Thursday, 3 May 2012

You become free from disease by the power of remembering God.

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Essence: Sweet children, become true lovers and remember Me, the one Beloved, and your lifespan will increase. It is only through yoga (remembrance) and by studying that you are able to claim a high status.

 Question: What help does the Father ask of you children in order to make Bharat into heaven?

 Answer: Children, I need the help of your purity. Promise that you will kick away the vice of lust and definitely become pure. Wake up early in the morning and say to yourself: Sweet Baba, I am ready to help You. I will become pure and definitely make Bharat pure. I will definitely follow Your teachings. I will not perform any sinful actions. Baba, it is Your wonder. I never even dreamt that I would become a master of the world. Look what You are making me from what I was!

 Song: The heart desires to call out to You.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become true lovers. Connect your intellect's yoga to the one Beloved. Pay attention so that your intellect doesn't wander here and there.

 2. Constantly remember the Father while keeping the attainment in front of you. Definitely become pure. Do the business of making Bharat into heaven.

Blessing: May you always be a contented soul who experiences contentment on the basis of being full.

 The ones who are always full are content. No matter how much someone may create situations of discontentment in front of them, contented souls will give the virtue of contentment in the form of co-operation to those who try to make them discontent. Only such souls become merciful and make effort to transform them through their pure feelings and good wishes. This is the elevated task of a spiritual royal soul.

 Slogan: Put on the double lock of remembrance and service and Maya will not then come.

Praise of Baba:

The Incorporeal Purifier, the SupremeFather, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...LovingBaba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the TrueTeacher...the True Guru...the Almighty Authority Father...the Bestower...theDeath of all Deaths...

Points of Self Respectand Soul Study:

1.   We, the souls, are the true lovers of the One Beloved...the true brides of theBridegroom Shiv(Benefactor)...we are the true immortal Parvatis who listen to the story of immortality from the Lord of Immortality, become knowledgeable and yogi souls and attain the status of gods and goddesses taking power from the Almighty Authority Father, we help the Father transform Bharat to heaven...we are the pure and holy Shiv Shaktis, the helpers of Khuda (God)...

2.   We, the souls, attain our inheritance by filling our aprons with the jewels of remaining in the remembrance of the One Father, while sitting or standing, walking or moving along, eating or drinking, and by following shrimat, we become wealthy...we are the spiritual guides, who, by remaining pure as a lotus flower even while living in a household, become the examples of showing the path to following the Godly directions of becoming deities-angels from ordinary human beings, we become last so fast, and fast so first...we are the masters of heaven who take the vow of purity, become flowers from thorns, and with the power of yoga, enjoy a long life-span free from disease...

3.   By putting the double lock of remembrance and service, by churning on the points from the Murlis, by keeping our mind and intellect constantly busy, by finishing waste and becoming powerful, we, the souls, become the conquerors of Maya... we are over-flowing, we are complete, we are fulfilled, we are content...we are the spiritual royal souls, who, with a merciful heart, transform discontented souls into jewels of contentment with pure feelings and good wishes and a spirit of co-operation...

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