Friday, 25 May 2012

Being detached May you be unshakeable and a conqueror of matter

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Essence: Sweet children, become pure by following shrimat and you will be liberated from the punishment of Dharamraj. In order to become like a diamond, drink the nectar of knowledge and renounce poison.

 Question: On what is a golden-aged status based?

 Answer: It is based on purity. Stay in remembrance and definitely become pure. Only by becoming pure will you receive salvation. Those who don’t become pure experience punishment and return to their own religion. You may live at home with your family, but do not remember any bodily beings. Remain pure and you will claim a high status.

 Song: Having found You, we have found everything. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna

 1. Settle all your sinful accounts with the power of yoga, purify and cleanse the soul and make the atmosphere peaceful.

 2. Follow the Father’s shrimat and promise to become completely pure. Do not be influenced by vices and thereby become an obstacle in the creation of heaven.

Blessing: May you be unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter by remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of a detached observer.

Whether matter creates upheaval or shows her beautiful games, souls who are the masters of matter will observe the games as a detached observer in both situations. You enjoy watching games and are not afraid. Those who practise remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of the stage of a detached observer through tapasya cannot be shaken by any situation created by matter or people. The five players of matter and the five players of Maya are playing their games and you just have to watch as a detached observer. Only then will you be said to be a soul who is unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter.

Slogan: Only those who concentrate their minds and intellects on the one Father can become worthy of worship souls.

OmShanti Divine Angels!!!

Points to Churn from the Murli of May 25, 2012

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru...the Unlimited Father...the Lordof the Poor...the Father, the Lord and Master...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   By studying from God Himself, we, the souls, become incorporeal, vice less and ego less... we are the masters of the world who walk away from the pyre of lust and sit on the pyre of knowledge, drink the nectar of knowledge and become like diamonds, have accurate yoga and absolve all our past sins, follow shrimat and attain salvation and the unlimited inheritance of happiness from the Unlimited Father...we make the environment and the atmosphere peaceful by making our souls pure, and by remaining pure we help the Father establish a pure world,and become the masters of the world of purity...

2.   We, the imperishable, indestructible immortal souls, are the Parvatis who listen to the story of immortality from the Lord of Immortality and become the masters of the land of immortality...we are the angels of knowledge who spread pure vibrations in the Court of Indra...we are the gopis of Gopi Vallabh, madly in love with the murli ...we are the Sitas of the One Ram...we are the elevated ShivShakti Pandav army who, by following the directions of Rama, go to the kingdom of Rama...

3.   By concentrating our minds and our intellects on the One Father, we, the souls, with the power of yoga, become pure, holy and highly worthy of worship...we are the masters of matter who enjoy watching the upheavals and the beautiful games of the five players of matter and the five players of maya  as detached observers...we are the conquerors of matter,  who, through tapasya, have  the practice over a long period of time of remaining seated on the unwavering, unshakable and immovable seat of the stage of a detached observer, and thus, with steady minds, are beyond the upheavals created by individuals or by matter...

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