step. Now, time, matter and Maya are waiting to bid farewell. You master creator children simply have to celebrate the state of perfection and they will bid farewell. Look in the mirror of knowledge: if destruction were to take place this moment, what would I become?

 Slogan: Keep your balance (of mind) at every moment in every action and you will automatically receive blessings from everyone.

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